Biden Campaign Ad: Trump Killed Grandma

Biden Campaign Ad: Trump Killed Grandma

Biden Campaign Ad: Trump Killed Grandma

Right now there is a Biden Campaign ad running in heavy rotation that blames President Donald Trump for a grandmother’s Covid-19 death. Most campaign ads are filled with half-truths and innuendo. This one is flat out irresponsible. What’s worse is that nowhere does Joe Biden indicate what he would have done differently.

The Biden Campaign ad that I am talking about is one in which a grieving woman describes the death of her 90 year old grandmother. Donald Trump killed her grandmother because he downplayed the virus, he didn’t lead, he didn’t take responsibility, and he didn’t marshal enough resources. The granddaughter, Jessica, claims that the President didn’t make the elderly a priority. Here is the ad. You can judge for yourself:


The campaign is spending more than $14.5 million this week on TV and digital ads in seven states, including Wisconsin. The campaign didn’t provide details on how much of that would target Wisconsin.

One of those seven states is my home state of Tennessee. This Biden Campaign ad is the only one that I have seen, so I assume it is the only one currently in rotation. This is not a political action committee (pac) ad. This is a Biden Campaign ad and he approved this message.

Nowhere in the ad, does Jessica or the Biden Campaign suggest ANYTHING that Trump could have done differently. Jessica “feels” like the elderly were not a priority. I am going to crass and suggest that Jessica and her grandmother were lucky there were in Wisconsin and not in New York. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo very badly handled the nursing homes and his folly killed many of the elderly.

It is axiomatic among the Left that Donald Trump downplayed the Coronavirus pandemic. The Washington Post has a video compiling the 54 times the paper says Trump downplayed the virus. Quibble, quibble, little scribblers. Downplay, report information known at the time, or maybe try not to exacerbate the free-floating fear being stoked by the media. Donald Trump listened to the “science” and closed the country down. Even Andrew Cuomo praised President Trump and his Covid-19 response, right around the time Jessica’s grandmother was getting sick.

Biden’s plan for fight the Coronavirus includes National Healthcare Job Corps of 100,000 members to do contact tracing. Yes Joe, that can be spun up overnight.

Using this woman, Jessica, who has just begun her grieving process is despicable, but that’s smash mouth politics. But, Joe, who we are reminded almost daily has lost a wife, a daughter and a son. You would think Joe would be more in tune with the grieving process. Not that I think Joe is actually in tune with anything except nap time.

I am very sad that Jessica lost her grandmother. On the other hand, she died at 90 years of age. At 90, nearly anything will take you out. Does that make me a bad person for pointing that out? Sorry, not sorry.

Joe has no plan and that is why he has to run ads like this one.

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  • Hate_me says:

    Strategically, a surprisingly good move on Biden’s part – nothing to constitute slander, while plucking all the right strings to draw those who are ruled by emotion over evidence.

    Hardly a work of art on any level, but effective and flawed in all the right ways. I must admit, I applaud the craftsmanship. No one understands ignorance like today’s Democratic Party.

  • Bill Dumanch says:

    Moved out of Wisconsin. In 1991.

    Wondering aloud…

    Nah, I remember why..

  • Jalan says:

    Don’t forget the Jessica’s grandmother died alone because of Democrat Governor Tony Evers. Couldn’t kiss her grandchildren goodbye because of Evers, and didn’t have a funeral because of Evers…

  • rbj1 says:

    I saw that ad here in Virginia. Utterly despicable. And it is on the governors to take the initiative in their state. The US is not one size fits all for pandemics.

  • Hugh Mannity says:

    “she died at 90 years of age. At 90, nearly anything will take you out. Does that make me a bad person for pointing that out? ”

    Nope pointing that out doesn’t make you a bad person. 90 is well over the average life expectancy. I’m sorry Jessica’s grandmother died, but that’s life. Old people die. So do young people. Every death is a tragedy for the relatives and friends of the deceased.

    NONE of that makes it a political issue. Unless Trump had shot grandma down in the street in front of Trump Tower (and even then, you could make a case that it was really Di Blasio or Cuomo’s fault, I suspect.)

  • Erik Svane says:

    Also, what is amazing (alright, not really)
    is the total absence of blame directed
    at China…

  • Robert says:

    Momma would say there are no half-truths and put soap on my tongue, just as she would for a bold faced lie.

  • ss396 says:

    I’ve read that the contact tracing is running into problems. People who test positive are not responding to the follow-ups, and even when they do they refuse to give names to the tracers. The articles I’ve read on this didn’t bother to ask why, but I can guess it’s because they don’t want the Health Department Gestapo to visit those people and – on the off-chance – force them into quarantine.

  • 370H55V says:

    This is what happens in a pussified America where feelings are ALL that matters. The Democrats know it, and are exploiting it just as they did in 2012 when they accused Mitt Romney of complicity in the death of a Kansas City steelworker’s wife from cancer because of the involvement of Bain Capital.

    Disgusting? Yes, but it works. When does the GOP start responding in kind? Or do we lose while turds like George Will and the Never Trump brigades keep insisting “that’s not who we are”?

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