Biden Blames Army For HIS Afghanistan Failures

Biden Blames Army For HIS Afghanistan Failures

Biden Blames Army For HIS Afghanistan Failures

He blames the Army. Yes, that’s correct. Biden accepts zero responsibility for anything, especially his Afghanistan failures.

Two major stories broke this week in the Washington Post. After receiving thousands of documents via Freedom of Information requests, it turns out that what many of us had been discussing for months now is true. 

A. There were multiple plans for orderly drawdowns and withdrawals that would not have thrown everything into chaos.

B. The National Security Council and State Department ignored warnings and essentially refused to face reality.

C. The goalposts regarding how many Americans and allies needed to be evacuated kept moving, which left our military in the dark at the most critical times. 

As we outlined here, there were multiple warnings prior to January 2021 and even more warnings between January and April 2021 showing the Taliban’s advancement.  

The reports of the investigation are devastating and show the Biden Administration is a failure all around. The military DID want to keep Bagram open as having two extraction points would’ve made things easier. But Biden didn’t want more military in the country to help facilitate this, and ordered Bagram abandoned. Thus leaving millions of dollars of equipment, weapons, planes and more as gifts to the Taliban terrorists. 

Our military knew this withdrawal was turning into a debacle. The 2000 page report of the investigation shows repeated attempts to get acting Ambassador Ross Wilson to pay attention to the realities on the ground. He refused to do so. Embassy personnel weren’t much better, either cowering in their offices drunk, or informing Army personnel that military intel regarding the Taliban’s advance was bogus

The Marine general told investigators that trying to engage the embassy in discussions about an evacuation was “like pulling teeth” until early August. “After that,” he said, “it became more collaborative.”

Things got even worse, WAY worse during those seventeen days of hell. Our military was under attack more than we knew. Furthermore, because the Biden Administration drug their heels on the intel the Army and others provided, and Biden (even though he supposedly asked) didn’t send requested resources, our military was left woefully short-handed.

Then there were the frantic special requests. I can completely understand how that could eat up bandwidth and create more problems. While we were ALL hoping and praying everyone could get out, having former military, lawmakers, the Pope, and Jill Biden clog the system with requests was a BIG problem. 

The Army’s lead investigator, Brig. Gen. Lance Curtis, asked Vasely whether reports were true that Pope Francis and first lady Jill Biden had requested help on behalf of specific people who remained in harm’s way.

“That’s accurate,” Vasely responded. “I was being contacted by representatives from the Holy See to assist the Italian military contingent … in getting through groups … of special interest to the Vatican. That is just one of many examples.

“I cannot stress enough,” the admiral added, “how these high-profile requests ate up bandwidth and created competition for already stressed resources.”

But Biden then went on camera to promise everyone would get out. No one would be left behind.

Leaving many faced with untenable choices. 

Then came that horrific day when a bomb went off, killing 13 of our soldiers and wounding 45 others. Those resources Biden insists he was trying to help with? 

The bombing on Aug. 26 set off a scramble to save as many people as possible, but there was little the on-site medical personnel could do for those who died, they told investigators. The survivors relied on tourniquets and other first-aid equipment to help anyone they could, the report says.

Incredibly shameful that our military personnel and the medics didn’t have the medical supplies necessary in the event something like that would happen. Is it any wonder that morale is so low, we are losing too many to suicide?

What does the State Department have to say for themselves?

John Kirby, the Pentagon’s chief spokesman, said in response to questions about the report that while the airlift was a “historic achievement,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has acknowledged it was “not perfect.”

“We are committed to, and are intensely engaged in, an ongoing review of our efforts during the evacuation, the assessments and strategy during the conflict, and the planning in the months before the end of the war,” Kirby said. “We will take those lessons learned, and apply them, as we always do, clearly and professionally.”

Jen Psaki is CONTINUING to parrot the party line bullshit. ‘We didn’t know the Taliban would advance so quickly or that the Afghan forces would collapse like they did! It’s not our fault!’ 

The results of this investigative report makes it clear. Our military was put in an untenable position by Biden and his handlers. Biden, as Commander in Chief, has the ultimate and complete responsibility for all decisions made regarding Afghanistan. What does he do instead? Blames the Army for HIS failures. 

Aside from the awful fact that he can’t even keep countries straight, even worse is that he LITERALLY informed the world that he is rejecting all information the Army provided in its months-long investigation. 

The blame game goes only one way according to Biden and his handlers. The Army is to blame for Biden’s Afghanistan failures. 

And now, Biden is running the VERY SAME playbook with Ukraine! People are being warned to leave that country, yet they are also being told our military won’t help them get out. Sound familiar? It should. That is EXACTLY what happened in Afghanistan. 

Who will Biden blame next for HIS failures in Afghanistan? He’s already blamed the Army. Who is next? As for the burgeoning failure in Ukraine? Who will get Biden’s blame chop? Kamala?

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  • Yeah-Me-Neither says:

    Hey, Houseplant, take that “The buck stops here” sign off of your desk.

    You can just imagine the American servicemen who are thinking, “Oh, yeah, I’d happily go to war with that guy in charge!” No, not many are thinking that.

    The Secret Service should do their job, and end Mr. Houseplant’s reign of terror.

  • SFC D says:

    There should be a pile of stars on Biden’s desk. Every General officer from Milley down should be resigning right now. The alleged commander in chief just called them all liars. And they all said “thank you sir, may I have another”.

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