SOS Antony Blinken; U.S. Military Left Kabul—Managing to Utter One Fact

SOS Antony Blinken; U.S. Military Left Kabul—Managing to Utter One Fact

SOS Antony Blinken; U.S. Military Left Kabul—Managing to Utter One Fact

Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, stood in front of a podium Monday to announce all U.S. military have left Kabul. Afghanistan is on its own, left to the mercy of the Taliban. The White House is tickled pink to finish their self-imposed international crisis a day before the U.S. August 31st deadline to leave.

Secretary of State, Antony Blinken made six points and blathered for sixteen painful minutes, tossing a word salad of verifiable lies misinformation, and left as reporters called out for an accounting of how many Americans were truly left in Afghanistan. For those wanting to scream at their screens, the full video is here.

Regardless of whether you watched his pansy speech, Blinken read six points from his trusty teleprompter that I’ll easily pick apart here. Trust me, upon hearing the first sentence where he says

“Eighteen days ago the United States and our allies began our evacuation and relocation….”

you’ll want to throw rocks at your screen.

The first lie sentence he speaks is wrong—he seems to not know that American citizens have been watching the news feeds and know the truth. Our allies have made it abundantly clear that the U.S. suddenly pulling out of Afghanistan eighteen days ago was a complete surprise—and they are angry. Biden’s imaginary celebration he has in his head for being out of Afghanistan by 9/11 has put our allies at extreme risk, and they have not been quiet about it.

For the sake of brevity, this piece will keep to Antony Blinken’s six points. It will be up to the reader to scream facts at the screen for every little lie Blinken spins in the administration’s effort to make this all go away for President Biden. Speaking of Joe, he hasn’t gone near a press conference in four days after completely botching the last one that ended with him walking away, clutching his man purse, muttering “I have another meeting, for real….[blah blah blah]”

Point One, 5:11, “We have built a new team to help lead this new mission” which Blinken stated just prior is “the military mission is over, a new diplomatic mission has begun.”

Since when has diplomacy ever worked with terrorists? It hasn’t, ever. The nightmare surrounding the Karzai Airport in Kabul is a prime example. Americans had to get through the Taliban to get to the Marines, to get into the airport. Marines were told to stand down while Americans were assaulted by the Taliban.

Biden’s own Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin stated the Taliban assaulted Americans trying to get into the airport. Diplomacy? Joe Biden’s administration is going to attempt a diplomatic mission with trained terrorists. Let that sink in.

Bottom line, just by watching the nightmare unfold from our screens, we know that our powerful military was de-pants-ed in front of the international community, told to not engage, not to protect Americans by using deadly force, and to let the Taliban do what they do best—terrorize—for the last eighteen painful days. Members of our military were killed as a result. Their blood is on Biden’s hands.

Everything Blinken says after stating such an asinine statement will make you want to start day drinking to stomach his next five points.

Point Two, 6:15, “We will continue our relentless efforts to help Americans, foreign nationals and Afghans leave Afghanistan, if they choose.”

We’ve all noticed the not-so-subtle messaging of the White House blaming Americans in Kabul for choosing to stay—wiping out the White House’s obligation to provide safety for Americans. That kind of safety is normally achieved by having a U.S. Embassy. But our military handed the keys to that building to the Taliban eighteen days ago.

Who are these people choosing to stay? From where I’m sitting, the only people who want to stay in Afghanistan is the Taliban. It has been widely reported many, many people have desperately been trying to get to the airport and simply couldn’t get passed the Taliban checkpoints.

Antony Blinken’s tone deaf efforts to place blame on Americans is feeble at best, propaganda for certain.

Blinken continues a word salad trying to describe how many are “self-identifying as Americans” who are “considering” leaving Afghanistan. Antony Blinken mixes his insinuation that Americans are choosing to stay with woke politically correct words to say he has no idea how many want to leave but assures them safe passage. He voice sounds like a flight attendant offering nuts or pretzels, as though safe passage from Karzai Airport is like hopping on an Uber and heading to Vegas. He also concludes they don’t know how many are truly there, thereby contradicting himself within a few sentences.

Many believe thousands, not a few hundred, of Americans are being left behind in Afghanistan. If that is true, God help them. Taliban could have thousands of Americans hostages.

Point Three, 8:29, “We will hold the Taliban to its pledge to let people freely depart Afghanistan, the Taliban is committed to letting anyone with proper documents leave the country in a safe and orderly manner.”

To drive the point home, Blinken doubles down saying

“[The Taliban] have said this publicly and privately many times…On Friday, a senior Taliban official said it again on television and radio ‘Any Afghans may leave the country…Including those who work for Americans.’”

Again, it has been widely reported that the Taliban have been confiscating legal documents from people attempting to leave Kabul.

“’U.S. passports, driver’s licenses — [the Taliban] are confiscating those pieces of documentation from American citizens,’ said Ephraim Mattos, a former Navy SEAL…’They lose proof of who they are, and this has happened on multiple occasions in multiple places.’”

What about those Afghans who worked for Americans? If Blinken believes the repeated pledges of the Taliban, he’s an idiot. He shouldn’t oversee a playground full of kids, let alone hold the office of Secretary of State.

Blinken goes on to say that over one hundred countries have said pretty, pretty please to the Taliban insisting they let people travel. Hey Antony Blinken, if the promises of top Taliban officials are worth anything, why do we need one hundred countries saying they believe the Taliban? This is a circular declaration of trust that stops squarely the moment the Taliban breaks their promises, which they have by their gruesome acts towards Afghan interpreters.

Point Four, 9:43, “We will work to secure their safe passage.” Wait. Didn’t Antony Blinken just say in point three that the Taliban has already promised safe passage and a resolution was going to be written?

Blinken continues his hypocrisy by naming all the countries coming together to assure safe passage of people out of Afghanistan. He also makes the gutsy statement that Karzai Airport will be open soon, after all these other nations sign on to all these shiny agreements.

Meanwhile, Karzai Airport has been seized by the Taliban. Should we take bets on when the airport is opening?

Blinken then goes on a woke, tone deaf, screed speaking aspirational dreams about charter flights coming in and out of Karzai Airport, supporting Americans and legal residents in Afghanistan. It’s absurd.

Point Five, 11:24, “We will stay focused on counter terrorism.”

This is government speak for, We won’t let Al Qaeda and ISIS partner with the Taliban to kill Americans and their allies worldwide.

Blinken’s word salad continues stating the Taliban has made promises–that we all know have already been broken. It is widely reported that Al Qaeda and ISIS-K are very present in Kabul and committing acts of terrorism.

Don’t worry, Antony Blinken says “while we have expectations of the Taliban, we won’t rely on the Taliban.” Yes, he just said that after he laid out in the previous points where the U.S. is putting an enormous amount of trust in the word of the Taliban with precious lives of Americans, Afghans and allies.

Let’s remind ourselves of what the Taliban is currently doing in Afghanistan with the Black Hawk helicopters Blinken left behind—hanging people from them. Seems like they’ve broken their pledge to not act like terrorists. Warning—graphic.

Point Six, 13:39, “We will continue our humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan.” While you and I are thinking this means there will be more help given to those who are going to be victims of the Taliban’s genocide they have planned, we would be wrong.

No, Antony Blinken means COVID aid. Afterall Afghanistan has had a surge in COVID numbers, and we must help. He really said that. The last worry on the mind of most terrified Afghans is getting a case of the flu.

As he winds up his propaganda enriched speech, he snatches his notes and leaves, not taking any questions from reporters, including how many Americans are actually in Afghanistan right now, with no one to help them.

In closing, Blinken walks away from reporters and Americans worldwide, not taking any questions or giving any hope of rescue to those trapped in the clutches of terrorists. There is no explanation to our military community that was ordered to stand down and not demonstrate the show of force it is fully capable of in the face of a deadly enemy. There is no explanation to our international allies for the danger we put their citizens who were caught in Afghanistan. Blinken did a stellar job of exuding weakness, capitulation all while uttering lie after lie.

Americans realize his words are lies.

Feature Photo Credit: Deputy Secretary Antony Blinken and during a Q&A at the Hertie School of Governance, via Flickr,  by usbotschaftberlin, public domain pic , cropped and modified

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