Biden Basement Campaign 2.0 Won’t Work From The White House

Biden Basement Campaign 2.0 Won’t Work From The White House

Biden Basement Campaign 2.0 Won’t Work From The White House

There were multiple reasons why Joe Biden got elected in 2020, but a key one was that he was put in his basement like a potted plant, given limited exposure to cameras, and was basically hidden from the public.

Remember, in the Democrat primary debates that happened before COVID was in full swing, Biden wasn’t exactly setting the race on fire. It took Jim Clyburn bailing him out in South Carolina, and the rest of the Democrat establishment falling into line when it became obvious that the only other Democrat able to get the nomination was Bernie Sanders. Once COVID was a factor, the Biden campaign shifted into pre-recorded, carefully curated interview opportunities. Big rallies were not happening, which meant that Grandpa Joe’s opportunities for gaffes were conveniently limited. Remember that “lying dog faced pony soldier” comment? That happened in early February 2020, before lockdowns. Now, keeping Joe in the basement didn’t stop the gaffes completely (for example, the “you ain’t black” comment), but it definitely limited the exposure that could lead to more gaffes. And then when the debates happened, Biden was getting all the benefits from a friendly media, the Deep State covering up Hunter’s laptop, and lots of preparation (and probably medication).

This time around, Biden is the incumbent. The campaign and the Democrat establishment has now watched him for over three years as he has stumbled and wandered his way through the White House. Absolutely no one believes that Joe Biden is just as “vigorous” or more mentally sharp than he was back in 2020. We have been forced to watch a long, drawn-out play of elder abuse on a national stage. And thanks to the craven ambitions of those around him, or the desperate need to keep that deadbeat crack-addled jackass of a son out of the slammer, Joe Biden is being trotted out to run for president yet again.

And unless he outright collapses on camera, or misses a step on the next flight of stairs, Joe Biden is going to be the Democrat nominee for president once again. Which led Obama administration alumni Van Jones to say this about Joe Biden – maybe it’s better if he stays in the basement.

Speaking after Trump’s victory in the New Hampshire primary, making him the likely Republican nominee, Jones detailed the strategy he would give the president.

“If I were Biden … I would stay hidden,” Jones said. “And I’ll tell you why — he doesn’t inspire confidence. And he’s not a great messenger for himself. He has done a tremendous job for this economy. Union members, union leaders … are racking up win after win; they should be put forward.”

“There’s something wrong with this campaign, where we’re somehow expecting Joe Biden, who frankly hid during the last campaign, to come out now and be Flash Gordon and save his own campaign. The people who are benefiting from the Biden economy, and they exist, should be empowered to speak,” he said.

Jones’s remarks were met with shock from the other members of the panel, one of whom instead characterized Biden’s campaign as “disciplined.”

Hmmm. I wonder why Van Jones is saying this. It’s a mystery, Charlie Brown!

Every time Joe Biden appears in public, there is potential for him to either eat his own feet, fall over his own feet, or drop dead while on his feet. His team knows this, which is why he constantly has “lids” called during his work days – even in moments of crisis, and spends enormous chunks of time out of the White House and out of the public eye on “weekend getaways.”

In 2020, the basement campaign strategy was seen by Democrats as a way for Biden to play two cards at once – the COVID card (we can’t have big events due to the pandemic) and the non-incumbent card (I am not the president, so let all the focus be on the person actually sitting in the hot seat). Van Jones is correct that the only way Biden can win would be to repeat the basement campaign of 2020. The problem is that this time, the roles are reversed, and Joe Biden is the one sitting in the Oval Office. The White House basement is still very public. Biden is allegedly the commander-in-chief, and having him hide from the public and the media during a campaign is a signal of both weakness and incompetence. The Biden campaign will come up with an excuse not to debate Donald Trump – which the media will swallow whole – but Joe Biden will not be able to hide in the White House and let other people do the talking for him. Kamala Harris is a walking train wreck when she speaks, so that’s no help, either.

Reminding people that Kamala Harris is one heartbeat away from the Oval Office is not a winning strategy. So, what’s left? Running away. Just keep walking.

Of course, that walk is now assisted by making sure Biden wears shoes with good traction, so that’s not helpful, either.

Van Jones hit the nail on the head. But there is no hiding for Biden this time around. Not when you’re the one sitting in the White House, claiming that your faculties are still sharp enough to let you be the one in charge. Between declining cognitive issues, the general negativity around the economy, and the real issues that matter to people (like immigration), all Donald Trump has to do is sit in HIS basement and point at Joe Biden. If the 2024 election is a referendum on Joe Biden’s performance as president, the polls are indicating that Trump can win in the swing states needed for the electoral college. The Democrats have made their bed, and Joe Biden is in it. And if that bed ends up being a hospital one, there’s going to be no hiding that.

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