Bernie Sanders Desperately Wants The Criminal Vote

Bernie Sanders Desperately Wants The Criminal Vote

Bernie Sanders Desperately Wants The Criminal Vote

Bernie Sanders wants every vote he can get. Even the criminals deserve to check that box for him on Election Day! Hence his cutesy little op-ed in today’s edition of USA Today. Bernie is here to tell us that even the worst criminals should get to vote and we shouldn’t be concerned with the crimes they committed.

“Our country has had a long and shameful history of voter suppression. At our founding, despite rhetoric to the contrary, only land-owning white males were given the right to participate in our democracy. Lower income people, Women, Native Americans, African-Americans, and young people were excluded.”

Boy, that checked all sorts of boxes didn’t it. Guess what? Lower income people NEVER lost their ability to vote. If they didn’t vote, it was by their choice. As for women, Native Americans, and African-Americans…we rectified that situation quite a number of years ago. As for young people being excluded? I’m here to tell you that I’m totally fine with keeping the voting age at 18. Although, given how childish many between the ages of 18-25 are acting in college, I’m not sure I’d want their vote!

Bernie doesn’t care that some of the worst criminals and terrorists are in prison for horrific crimes. He doesn’t care who committed what crime. He just wants their vote.

“If we are serious about calling ourselves a democracy, we must firmly establish that the right to vote is an inalienable and universal principle that applies to all American citizens 18 years and older. Period. As American citizens all of us are entitled to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and all the other freedoms enshrined in our Bill of Rights. We are also entitled to vote. Yes. Even if Trump’s former campaign manager and personal lawyer end up in jail, they should still be able to vote — regardless of who they cast their vote for.”

Bernie, for the umpteenth time I’m here to tell you, WE ARE A REPUBLIC!!

Secondly, our Constitution already gives us all the freedoms you list. Which means no one’s vote is being suppressed unless that citizen chooses not to vote.

You know what? I could care less what other countries do in allowing criminals to vote. That is THEIR choice. If one to break the law here and is imprisoned for it, or tries to destroy the United States through terrorism in any shape or form, then your consequence should be that of losing your voting privileges. Period.

Imprisoned people are NOT slaves. As for those who are in prison because of THEIR choices, have they had their citizenship yanked? No. Have they lost their voting privileges because of THEIR choices? Yes. And I’m ok with that whether said criminal is purple, green, blue, black, brown, or white.

This isn’t about advocating for the little guy or trying to help those who are disenfranchised.

Nope, this is about Bernie hoping to rake in the votes so the demented elf can finally prevail after Hillary shanked his chances in 2016.

Bernie thinks this op-ed will get him traction. Sadly it will from those who believe he’s THE BERN! and refuse to understand that his brand of Communist Socialism would kill this Republic.

As for him believing that everyone is on board with his grandiose voting plan?

“The vast majority of Americans — roughly 75% — do not support Sen. Bernie Sanders’ proposal to enfranchise all prisoners, but many are open to giving voting rights to non-violent inmates, according to a new INSIDER poll.

Only 15% of respondents said all prisoners — regardless of their crimes — should keep their voting rights while behind bars. Meanwhile, 20% said only voters convicted of non-violent offenses should be allowed to vote.”

Hoo boy, that’s gonna leave a major mark. This poll will as well.

Our Constitution provides us numerous and explicitly defined rights. Voting is a privilege enclosed in those rights. However, our Constitution can also take away those rights after due process of law.

Alexis de Tocqueville warned us about people like Bernie Sanders a long time ago.

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

Bernie’s brand of socialism includes letting criminals vote. This is not how our Republic was designed. If Bernie so desperately wants the criminal vote, then he should go back to Russia and run for Putin’s seat.

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  • Skillyboo says:

    The #walkaway movement, Turning Point USA and many others like them are making inroads within the gay and minority communities so they need to find a new supply of voters to pander to.

  • Steven Moore says:

    The Constitution only concerns itself with the votes of the Electoral College, and leaves the process of selecting the Electors to the state legislatures.

    Bernie will either have to have the Constitution amended, or go state-by-state and convince each legislature to change its voting laws.

    I’ll elected Pope before either of those happen.

  • Sam says:

    First, there WAS a restriction on lower-income people originally. Franchise was originally only given to white, land-owning males, the age of majority or older (21, I believe it was). “Land-owning” implies a certain amount of wealth, especially back then. And there is an argument for it, even if it sounds anathema to our ears today.
    Second, Bernie doesn’t really expect to get criminal votes any time soon (although he and the Democrats would be thrilled to have them; the very few who bothered to actually vote would almost certainly go with the party of “less laws, more free money”). No, Bernie knows that by sucking up to “prisoner’s rights” he can gain favor with a much larger, more voting-inclined population: the FAMILIES of people who’ve been locked up.
    Of course, not everyone who goes to prison looses their voting rights. Only felons are stripped or voting rights, and that’s because a “felony”, by definition, used to be considered a crime so severe that it was beyond the pale, and you automatically forfeited much of your claims to society by commiting one. Now, it’s “just another crime” to most people (if not an actual badge of honor), and it doesn’t have the same stigma.
    He also knows that perpetuating the ridiculous “prisons are racist!” idea, and the “prison slavery” fallacy, and “the blacks are systematically being stripped of their rights and imprisoned and made into slaves cuz’ RACISM” story are only going to help his campaign. After all, it’s not the BLACKS faults that they committed those crimes. They were FORCED to, by the RACIST SYSTEM that represses them (culture has nuthin’ to do wit’ it!). The only reason poor whits aren’t locked up equally (and who says they aren’t/) is because the racist judicial system and the racist police let them all go, and lock the innocent blacks up for nothing! (And by “nothing” I mean a little harmless crack-dealing, or a few armed robberies, or some youthful attempted murder charges. Not REAL crimes, like Collusion or Obstructing Justice!)

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