Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake Fires Police Commissioner Batts Citing Rise in Violence

Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake Fires Police Commissioner Batts Citing Rise in Violence

Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake Fires Police Commissioner Batts Citing Rise in Violence
Former Police Commissioner Batts, Mayor Rawlings-Blake (Photo Credit: New York Post)

Well, it looks like Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts—aka Captain Kickass for his impressive take-down of a rioting thug—is out of a job. Because Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake fired him, citing a sharp rise in violence in the city, and following revelations that he ordered the stand-down amid the riots that overtook Baltimore nearly three months ago, resulting in millions upon millions of dollars in damages and lost property, and hundreds of injured officers. Here’s her announcement:

Now I’m not sure which planet she’s living on, but I can’t blame the Baltimore police for what looks like an unofficial strike given that the mayor, and particularly her attorney general, have the officers, rather than the criminals, in their crosshairs. Further, what Rollings-Blake fails to mention is her own role in the chaos that enveloped the city…seemingly with her blessing. Remember this?

…and this?

Notice the mantra on the backdrop? (Photo credit: Washington Times)
Notice the mantra on the backdrop (Photo Credit: Washington Times)

Rawlings-Blake also fails to address the criticism—also a distraction, doncha think?—that her sitting State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, is not seeking “justice for Freddie Gray,” but rather, based on her highly unprofessional actions thus far, vengeance for Freddie Gray and, shamefully, making a name for herself (skip to the 1:28 mark):

I think it’s safe to say that yes, the criticism of former Commissioner Batts may have been distracting, and even warranted, but the controversy surrounding Batts is just the tip of a very deep iceberg that’s crushing the city of Baltimore. So I’ve got a suggestion for Mayor Rawlings-Blake: Demand the resignation of prosecutor Mosby, and then fire yourself. Because the “space to destroy” buck ultimately stops with you.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    Let me get this straight-the idiot mayor complains about the cops doing their job, the cops then basically stop doing their job as they’re pretty much under orders to do this and now their boss gets fired for it. Only in the Obaman People’s Republic do demented people not realize that their words and actions have consequences. Such people suffering from this sort of disconnect used to get some form of treatment for this problem-instead they now get to run cities and more.

    Again-only in the OPR!

  • Kate says:

    She should have fired herself.

    • Appalled By The World says:

      The day someone like that does that is the day the skies are filled with flying pigs. People like that never pay the price for their stupidity-it’s always someone else’s fault by their warped thinking.

  • Nina says:

    Right now, even with the new interim chief in place, she and all her cronies are still hamstringing the police department and keeping them from doing their job well or at all.

    Oh to be a fly on the wall when reality hits and she realizes that her “magical” solution of firing Chief Batts isn’t, didn’t, and won’t solve the violence and crime wave issues the city is dealing with.

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