Bad News for George Gascon Is Rolling In

Bad News for George Gascon Is Rolling In

Bad News for George Gascon Is Rolling In

Few have swept into elected office with the same sense of unassailable hubris as Los Angeles DA George Gascon. And few are fighting with as much tooth-and-nail frenzy to retain the office Soro’s money secured for him.

From the moment Gascon secured the election, he wasted no time in declaring war on his own office and doing everything he could to reshape it into a second Public Defenders Office. His unilateral, take no prisoners approach not only alienated his staff but law enforcement, victims’ families and even judges. He clings to power even in the face of increasing opposition and legal setbacks to his reign.

Top aide abandons George’s leaky ship

The latest news is that Alisa Blair special advisor to George has resigned. She was part of the team of former public defenders that George foisted on the DA office in the name of “criminal justice reform”. Blair has been responsible for initiating many of the directives in the juvenile division. Directives that have had devastating effects on the citizens of Los Angeles County.

“Ms. Blair has never understood the responsibilities of a prosecutor — to seek justice, protect the public and uphold the law,” Kathy Cady, a former prosecutor and now a victims’ advocate, told Fox News Digital Friday. “She is responsible for the release of multiple gang murderers into the community.”

That’s not an empty charge by Cady.

Under Prop 57, convicts who were juveniles prosecuted as adults can have the court revisit their sentencing. One such convicted murderer, 5 years into his 50 year sentence, petitioned the court for immediate release. Alisa Blair refused to ask for a court hearing to argue against such a release and, so, Andres Cachu was freed last year … and it went as one might expect.

Cachu, now 25, was busted again Tuesday night after sheriff’s deputies found him slumped over the steering wheel of a parked vehicle, Gascón’s office confirmed Thursday.

The officers woke the freed murderer by tapping on his window — noting he “appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance” and allegedly had “a firearm in his waistband,” the DA’s office said.

Cachu fled, driving the wrong way on a freeway before crashing, the criminal complaint said. During the chase, he allegedly ditched the gun, which was later found by deputies, a spokesman told Fox News. (snip)

Cachu was hit with 11 charges, including felony fleeing a pursuing peace officer’s motor vehicle and driving against traffic, possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of a controlled substance with a firearm.

What was the DA Offices official response?

“We are disappointed to learn that Mr. Cachu has not availed himself of the support that he so clearly needs.”


More juvenile catastrophes

And it’s not like Cachu is the only felon set free because holding 17-year-old murderers and other violent felons to adult consequences is quelle horrors!

A convicted California murderer was sprung from prison just eight years into a life sentence thanks to a policy from embattled Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon — and now is facing charges in a homeless man’s killing.

Victor Bibiano, 30, was arrested last month for the April 16 killing of Mario Rodriguez, 42, who was discovered fatally shot at a homeless encampment in Pacoima, an LA neighborhood.

Now, remember this lovely bit of video?

That was a teen driving that car. A car that deliberately swerved to mow down a mother and her child. And his punishment? Five to seven months in a youth camp.

That’s it! Let’s hear it for George!

George loses at court …

Not that any of this has deflated George’s enormous ego. He’s still pimping his “criminal justice reform” and believes any rise in crime is because we are just not doing enough of his policies. His draconian edicts to forget victims and to back off prosecution of criminals as much as possible made him subject to a lawsuit to remind him to actually follow state law. A lawsuit he lost and wants to appeal — using taxpayer money to hire one of the most expensive appeal attorneys in the nation. Something on the order of $2,400/hour.

Isn’t George special?

With deep-blue San Francisco kicking its DA, red-diaper-baby Chesa Boudin, to the curb, Gascon is looking over his shoulder at the recall effort aimed directly at him.

If George won’t immediately resign and slink away into ignoble anonymity, we can hope for loads of worry and sleepless nights for him.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Let’s pray, too, that the citizens of New York City take a clue and get rid of their Soro’s puppet, DA Alvin Bragg.

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  • 370H55V says:

    But the fact remains that Boudin, Gaston, Bragg, Krasner, and all the others of their ilk were duly elected in the first place– Krasner being RE-elected handily last November.

    The other fact that remains is that there is a very substantial pro-crime constituency in America. Dan Bongino (among others) often speaks of the need to develop a parallel economy in our woke times. When Steve Bannon may serve two years in prison but the attempted assassin of NY GOP gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin is released on his own recognizance, perhaps we need to consider the establishment of a parallel justice system as well.

  • Taylor says:

    The scary thing is that in the NYC Democratic primary that Alvin Bragg won, he was the most “moderate” of the 7 candidates.

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