Baby Formula For Illegals, None For American Babies

Baby Formula For Illegals, None For American Babies

Baby Formula For Illegals, None For American Babies

Yes Virginia, there IS a baby formula shortage. It’s real and it should be a major concern. Especially since we are finding out that pallets of formula have supposedly been and are being sent to the border while shelves here at home are empty.

There have been issues with baby formula shortages for months now. However, it became much more apparent within the last few weeks. Social media was first to sound the alarm, and finally some in the media started picking up on the issue. Now more have followed suit.

Parents across the nation have been panicked and desperate as supply disruptions and a massive safety recall by manufacturer Abbott have created widespread shortages. For the first week of May, the nationwide out-of-stock percentage for baby formula rose to 43%, according to Datasembly, which tracks product data for retailers. That’s up from 30% at the start of April.

“This issue has been compounded by supply chain challenges, product recalls and historic inflation,” CEO of Datasembly Ben Reich said in a statement to Fox News Digital. “The category started to see stocking challenges beginning in July 2021, and the situation has continued to worsen into 2022.”

Abbott in February recalled powdered formula sold under the labels Similac, Alimentum and EleCare after four infants were sick with bacterial infections, including two who died. Abbott closed its plant in Sturgis, Mich., that produced the formula.

Then we find out that, as shortages continue, pallets of formula are being sent to the border for the babies of illegal immigrants. 

DO NOT get me wrong. All babies need to be cared for. All babies need a chance to thrive. I would be the first to say, care for all babies. However, the signal this sends? Take care of those folks who’ve brought their babies here illegally FIRST before American babies.

Retail formula supplies have been relatively short since last summer, but the problem appears to have worsened in recent weeks. Now mainstream media has latched onto the issue, and Republican lawmakers have sought to turn it into a political weapon against Biden, calling on the White House to do more to help increase supplies.

“It seems that while President Biden’s administration and the FDA knew all about this problem as it developed, they have been asleep at the switch in terms of getting production back online as fast as possible,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor Thursday.

You know WHY Republicans instead of Democrats are ‘latching’ onto the issue? Because the lives of babies are at stake. That’s it. That’s the story. Babies lives are at stake. 

Formula that premies need isn’t available. Don’t tell me that those moms should just breast feed. Premies come before milk comes in. Oh, and let’s just go out and buy goats so moms can suddenly figure out how to care for, feed, handle vet bills, and milk goats for food for their babies. Rancher’s daughter here, … It is NOT that F**KING easy! Third, for all those who are jumping on the ‘just breastfeed bandwagon,’  SHUT UP. You don’t know circumstances as to why a mother cannot or is not able to breast feed, so back ALL THE WAY OFF.

As for those who believe there isn’t a formula shortage? There is one. How do I know this? I just spent nearly four hours today canvassing stores in Northern Colorado to help find formula for new babies in my hometown of Wyoming. Here are the results of that canvass

  • Two grocery stores: Limits on formula, only the very basics available. 
  • A Super Target: Shelves 96% empty. Managed to get some for two of the moms
  • Walmart: 98% empty, but managed to find 4 boxes of the travel packets of formula
  • Specialized formula to help those babies who have digestive or allergy issues? NONE TO BE FOUND in those stores.

Keep in mind, a town of 3500 doesn’t have enough buying power that a city of 100,000 does, and when I can’t find formula in a city of 100,000….there is a big problem. Furthermore, the cost of formula. What we found to help those moms … $46.99 for just one 30 ounce can of formula. 

And what does the White House do? Holds a “meeting.” 

Here are the results of said meeting, read the entire thread.

Here’s a question:

Again, EVERY baby needs to be protected and fed. But Congress and the White House are addressing this too little too late. Congress plans to hold a meeting on May 25th. Such fabulous urgency here. I’m sure ALL the moms are thrilled that they are so swift to NOT address this issue right now, all while they see Democrats rant/rave/scream and throw tantrums about abortion, issue more idiotic subpoenas about January 6, and throw $40 billion more dollars at Ukraine. 

Remember this in November when you vote folks. American babies are last when it comes to food, illegals come first. 

Feature Photo Credit: Baby bottle and high chair photo Public Domain via Creative Commons, cropped and modified

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