Muslim Activists Demand Mandatory Retraining of All US Law Enforcement

In 2011 Muslim activists were successful in neutering the FBI and other Federal agencies by getting them to remove all mention of Islam and jihad from counter-terrorism training material. Apparently they didn’t want the truth spoken about how the Islamic jihadists used the texts and teaching of Islam as justification of their violence;  you know, raping, killing Christians, and other Muslims, heinous beheadings, and kidnappings—all for not submitting to their particular murderous ways. According to the activists, training along these lines would have been offensive.

Well, they are back, and they want all law enforcement officers to comply with their demands.

Judicial Watch

The coalition of influential and politically-connected Muslim rights groups is demanding that the Obama administration implement a mandatory retraining program for all federal, state and local law enforcement officials who may have been subjected to materials they deem “biased and discriminatory” against Muslims. There must also be an audit of all federal law enforcement and intelligence gathering training and educational materials to identify and remove information that could exhibit bias against any race, ethnicity, religion or national origin, the groups demand.

Additionally, the administration must pursue disciplinary action against agents and officials who engage in discriminatory conduct as well as those responsible for the anti-Muslim training materials. Finally, the coalition insists that all federal funding to local and state law enforcement agencies be withheld unless they ban all training materials considered to be biased against race, ethnicity, religion or national origin. In short, these empowered Muslim activists want to dictate how our nation’s law enforcement agencies operate at every level.

That last sentence really sticks in my craw. Could this be the first steps towards Sharia? 

Surprise of all surprises, the organization spearheading this is none other than CAIR–the front for terrorism (who claims it isn’t a front for terrorism).

Judicial Watch

The outrageous demands were made this month in a letter to Lisa O. Monaco, the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. Among the signatories is the terrorist front organization Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has repeatedly proven that it wields tremendous power in the Obama administration. Founded in 1994 by three Middle Eastern extremists, CAIR got the FBI to purge anti-terrorism material determined to be offensive to Muslims. Judicial Watch uncovered that scandal last summer and obtained hundreds of pages of FBI documents with details of the arrangement. JW also published a special in-depth report on the subject in December.

CAIR also got several police departments in President Obama’s home state of Illinois to cancel essential counterterrorism courses over accusations that the instructor was anti-Muslim. The course was called “Islamic Awareness as a Counter-Terrorist Strategy” and departments in Lombard, Elmhurst and Highland Park caved into CAIR’s demands. The group responded with a statement commending officials for their “swift action in addressing the Muslim community’s concerns.” CAIR has wielded its power in a number of other cases during the Obama presidency, including blocking an FBI probe involving the radicalization of young Somali men in the U.S. and pressuring the government to file discrimination lawsuits against employers who don’t accommodate Muslims in the workplace.

There are other groups that signed on to this demand as well. I have a feeling that CAIR coerced these others under false pretenses, using them for their own gain.  That is one of the important lessons in Hadith, to lie.

If CAIR really cared about the moderate law abiding Muslim, why wouldn’t they support law enforcement in their teachings about radical Islamist.   Their actions on the heels of IS’s threat to come here to drown us in our own blood only clarifies their true intent.


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