The Truth Behind the Irish Children and the Septic Tank

The Truth Behind the Irish Children and the Septic Tank

Anytime the media has an opportunity to bash Christians, they jump on it. If an opportunity to smear Catholics arises, then whoa, everybody wants a piece of that delicious host and sip of wine. This particular story broke late Thursday, and by yesterday was everywhere.

The headline from ABC news read:

Almost 800 forgotten’ Irish children dumped in septic tank mass grave at Catholic home

Headlines like this were everywhere. Funny thing is, they were only partially true. All of those Christian/Catholic bashing news outlets forgot to do one very important thing: check their sources. Had they done so, they would have gotten the real story. Yes, there is a real story, one that isn’t so sensational, but still pretty darn good. Of course, that means they wouldn’t have had the headlines they so desired, and maybe that’s why they didn’t verify the facts. No one bothered to contact Catherine Corless, who is the woman behind the story. The woman who for years has been doing the research so the children’s names could go on a plaque.

“I just wanted those children to be remembered and for their names to go up on a plaque. That was why I did this project, and now it has taken [on] a life of its own.”

So here is the real story about Catherine Corless and her research. The story does have the skeletal remains of children who died long ago. It even has what a good Irish tale needs: an Irishman in a Pub having an ale telling a story.

As you will see upon reading her story, these children died for various reasons, including measles, whooping cough, influenza, bronchitis and meningitis. It was a reflection of the times when infant mortality rates were much higher than today. Infections spread rapidly, especially in institutions. Each of those children had a name, a birth date, and date they died and the reason for their death, which is what her research will show. As to why the 20 or so children were buried in an old abandoned sewage tank, maybe we will never know. Catherine Corless viewed it as a crypt. Possibly the Sisters and the mothers of the children did too. And the people in the area have taken care of the burial place of the children for decades, by planting roses and flowers and even putting in a grotto.

And from The Irish Times

Tuam mother and baby home: the trouble with the septic tank story

‘I never used that word ‘dumped’,” Catherine Corless, a local historian in Co Galway, tells The Irish Times. “I never said to anyone that 800 bodies were dumped in a septic tank. That did not come from me at any point. They are not my words.”

So the MSM got their fill of Catholic bashing. Shame on them for being so eager to sensationalize the story that they forgot to check their source. One thing is for sure, in as much as the media would have liked to portray the Catholic Sisters that ran the home as baby killers, they certainly were not anything like a Gosnell. Perhaps the media would have known that, if they had bothered to cover that case.

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  • VALman says:

    I saw a headline about this. Dismissed as either a sensationalized story or one meant to embarrass the Church. Thank you for providing the background. There was an expression I heard that went something like “No one has laundry that isn’t soiled.” I’m not sure if this is correct. Of course, the idea is that there is no individual nor collection of individuals (be it religious group, recreation group. political one, even the Ladies” Home Sewing group) that isn’t without its stain. So, I just wish the MSM would keep this in mind and stop acting as though they and those who are in their favor have unstained laundry.

  • Kelley Kruse says:

    Thank you, VALman, that is so true.
    As you can tell, the MSM got this story completely wrong.

  • Lucy says:

    If all those kids had been sliced and diced while still in the womb, then flushed down the drain and into the now-infamous septic tank, the left would respond with a collective yawn. It’s only a scandal because the children were born alive and then died of what were at the time very common childhood diseases, in an institution run by nuns. That provides the left with a golden opportunity to do the thing they love most: demonizing Christians.

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