At “Moral Economy” Forum Biden Promises Tax Hikes, Status Quo

At “Moral Economy” Forum Biden Promises Tax Hikes, Status Quo

At “Moral Economy” Forum Biden Promises Tax Hikes, Status Quo

With Elizabeth Warren nipping at his heels, and after dodging slings and arrows from his fellow army of Democratic presidential candidates for being AWOL from the campaign trail, Joe Biden surfaced again yesterday afternoon, appearing at the Poor People’s Campaign Presidential Forum where they discussed a “moral economy.” And if you guessed he promised voters Free Everything, at a fraction of the cost, you’d be correct.

But before we jump into what he said (I’m sure you can guess!), what exactly is a “moral economy?” Well, the list is long and full of “progressive” policy—that’s never worked in the History of Ever— but essentially a “moral economy” includes “living wages” determined by the federal government; a “moral economy” includes taxing those with more and redistributing to those with less; a “moral economy” includes MORE immigration coupled with rewarding those who broke our immigration laws; and a “moral economy” includes seeding the judiciary with activist judges who’ll interpret the laws in ways Congress didn’t write and couldn’t pass if they did. And if you disagree, well, you’re irredeemably immoral and should be shunned like a bad case of leprosy.

And, naturally, a “moral economy” includes healthcare for all. Pro tip: the socialist takeover of Venezuela originated with a similar platform:

When Hugo Chavez came to power in Venezuela in 1998, he promised health care for all. In 1999, he got it written into the Constitution, which stated: “Health is a fundamental social right, an obligation of the State.”

Which echos the words of every Democrat presidential candidate. Here’s Biden’s version:

Now I know what you’re thinking: Didn’t Joe and his BFF “fix” healthcare back in 2010? And didn’t those of us who paid attention, predicting that the ACA was designed to fail in order to usher in government-controlled, “single-payer” healthcare (which Joe now promises will cover illegals, too), get ridiculed and called “tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists?” And now we’ve got Uncle Joe affirming that we were, in fact, right all along? Yes to all of that. So I offer this updated slogan for Biden’s second attempt at a healthcare power grab: Big Effing Deal Redux. It really will work this time. And it’ll save taxpayers gazillions. Pinky swear.


Oh, and about that healthcare for all…Biden also promised this:

That’s right. Joe knows how to spend your money better than you do. So the first thing he’ll do when he brings America the Obama White House 3.0—well, after he cures cancer, ends poverty (wink wink, India), and walks on water—will be to increase your taxes (all on his own? Without Congress? There’s a trick). Yes, the federal government—who’s currently raking in historic levels of tax revenue, and refusing to cut any of its obscene wasteful spending—will take back that money they believe is rightfully The-IRS. Begging the question: if all this stuff is “free,” and will cut government expenditures to boot, why must we pay more for it? And what, pray tell, would tax increases do to the flourishing job market, Joe, where there are more job openings than Americans to fill them? Answer: Obama Economy, the Sequel. Only with millions more illegals pressuring the system, and climate change regulation and taxation that’ll make France jealous.

And speaking of Obama, Joe Biden—with a complete lack of self-awareness—uttered this:

Abuse of power…like, spying on journalists, congresspeople, and your political opposition with the assistance of foreign adversaries? Is that what you mean by “abuse of power,” Joe? Oh, how about using the full heft of the IRS to silence political speech you dislike? Does that qualify? Or how about a secret server in your basement where you try to hide whatever it is you’re doing from the prying eyes of Congress and those pesky voters? This news broke last evening:

The State Department revealed Monday that it has identified “multiple security incidents” involving current or former employees’ handling of Hillary Clinton’s emails, and that 23 “violations” and seven “infractions” have been issued as part of the department’s ongoing investigation.”

Does that qualify, Joe? Oh, never mind. Here’s $15 bucks an hour for the promise of your vote, vassals. We’ll just blame those evil employers when prices rise, and y’all wind up paying more for goods and services and find yourselves right back where you started, and likely without a job at all. Economic genius, right there. Back in chains…er, change.

And then there’s public education:

Easy: You all like choice, right? Now apply that to public education, where *some* students are mired in failing schools thanks to the lobbying power of teachers’ unions. I’m sure you’ll nip that obstruction to a “quality education for all” right in the bud, right? **checks Joe’s lobby targeting**:

Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Tuesday released the first major policy platform of his campaign, a sweeping education proposal that urges federal investment in low-income schools, supports universal prekindergarten and higher teacher pay, and, he added in a public appearance later, opposes for-profit charter schools.”

So….status quo, then, where teachers’ union support is lusted after, and the word “students” never comes up. This, Mr. Biden, is why my child was home-schooled and now attends a charter.

And, of course, Biden pandered to Hispanic Americans with yet another tweet about a baby separated from an adult at our southern border, without any sense of irony what with his recent flip on the Hyde Amendment, which would force you and I to fund aborting babies up until the moments before, and even during, birth. Note: I know math is hard, but that’s just four months younger than the child you exploited, Joe. But nice try; your former boss’s policies, and those of Congress (of which you were a long-term member), are why these children are making the dangerous trek across the desert in the first place.

So there it is. Joe Biden is the oft-incoherent, geriatric, stale Obama leftover version of every other Democrat candidate running. He’s seemingly corrupt as the day is long, and represents everything that’s wrong with D.C.: he’s part of the good ol’ boy network of back-scratchers, spent decades in D.C., and holds his finger to the political winds to decide his policy position du jour. Do we really want a return to that era, America? Because if your answer is “yes,” the rampant corruption that a Hillary Clinton presidency was meant to cover up will be cemented into the foreseeable future, as well as a Titanic-sized tanking of our economy. And that’s not a future any American should wish to live in.


Feature Image Credit: Wikimedia via photographer Marc Nozell; licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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  • Kathy says:

    He didn’t mention how great he thinks China is. He is such a crooked slime!

  • Michael G. Gallagher says:

    If the Democrats win in 2020, why should people who love freedom bend their knees to what will be a heavily Marxist, crony capitalist, an totally corrupt Democratic regime? Just because the drones will have made a terrible mistake doesn’t mean you have to put your head on the block for a legally, but morally illegitimate government. Think cyber revolt. Guns may not be necessary.

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