Associated Press: NFL Players Should Strike Until Kaepernick Gets Signed

Associated Press: NFL Players Should Strike Until Kaepernick Gets Signed

Associated Press: NFL Players Should Strike Until Kaepernick Gets Signed

Football season is upon us and preseason camp is near. Hence, it’s not too early for sports columnists and the like to start a good dialogue in defense of (still) free-agents, Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid.

At least AP’s Paul Newberry seems to think they are in need of promoting and defending:

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid are good enough to be playing for someone.

That much is beyond debate.

But the league has decided to make an example of them, a clear warning to its employees that only so much social activism will be tolerated even while it feigns a sense of respecting their desire to protest during the national anthem.

If the NFL were really concerned about its players, it wouldn’t be denying these two their well-earned right to make a living.

Rest assured, history won’t be kind when it looks back on the way Kaepernick and Reid were treated by the NFL.

Newberry compares Kaepernick to Muhammad Ali, who was stripped of his heavyweight boxing title and barred from the ring for more than three years after he refused induction into the military during the Vietnam War. He went on to further compare Kaepernick to Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who defiantly stood with their fists in the air on the medal podium at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics in protest.

The suggestion to get Kaepernick and Reid back on the playing field?

“Maybe a one-day sickout during training camp. Or kneeling en masse before the first game. Perhaps, as a last resort, they should consider an actual strike.”

The pig-socks-wearing-cop-hater, Kaepernick is apparently a hero, according to Newberry, who has “sacrificed so much” and “hung out to dry”.

Newberry seems to think Kaepernick has suffered at the hands of injustice. The quarterback was privileged enough to play for the NFL and get paid handsomely for his efforts yet he has been “hung out to dry”? He played for the city of San Francisco and lived in a 3 million dollar mansion in San Jose while people lived in tents and squalor in the city he represented. Did he help? No. He sat on his ass and when he did not do that, he kneeled. Let’s put this in perspective, shall we? How about the veterans who have sacrificed so much? The holidays, birthdays, anniversaries spent without their families? How about the families who anticipated a happy homecoming and were met with a flag-draped coffin? Nope. Colin Kaepernick could not even muster up the respect to even stand for them. He kneeled for that same flag. But Newberry thinks he is brave, y’all. Because some injustice or something that he has never experienced in his own lifetime.

Paul Newberry says these players have been vilified by the NFL community and fans. You know what? It’s so easy to be brave when you have a multi-million dollar mansion and gated communities to keep you safe. They’ve displayed poor sportsmanship and now, they are martyrs. They disrespected true heroes yet some in the sports world revel in their “heroism”.

So, go ahead, virtuous NFL players. Go on a “sick-out” or like a strike or something. Do it. Hear that? It’s America striking, too. It’s the sound of America turning off their television sets on Sunday afternoons. See that? It’s more of our hard-earned money saved by not paying the ridiculous prices for stadium seats and NFL paraphernalia. Kneel on with your bad self, Kaepernick! Kneel on.

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  • Scott says:

    Well, my opinion may not be the popular one, but I think that Ali didn’t get near enough punishment for refusing to be drafted. These days, everyone feels sorry for him, because they’ve seen what a broken old man he became from all those shots to the head.. But here’s the thing, he was an anti-American muslim (sound familiar??) who refused to do his duty while my father was slogging through the jungle, during Tet no less. F him… he not ony should have been banned from boxing for life, but thrown in jail as well As for the two “black power ” idiots at the Olympics, they should have lost their medals right then and there…and Krapernik and those like him? No-one on the left seems to be able to grasp the fact that it’s not that these overpaid idiots want to protest something, it’s that they’re doing it ON THE CLOCK!!!! I’ve never worked a job (including now as a firefighter) where I could protest while i was at work. At EVERY job I’ve held, i would have been fired immediately if I tried this crap. I hope they do strike, I hope the league folds, and they and Newberry are out of work because of it ( gang membership would jump dramatically,I mean honestly, what other skills do most of these mouth breathers have anyway???) but think of how many prime Sunday programming hours would open up on TV??? and how productivity at jobs across the country would jump, without all the time wasted with football pools??
    So I agree with this AP clown, go ahead and strike nfl, it’s time you went away for good!

  • Gurg Greegan says:

    It’s the sound of Americans taking back their democracy it started back in November 2016.
    The NFL isn’t like gas, food, and lodging, it isn’t essential.
    No one has the feelz for athletes who get paid millions annually to chase a pointy turd around and slap each other’s asses.

  • Timmy says:

    Yes, please strike.

  • rbj says:

    Kaepernick has been offered jobs. As a backup QB. He doesn’t want a sub-million dollar a year job. So no, he doesn’t want to play. Sports is all about meritocracy. Michael Vick got a job after far worse.

  • Bill Cook says:

    Will ESPN reporters take a financial hit when the players go on strike. Hint…the players won’t get paid.

  • GWB says:

    That much is beyond debate.
    Well, no, it isn’t. They suck, compared to the other offerings. You invalidate everything you say after that by that single, wildly inaccurate statement.

  • GWB says:

    Newberry compares Kaepernick to Muhammad Ali …[and]… to Tommie Smith and John Carlos,
    So, he’s saying Kaperdick is an a**hole? And here I thought the whole article lacked any truth at all.

    And, yes, the biggest problem is his protest is 1) on company time and 2) it’s basically saying I disagree with patriotism. Yes, he’s disrespecting the entire nation. Period.

    Aside from his never having experienced – nor even WITNESSED – any real racism his entire life, he’s making the perfect the enemy of the good. (Like all progressives.) Since we aren’t perfect, we must act like everything is horrible and slavery is right around the corner, and separate water fountains, and lynching and .. and… and….
    99th percentile isn’t even “good” in their eyes.

  • That’s OK with me. The Eagles won the a Super Bowl last year. Vince Lombardi (figurativel) in hand, I have no reason to care any longer about NFL football.

  • Oldav8r says:

    And just to show his support, Newberry should go on a hunger strike until Kaepernick is signed.

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