Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Democrats Love Voting For The Young And Stupid

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Democrats Love Voting For The Young And Stupid

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Democrats Love Voting For The Young And Stupid

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lamented on Twitter yesterday. Youthful naïveté, seems to be a redeeming quality of the Democratic Socialist party these days. Dems love a good young, naïve politician who doesn’t know what she is doing. Or, in the case of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, dems love the old and decrepit.

Socialist darling, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has done it yet again. She’s such a garnet when it comes to providing us with endless material. We say, keep it coming! This from yesterday:

Youthful naïveté, they say. Seems the little princess from Westchester Country who probably never shopped at a bodega failed to do her homework again:

El-Sayed says he tried to vote in Detroit twice on March 8th but that the lines at his precinct were too long. That story, however, is not backed up by data. The church where he says he tried to vote was a low-turnout precinct. There were no reported complaints of long lines at his precinct that day (which are typically well documented in Detroit).

But that did not hinder the Socialista from shouting from the rafters. It did not hinder her opposition, either:

The “young and stupid” flocked to Sephora stores days following the election to buy the same shade of red lipstick as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (we like to call it Commie Red). Because every poor girl from the Bronx can afford a $22-dollar tube of lipstick. They see her face, her youth and juxtapose our POTUS with her. They think “youthful inspiration”. (Sigh) The next Barack Obama. Her experience is nil, her story of growing up in “The Bronx” was a false claim. She is nothing but a billboard yet she embodies “hope” for those who want their “fair share”. The naïveté here is not limited to those in their younger years-college kids who want their free run at a four-year liberal arts degree-but to those who were brought up under the entitled premise that the world owes them something. This is the utmost form of naïveté and it spans generations. This is what these bottom-feeders want the poor, naïve masses to believe. They will continue to hold on to the notion of getting something for nothing and the likes of Ocasio-Cortez will dangle it like a carrot. Why? Because there are only two ways any one gets a fair share of what they are worth in this world. One-you work for it. And two-you fight for it by continuing to work harder, by educating yourself, by questioning what the talking heads feed you, by free-thinking, by being disciplined and by teaching your children to do the same thing. And no, holding up a sign in protest that says you want your “fair share” does not count.

Till next time and next episode with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when she throws her hands up in the air and gives us some more laughs. I may just break out the good beer. Perhaps SNL, Comedy Central and some awards shows could use her to drive up their abysmal ratings? Keep on truckin’ and flipping those seats red. You go girl!

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  • Jimmy Skorvakis says:

    The shine is wearing off fast. The Hopey Changey faux Pepsi logo only goes so far and other people’s money runs out eventually. Tax the rich? They’ll just pack up and leave since they can afford to.
    In the Soviet Socialist system everyone worked or went to the gulag and got beat while they worked.
    The marshmallow soft millennials are in for a rude Venezuela shock and it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

  • Dietrich says:

    The marshmallow soft millennials should be delicious.
    Wut? Beats standing in a bread line when’s there no bread.

  • Chica’s got Norma Desmond crazy eyes.

  • Orange Gutan says:

    Young, naive and hopeful beats old, crooked and greedy… Oh, did I mention orange?

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