Arrests Starting in Kenosha Even Without Verdict

Arrests Starting in Kenosha Even Without Verdict

Arrests Starting in Kenosha Even Without Verdict

A second day of deliberations came and went in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, and we still don’t have a verdict. But that didn’t stop protesters from roughing things up. There have already been two arrests in front of the courthouse in Kenosha, which means that things will be going sideways quickly in case Rittenhouse is found not guilty on all charges. Or even receives a guilty conviction on a lesser charge.

The arrests came at the end of the afternoon, while jurors were still deliberating. Police arrested a 20-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman. At least there’s gender parity in Kenosha.

However, encounters between the Rittenhouse supporters and BLM started peacefully, over both sides sharing  . . . pizza. I bet you never expected that to happen.

But the Kumbaya moment didn’t last long. Soon the insults and obscenities and fists began to fly, and police swooped in to make arrests.

Plus, Justin Blake led BLM protesters through the streets, chanting, “If we don’t get it, shut it down.” I assume what they want to “get” are guilty verdicts on the homicide charges. And by “shut it down,” I think they want to make Kenosha burn — again.

So who’s Justin Blake, anyway? He’s the uncle of Jacob Blake, the man whom police shot in Kenosha last year for threatening to stab a police officer. That shooting set off the violence in Kenosha in which Kyle Rittenhouse became embroiled.

So let me get this straight: Rittenhouse shot three men, two of whom died, and one who didn’t but claimed on the witness stand that Rittenhouse “vaporized” his bicep. All three men were white, and had criminal records, to boot. But Black Lives Matter have been protesting because they think a white kid who shot three white men should go to prison forever.

Sounds legit. Or not.

arrests/Kenosha protests

But then again, it’s not really about justice at all, is it? Nor does any of this have to make sense. No, it’s all about the narrative, which says that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white kid who supports Trump and police and therefore he is scum.

So who fanned these flames? Look to the media for your answer.

Bari Weiss, a former New York Times columnist, published a brilliant piece on Substack on Wednesday excoriating the media. The media, she says, pushed so many falsehoods about Kyle Rittenhouse that it’s no wonder that “so many got this story so wrong.” In fact, she writes, even she believed the lies.

“Here is what I thought was true about Kyle Rittenhouse during the last days of August 2020 based on mainstream media accounts: The 17-year-old was a racist vigilante. I thought he drove across state lines, to Kenosha, Wisc., with an illegally acquired semi-automatic rifle to a town to which he had no connection. I thought he went there because he knew there were Black Lives Matter protests and he wanted to start a fight. And I thought that by the end of the evening of August 25, 2020, he had done just that, killing two peaceful protestors and injuring a third.”

“It turns out that account was mostly wrong.”

Despite that fact that media inaccuracies about Rittenhouse have been debunked, CNN reporter Bakari Sellers is still spouting the lies:

“Bakari Sellers still spreading lies #AcrossStateLines 1. His momma did NOT drive him 2. Rittenhouse was NOT the only one to fire shots 3. Rittenhouse did NOT fire the first shot 4. “Protesters” fired MORE shots than Rittenhouse.”

Meanwhile, in the courtroom, confusion increased on Wednesday when the jury asked to rewatch drone footage. The defense team then discovered that the video footage they had received from the prosecution was inferior to the footage the prosecution used; in addition, defense didn’t get the better copy until after the evidence portion of the trial had concluded.

So the defense asked for a “mistrial without prejudice,” meaning that Kyle Rittenhouse could be tried again by prosecutors. However, Judge Bruce Schroeder did not immediately rule upon the request as he had just received it, and he wanted time for comments from the prosecution. Of course, if Rittenhouse is acquitted in the meantime the mistrial issue will be moot.

But if there’s a guilty verdict, then Judge Schroeder will have to review the mistrial request. And if that’s the case, “it’s going to get ugly,” the judge said. There will be more arrests to add to the two made on Wednesday — at the very least. Already there are reports of bricks being piled up in Kenosha, and they’re not for construction, either.

So we wait, and wait, for the verdict. In the meantime, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has activated 500 members of the WI National Guard outside the city of Kenosha. Considering that police already seem to have their hands full controlling the surly mob outside the courthouse, the city will probably be making full use of the Guard should the mob disapprove of the verdicts.

But even with the National Guard on the scene, if Rittenhouse walks then Kenosha will become a redux of Kenosha in August of 2020, and there won’t just be arrests. Buildings will burn once again, business owners will see their life’s work go up in flames, and there may be some dead bodies, too. Only this time the mob won’t be able to blame Kyle Rittenhouse for the carnage.


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Kim is a pint-sized patriot who packs some big contradictions. She is a Baby Boomer who never became a hippie, an active Republican who first registered as a Democrat (okay, it was to help a sorority sister's father in his run for sheriff), and a devout Lutheran who practices yoga. Growing up in small-town Indiana, now living in the Kansas City metro, Kim is a conservative Midwestern gal whose heart is also in the Seattle area, where her eldest daughter, son-in-law, and grandson live. Kim is a working speech pathologist who left school system employment behind to subcontract to an agency, and has never looked back. She describes her conservatism as falling in the mold of Russell Kirk's Ten Conservative Principles. Don't know what they are? Google them!

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  • Cameron says:

    Author Michael Z. Williamson said it best:

    Either way, the next riot goes badly…for them.

    If it’s legal to defend oneself, the next riot ends in 10 minutes.

    If it’s not, then anyone trapped knows the score, and will just kill as many rioters as possible until stopped.

  • GWB says:

    for threatening to stab a police officer
    Arguably, should be “for trying to stab a police officer”. “Threatening” implies he had a knife and was verbally or visually making indications he would use it. He had it in his hand after already fighting with police. (Where they simply should have tased him, IMO. Instead they were afraid of being called ‘racist’ and let him walk away with a knife to where there were children and a vehicle.)

    But Black Lives Matter have been protesting because they think a white kid who shot three white men should go to prison forever.
    Well, actually, they’re protesting because they think they should be safe from free Americans exercising their right to self-defense. How else are they going to scare the proletariat into backing their putsch? Remember that a huge chunk of the rioters that night were white. BLM may have helped instigate the riots, but it was white communists doing most of the work, burning down black businesses. They don’t care if Rittenhouse goes to jail. They simply care that they can continue to act out their infantile rejection of civilization to bring about their dopamine hit and their supposed goal of a communist world.

    “It turns out that account was mostly wrong.”
    Oh, c’mon, Bari, it was COMPLETELY wrong. Unless you’re giving them credit for getting his name and the name of the town correct. She’s still a progressive and can’t bring herself to even admit these were horrible people exploiting a righteous shoot by police to get their jollies from looting and burning.

    and there may be some dead bodies
    The proper response to a rioting mob is to form a skirmish line and fire into the crowd. Until it breaks. Anything less only encourages more. I’m hoping someone will get smart enough to handle it.
    (BTW, I would use beanbag rounds to start. I would only switch to live ammo if that failed to disperse them. But I would switch if it came to it.)

  • Cameron says:

    “They simply care that they can continue to act out their infantile rejection of civilization to bring about their dopamine hit and their supposed goal of a communist world.”

    Best summation of those people I’ve heard in a while. You notice that they never move to countries without white privilege? Plane tickets are cheap and they’d be somewhere they like better.

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