Roundup Time: Woke Power Plays. You WILL Obey

Roundup Time: Woke Power Plays. You WILL Obey

Roundup Time: Woke Power Plays. You WILL Obey

The Left’s constant redefining of what actually constitutes being a Good Woke Apparatchik and Ally to Oppressed Everywhere should clue you in. It isn’t about following the rules, it is about the naked exercise of power.


IOC is erasing Women at the Olympics

Looks like a lot of future Olympic medals in Women’s Sports will be awarded to the East Germans men.

Transgender women should no longer be required to reduce their testosterone levels to compete in the women’s sport category, new International Olympic Committee guidelines have suggested.

The new IOC framework, which replaces its 2015 guidelines, also concludes there should be no presumption that trans women have an automatic advantage over natal women – a controversial view that reverses the IOC’s previous position.

The scientifically established reality that humans are sexually dimorphic now bows to a cult belief that sex is just social construct. The Left used women via feminism to gain power. Women are now disposable.



Meena Harris hates America

Niece to the Vice President Round Heels, Meena wants parents to start abusing teaching CRT at home. Especially if you live in one of those icky school districts who have dared to teach actual American history and not the ravings of racist fabulists like Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Parents need to share narratives with their children that are historically accurate and anti-racist. They need to tell stories that say what politicians are afraid to, and what so many teachers now can’t: that this country was stolen from Indigenous people, founded by white supremacists, and built on the backs of enslaved people — and that racism shapes our society to this day.

One cannot be historically accurate AND woke – as you see, her anti-racist screed is but a mendacious attack on America. And this —

begins by highlighting and celebrating the free lives Africans led before being brought to America

… is so historically silly one again wonders just who at WaPo greenlighted this KKK-esque pleading?

Real reckoning with these anti-Americans can’t come soon enough.



Woke Power has little use for JK Rowling, cuts her from Harry Potter reunion

Left on Left power plays in regards to banishing apostates are certainly instructive. People like Glenn Greenwald, Bari Weiss, Dave Chappelle and others have been on the receiving end of vicious social mobbing and carved out come backs in alternative spaces. JK Rowling, since her remarks in support of women, hasn’t been outright cancelled, as her books are widely popular and the properties makes the suits at Warner Bros lots of filthy lucre. But even the suits will participate in a little stabbing to keep the mob at low simmer.

JK Rowling, who created the Harry Potter character, the universe he inhabits, and whose imagination spawned a publishing and entertainment empire, will be left out of the franchise’s 20th anniversary reunion and special. The actors who made their names, and their careers, off of Rowling’s creativity will be included, however. (snip)

As regards the notable absence from a reunion about the series she created, neither Rowling nor her representatives have given comments, and they stated that they would not be commenting. Warner Bros also declined to comment to the Washington Post when asked.



Power mad DA George Gascon in move to overturn death penalty for all prisoners on death row

In a move of a breathtaking combination of cynicism and fanaticism, Soros’ pet District Attorney, George Gascon, in Los Angeles is colluding with CA AG Rob Bonta to make overturn every single death penalty sentence they can get a hold of.

According to the Criminal Justice League Foundation, on November 5th, Rob Bonta’s office issued several Notices of Withdrawal in AT LEAST four different death penalty cases. Gascon’s office then followed up in court stating that they agree and asked the judge to drop the death sentences and eventually re-sentence the murderers to life without parole sentences.

While only four DP sentences have, so far, had withdrawals from the CA AG’s office, 67 more are in the pipeline. And Gascon’s perfidy doesn’t end with the AG’s office. Give a listen.
Listen to “@JohnandKenShow George Gascon and CA AG Bonta working on eliminating death penalty” on Spreaker.


We don’t blame you if you shrug your shoulders because one-party California has made its own bed. However, Soros’ hasn’t embedded District Attorneys in just California. The Left considers criminals, along with Antifa and BLM, as their own personal, extra-judicial stormtroopers. They want all you good, law-abiding citizens to understand that public spaces belong to them, not you.


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  • Cameron says:

    The bit about Rowling annoys me quite a lot. Certainly she’s one of the FUMPs (Fuck You Money People) so her ostracism is not going to bother her. But the lack of gratitude from WB and the actors whose careers she launched is appalling.

  • GWB says:

    Parents need to share narratives with their children
    We used to call those “fairy tales” and “fables”.

    the free lives Africans led before being brought to America
    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, that is RICH!

    and carved out come backs in alternative spaces
    Glad you didn’t offer up the “red pill” nonsense so many have been, that somehow they’ve been mugged and therefore become ‘conservative’. ‘Cause they ain’t.

    and they stated that they would not be commenting
    I’m betting there’s some very byzantine legal documents involved in why.

    asked the judge to drop the death sentences and eventually re-sentence the murderers to life without parole
    Duh. How are you going to lead your army of black shirt thug AntiFa troops if you don’t have even nastier folks waiting in the wings?
    Soros really needs to … have his ability to influence America stopped.

  • Fyrfighter says:

    In a just world, Soros would be arrested and hung (preferably with piano wire).. That Nazi POS has never done a single thing to benefit humanity, he is a cancer that needs to be cut out (and his devils spawn son as well). He can’t die soon enough, or in a horrible enough way (though scaphism comes to mind), IMHO…

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