AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™: Paladin’s Giving Thanks Heil Hitler Edition

AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™: Paladin’s Giving Thanks Heil Hitler Edition

AMERICAN GOMORRAH ™: Paladin’s Giving Thanks Heil Hitler Edition

Initial take on the Schlub Class Photo of 2018 claimed it was some kind of American Beerhall Putsch at Baraboo. First thing Lads: lay off the Cheetos and Capn’ Crunch.

Althouse determines the real reason boys saluted: the photographer posed them that way, so it’s the shutterbug’s fault. Fine. But if any of you muffin-tops actually aspire to be REAL NAZIS you need to tuck the thumb when you sieg.


No Smiling Monkeyshines (Photo Credit:


Smuggery is not Power (Photo Credit:


Notice the smart, military uniform; notice the eyes of steely resolve, the tucked thumb, inferring deep, territorial penetration. This man is ready for a blitz across Europe Uber Alles. No Cheetos or Capn’ Crunch in the Wehrmacht. It interferes mit der goosen steppen.

You Heil me, bros? Real Nazis Heil Hitler at Fiddler.

Which leaves the curious name of your lovely Wisconsin municipality: Baraboo. Doubtless every Wannabe Nazi in that photo understands “Baraboo” means a disenterred monadnock. Which Every School Boy Knows is An Exposed Knoll.  And not to be confused with Babalu!  despite the onomatopoeia. (Be a Bizzy Bee and look that up).

Etymology is fun. Did you know Weehawken—as in Weehawken, New Jersey —means Cry of the Wild Turkey? Well, it probably doesn’t. Nobody seems to know what Weehawken means, but by all means, spread it around until it catches on. You can say “Weehawken” is a Wild Turkey’s Banzai shout before he engages in moving vehicle violations. Or the criminal antics of these Birds in the Hood.

Here’s a thought: before you sit down this Thursday to America’s truly unifying holiday—whoops, I mean, Genocide Festival—Give Thanks for TWO THINGS. First: Enforced immigration laws. Because if you want to see how unrestricted immigration turns out, just ask the Pequod.

(Photo Credit:

And TWO: Give Thanks that most of us don’t live in California. So while you’re Giving Thanks for that, GIVE SOMETHING BESIDES PRAYER, BECAUSE EVERY LITTLE BIT helps the fire victims.

Be Safe, Safe Travels, Love Your Loved Ones, and even Ones You Don’t Love So Much, and God Bless.

– Paladin


Paladin is an Entertainment/IP Warfare Rōnin and self-identifies as a Y-chromosome Victory Girl

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  • The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the name was the Barry Longyear novel “City of Baraboo.” (The first one in the trilogy was quite enjoyable, then the next two were quite disappointing. YMMV.)

    • Paladin says:

      Oh, the Enemy Mine guy. God, he won every award they got. Never read him. Wonder if he’s gone PC like everyone else …?

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