Victory Girl Nina Bookout has admirably covered the riots in Paris twice. What more to add begins on a personal note.

On Monday, Mrs. Paladin will be staying along Kléber Avenue (pictured above) on a business trip. The restaurant where she and her colleagues often eat has been destroyed. Jonathan Miller in the Spectator:

 “On the Avenue Kléber, one of the toniest streets in Paris and heart of the district where Macron will have been expecting to resettle his beloved bankers, fleeing London like the sans culottes, every bank has been attacked, every shop window broken, upscale apartments have been attacked and every Porsche and Mercedes within blocks set on fire. Invest in France?”

Fou! Absurdité!

Mais Zut Alors! Regardless of the dodgy lodgings, there’s always another bistro in Gay Paree. Madame Paladin will not go hungry.

Whether this Saturday’s Weekend Revolt of the Yeomanry Français will occur is anyone’s guess. But Le President Oeuf Head is taking no chances, sending out  65,000 security troops.

Make that 89,000.

Whether this imbecilic “intello,” Le President Oeuf Head will see the end of 2018 is ultimately irrelevant. The inconveniences facing this socialist state tower over the riots. “The operators of landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre and Orsay museums said they would be closed, along with operas, theatres and libraries.” Fine, she’s not due till Monday.

Not a moment too late, the French MP’s gather their skirts and leap into the fray launching a No Confidence vote amid nationwide anger. Quelle Surprise.

We reached heights of gallic Absurdité when the odd practice of Dwarf Tossing morphs into  Compact Car Tossing. The burning car impaled on a large forklift crane/loader and jammed into a tollbooth bay. Sort of like storming the tumbrels before they reach the guillotine:

Photo Credit: Bing

So what  happens when you call for a French ambulance and no one comes? In a triumph of Irony over Common Sense, students of the  Saint-Exupery high school near Toulouse set their École on fire. What would Le Petit Prince think of this?

Photo Credit: Bing

Maybe he’d understand. But would he sympathize? “All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.” Alas, that won’t include the students of Saint-Exupery tasting the ashes of their own rite of passage.

If a man’s infantile acts are any measure, Paladin suggests adults never really forget they are children.

In the grand overview peut-être, the remarkable Arc de Triomphe should now be named Arc de L’ Échec: Arc of Failure.

Photo Credit: Bing

Can Macron’s Comité d’Oeuf Têtes (and grave-looking security personnel/sûreté, clearly the only serious government functionaries in France) buy off the middle class rebellion against his green gobblin’ policies?

Photo Credit: Bing

Paladin is doubtful.

The main difference between the French Socialist Government and the Venezuelan Thug Government is that Macron is not fully prepared to murder his own people. Yet.

Blame French Fromage. As Charles de Gaulle explained:

“How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”

Photo Credit: Bing

Voila! Impossible!  (Pronounced with a Faux French Accent.) Ahm-poe-seeee-bleh.

Paladin rests his case.


Photo Credit: Bing (Courtesy Emantic Bradford Sr/AP)

Just gets worse with the usual suspects appearing, as BLM gloms onto a real tragedy. But these days nobody seems to care. The Emantic Case appears to be both a crime AND a coverup, as Hoover PD won’t release info. The ugly wages of BLM—it’s what happens when you cry wolf over and over; suddenly you’re all alone when the wolf finally shows up. But at least in this case the prosecutor has also shown up, demanding crime scene evidence.

As promised, another two EZ Glossary entries for Paladin’s Pallyprose:

The ever-worthy Roger Simon suggests we need a new word for Extreme Hypocrisy. Paladin employ’s Tolkien’s Wormtongue:

Photo Credit: Bing

Many are called, and many fit the name; nominate your own. Below, two Wormtongues whisper to each other:

Photo Credit: Bing

Obergruppenführer: A Senior Group Leader of the Waffen SS:

Photo Credit: Amazon for Blackwell Publishers (First edition; March 1, 1990)

As in the Swamp of DC where a local Obergruppenführer, Peter Strzok, Insurance Agent and Federal Casanova, reassures his lover:

PAGE: “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!”

STRZOK: “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.”


“ . . . there’s no way he gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” Strzok texted on Aug. 15, 2016. “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

Jawol, Mein Obergruppenführer!

Lastly, a little Red Meat with Your Gristle: Our Revolution’s Logic.

And a final thought to noodle . . . THERE ARE NO SILLY QUESTIONS, ONLY SILLY ANSWERS.

Paladin will be Missing in Action next week, working on a Christmas Special, full of Mercy, Joy, Prudence and Plum Pudding. All the qualities he lacks. The world will just have to take care of itself.



Paladin is an Entertainment/IP Warfare Rōnin and self-identifies as a Y-chromosome Victory Girl.
Feature Image Credit: The Guardian


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