Amber Cornwell: We Do Weep For You

Amber Cornwell: We Do Weep For You

The Christmas season is a time of laughter, joy, family, silliness, and the creation of treasured memories. Sadly this was not the case for Amber Cornwell.


Tragically, this beautiful 16-year-old girl committed suicide on just before Christmas. Why would a vibrant young lady, who was just out on a date the night before, commit suicide? The answer is: BULLYING. Her parents, Kim and Alan, provided some insight when speaking to ABC’s WLOS 13:

Kim tells us Amber’s been targeted since the sixth grade.

“The boys like her and the girls hate her, and that’s not fair and I don’t want another child to die because of name calling,” she explains. “All the time, it was always something. We thought it had calmed down.”

“Young Americans y’all got a step and put a stop to it,” Amber’s dad Alan’s says.

“But this bullying has gotta stop,” Kim says with tears streaming down her face. “Look what it’s doing to families, look at my face, look what it’s doing to me.”

Amber’s parents, reeling amid the devastating loss of their daughter make a very VERY important point. This bullying and the acceleration of bullying has to stop. But how? How do you stop people from bullying? How do you empower those being bullied to stand up to a bully or even report the bullying without fear of reprisal? How does one being bullied get the strength and courage to let his/her friends and family know, and have faith that something will be done to stop this. No young person should ever be told that they are less, that they have no future, that they are nothing. So what resources are available? Where can they go and feel that it is Safe2Tell?

I know of one such organization. It is based here in Colorado, but has helped many around the country and even internationally. This organization, of which I was privileged to be part of several years ago, is a resource for children and teens who are being bullied. It is a resource for teachers, parents, and law enforcement desiring to help those who are being bullied and to stop the bullying. In fact, for those bullied who fear reprisal, Safe2Tell is designed specifically to make calls or emails reporting bullying completely anonymous. Safe2Tell helps to empower those who are bullied with the strength to tell. As the organization eloquently states:

Telling is when you need to keep yourself or someone you know safe from threats, harmful behaviors or dangerous situations.

Still not sure if you should use Safe2Tell? If you don’t, who will?
We need your help to improve your school and community. By calling, you can help stop a friend from committing suicide, get another student off drugs, or stop a bully from making other people miserable.

Perhaps Amber and her family tried to let the school know about all the bullying; especially since some of it had been happening since her 6th grade year. Perhaps, the tools the school administration and the adults had at the time weren’t strong enough to stop the bullies from continuing to use any method they could to target Amber. We may never know. What we do know is that the bullying was so bad, that Amber’s last post reflects her despair. According to Paul Farrell at Heavy:

On her now-deleted Facebook page, Amber left a chilling status update as her final message, Kim Cornwell says, “She put something on Facebook, that said if I die tonight, would anyone cry? I want her to know, yeah I’m crying. My heart is broken.”

It is beyond tragic that Amber will never know of the devastation her act of despair has wrought. It is even more tragic that she will never know of any good that will result from the bullying she endured being made public. Amber, you eloquently asked if anyone would cry after your death.

Amber, we weep for you, for your parents, and we weep for the despair you must’ve felt. We pray that you are at peace, we pray for your family, and we too pray that any child or teen out there who is bullied will find strength, will learn from this tragedy and most importantly, will reach out to get and receive the help they need.

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  • Our culture is really circling the drain…what has happened: kids don’t respect parents, teachers, the police, people in charge, each other?! Whether it’s the Liberommunists’ social experiments in our school systems, the PC crapola, the disrespect of our elected critters for the electors/tax payers, Hollyweird, whatever, we are seeing major breakdowns in civilization.

    Because I’m a war baby (1944), not a boom baby, I wasn’t really into the hippie revolution….it looked like a lot of hedonistic, self destructive behavior that most certainly hurt others. Those same narcissistic personalities are now running the country. Communism is A-OK, Socialism will “save” us, and a “religion” that smacks of fascism & theocracy is not to be blamed for the evil that its proponents commit…we forget that Muslims got along famously with Hitler & his Nazis. The world has turned upside down and bassackwards across the board.

    Bullying, when I was in school was punished, not allowed when my daughters were in school, but my granddaughter was mocked because she has a weight problem….in my time, you REALLY had to be weird to get “made fun of”. My husband’s father died when he was 8, his grandfather owned the largest John Deere dealership in the dairy country of southern Wisconsin, when someone made fun of my husband in jr. high because he wore glasses, he slammed the punk against the lockers–and he was tall, but very skinny–he never had another problem. And, he didn’t get suspended, it was kept within the group, I doubt that the school was even aware of the incident.

    I don’t know why these young people are committing suicide…are they more sensitive and easily offended than we were, or has this mocking become so vicious that it cannot be withstood, or are our schools, teachers and administrators just ignoring or covering things up. Does the cyber age with Twitter & Facebook have a strong connection with it?!

    I don’t know, but, not addressing it head-on is very cowardly of those with the power and responsibility to stop it.

    Sorry for the length of my rant…..

    • Matt says:

      You’re a douche for trying to make this political. It isn’t. Bullies aren’t in to politics.

      • Brad says:

        Matt, Your language makes me sure you are a progressive. The lessening of morals is directly due to the progressive movement. I am not sure the religion of progressives can see the connection, but it is there.

    • Nina says:

      Penny, its an incredibly tough issue. I think every person has memories of times they were bullied. I certainly do. Many are able to move past it and go on to live rich full lives. But some, like Amber, just can’t.

      Your question about the cyber age …the answer is yes. Cyber bullying is playing an increasing role in the escalation of how hideous the bullying can get.

      So now, rather than face to face name calling, physical altercations in the school hallways, and note passing… there are a multitude of layers to bullying. And it makes it that much harder to bring it to a halt.

      Shining a continual light on the problem is one of many ways to help. Organizations such as Safe2Tell is another. It will be and is an on-going process…for everyone.

  • OC says:

    Rest in peace Amber.
    I cried for you.
    May her family find peace.


  • GWB says:

    Perhaps, the tools the school administration and the adults had at the time weren’t strong enough to stop the bullies from continuing to use any method they could to target Amber.

    Perhaps because the tools that were effective are no longer allowed: whooping the bullies backsides, and letting a good kid give them a beatdown occasionally. When you won’t allow a kid to actually face real pain for their miscreant behavior, guess what? That behavior continues! When you punish a kid for beating the crap out of his tormentor, he learns that it’s better to simply hunker down and hope – beyond hope – that a teacher just might notice and stop the bullying.

    One other bit, though. The self-esteem movement, by making self-esteem the journey instead of the end-product has hollowed out the very essence of what allows kids to resist bullies: self-esteem. I was bullied. I was beat up. I was pushed to the point of very dark despair. But I also held on because I knew I was better than them. I didn’t think “we’re all special snowflakes and they’re just as good as me”. No, I knew I was better than them!
    I was better than them for lots of reasons (one of which was inspired by none other than Cyrano deBergerac – I could out-class them in insults), but I also knew that any time they wanted to change who they were, they could become just as good, or even better than me. It wasn’t about me being in a special class of people, but my behavior made me better.
    If you don’t allow for that attitude, then the bullied have no refuge. They have nothing to turn to when despair sets in. There is no lifeline to cling to until the storm passes. And it will pass. But you must weather it and not drown in the midst of it.

  • scallywag says:

    Did school bullying lead to a 16 year old girl taking her own life? Is the school complicit in her death? Why has the school declined to issue a public comment?

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