Amanda Marcotte Troll Nation It takes one to know one

Amanda Marcotte Troll Nation It takes one to know one

Amanda Marcotte Troll Nation It takes one to know one

Amanda Marcotte who came to fame as John Edward’s webmistress wrote a book called Troll Nation. There is a truckload of irony in that name used by that writer.

Marcotte is a real sweetheart. An evangelical born again fundamentalist atheist. And ironically the wannabe leader of an army of trolls. Her salon article is here self promoting her book. Yes I said self promoting. The book is out Tuesday and if it is as unhinged and nasty as her article, I think this is a no brainer of a pass. The denial of how crappy Hillary’s campaign was is amusing as all get out. Honey I live in the evil Midwest and your candidate showed up once. Her ground game was crap as well.

A number of theories were floated, including claims that white working class America was reacting to poor economic circum­stances, even though the economy was far more stable than it had been when Barack Obama won in 2008 and job numbers were largely looking good. Some imagined it must have had something to do with Clinton herself, that she had somehow run a uniquely terrible campaign and was solely to blame for the loss. But the evidence for this is lean on the ground.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Here is a video breaking down the obvious. Marcotte would be huddled sobbing in an incoherent mess. This is the evidence like Hillary’s server that the alt-Left is afraid to see.

But I am a pro-life person of faith so anything I say or Bethany Mandel says or anyone with a personal belief in a deity says is not allowed in Marcotte’s world. And her delusions continue to my horror and amusement.

To be clear, neither Yiannopoulos nor the modern right writ large invented this idea of trolling the left as a political ideology onto itself. Plenty of right wing personalities laid the pathway for the idea that messing with liberals is a reasonable substitute for having a coherent political philosophy. Rush Limbaugh, for instance, has maintained a multi-decade career as a radio talk show host by focusing his show primarily on the subject of the alleged evils of liberals and why listeners should hate these omi­nous creatures.

But after decades of that kind of propaganda, trolling liberals is no longer considered just a fun sport, but the ultimate purpose of conservative politics. The idea of making a positive argument in favor of conservative values has atrophied, leaving only the desire to troll in its place.

Positivity is not your thing toots.

Gee that is tolerant and inclusive isn’t it? Her logic kind of is defeated by reality. The Khmer Rouge for example were atheists like the Bolsheviks starving the Ukraine and the Red Guards in China killing and destroying in the name of communism. Praying for her. Because this is a miserable way to live. And her publicity for her book is….. trolling.

So instead of “read my awesome book and tell a friend,” find stuff that does not fall into your narrow world view and seek to destroy? Gee that sounds a lot like trolling by the “woke.” Bless her heart. So much for pro-choice and pro-woman. This becomes even more fun when you look at her behavior before 2014. Like say 2007 when her blogs were too much for John Edwards and she “quit before being fired.” ABC news reminds us here.

Amanda Marcotte was described in 2015 by the Daily Caller as the David Duke of Feminism here. The rant is harsh but sadly accurate. Amanda had a hissy fit about Feminists for Life in 2017.

And as the saying goes, what makes her different than the 4Chan trolls? Anyone? Because I cannot tell the difference. Other than a 4Chan troll might be funny.

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  • CaptDMO says:

    The only claim to fame as Mr. Edwards “blog master” was the astonishingly short amount of time before she, and (Ms. Valenti IIRC) were asked to leave.
    Caustic “feminism, and toxic misandry for average-to-exceptional males, is what got her that “See! I’m WOKE!” “communications” gig for the hopeless also-ran.

    • Gail Boer says:

      Perfect description. Everything this silly thing describes is what she and her buddies do with a frothing insanity.

  • GWB says:

    But the evidence for this is lean on the ground.
    So was Hillary’s presence, toots! (Good word choice, Gail!)

    I honestly didn’t even know she was still around. I’m not sure I should thank you for reminding me.

  • Blackgriffin says:

    I don’t care for this woman, but in this instance, she’s right.

    • Gail Boer says:

      She lost me at “no evidence Hillary ran a piss poor campaign.”. I live in Michigan and Hillary had no ground game. None. Trump at least gave the illusion he cared.

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