Tis The Season For Dumping On Christmas

Tis The Season For Dumping On Christmas

Tis The Season For Dumping On Christmas

I would say Scrooge has a lot of company each time the calendar rolls into December. But Scrooge was redeemed – contemporary Leftists, not so much.

You’re allowed to be single, sad, or shoeless on Christmas, but God forbid you’re a hater. As someone who dreads this holiday, I know this to be true. (snip)

The anti-Christmas contingent is anything but derivative, and yet we’re treated as such because admitting to disliking this holiday—in all of its pomp and capitalistic circumstance—is silly, strange, and frankly, un-American. And rather than allow us to hate in peace, we’re reduced to a mawkish origin story.

Oh please, won’t someone think of Audra and the horrible, crushing burden she carries of other people trying to figure out her public denunciation of Christmas? You are supposed to leave her alone while she whines quite loudly to one and all.

What does she hate? The usual litany of too capitalistic to trying to drag in a token Jewish person who feels it intrudes on her raising a Jewish child.

“I mean, I hate Christmas,” Dr. Sarah Gundle confided less than two minutes into our phone interview. (snip) For her, it’s personal: Gundle is a Jewish woman doing her best to co-parent a child with a man who isn’t. Under her roof, the daughter she shares with her ex celebrates Hanukkah. Under his, well, it’s full-throttle to the North Pole.

Hmmmm… it is the holiday Gundle hates or her ex? Because, regardless of this Jewish individual, there are Jews who have no problem with neighbors and co-workers celebrating a holiday that is not one of theirs.

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, in an area where most residents were either Italian or Jewish. So many homes had Christmas decorations that you could almost be sure that if the home wasn’t decorated, a Jewish family lived in it. And while I was — and remain — a committed Jew, I loved — and still love — those decorated homes. It makes December special.

But for Left-feminist Audra, that specialness makes things worse. That specialness creates … drum roll expectations … and heaven forbid one’s own personal expectations are not met 100% (and that’s leaving aside the question of whether such expectation is reasonable).

The truth is, I dislike it because I find the vast and varied stress it places on people—not just me—profoundly bothersome. I dislike it because I’m genuinely, infuriatingly empathetic and wish I had the time, energy, and money to help those who have it “worse.”

Of course, it’s not her, you know. It’s all those other people she’s so empathetic about. She hates Christmas because she sees how much “they” suffer.


See the background picture of the featured image? That was taken in the lobby of the hotel my husband and I stayed at in Osaka, Japan in November of 2016. For three weeks we traveled via our Japan Rail pass – Tokyo>Nagoya>Takayama>Kanazawa>Yamanakaonsen>Kyoto>Osaka – and everywhere we went was decorated for Christmas. Lights on tree-lined streets, Christmas trees & deco & Christmas music in the train stations and malls. The nation is only about 1% Christian, but they’ve embraced the specialness of the Christmas spirit to make merry the closing two months of the year.

Christmas in Japan
Tokyo Nov. 2016 photo courtesy of Darleen Click

American Leftists are some the most miserable people around, and it’s never more than when any American or Christian holiday approaches. Fourth of July? RHEEEE!! Thanksgiving? RHEEE RHEEE!!!!!!

Of all the films of Dickens’ Christmas Carol, the 1951 version with Alastair Sim remains my favorite. The sheer joy as Scrooge wakes up to find he is still alive now with the opportunity to change his life is a joy to watch (cued to the ending – just hit play):

Audra and the countless other radical-left secularists out to suck all the color and joy out of life don’t, or don’t want to, get it. Scrooge isn’t redeemed in order to fulfill expectations. He is acting from another, more profound foundation.


featured image composite by Darleen Click

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  • Cameron says:

    October-December are “I hate everything normal” season for these yappy little Chihuahuas. And they really think that they are somehow unique and wonderful for bashing on the holidays.

  • American Human says:

    Scrooge is a wonderful story because, he really did change. Timeless.

    Christianity is such a mystery to some people. But, it really is such a simple thing to believe in Christ and to love him.

    A wise man said that If you are in the service of your fellow man, then you are in the service of God.

    • GWB says:

      Just be careful to not think that you can be in service to your fellow man on your own account and still be in service to God.
      Read the parable of the sheep and goats to realize the sheep are surprised because they were doing what God desired because He desired them to love their neighbor, but never thought they encountered Jesus directly, while the goats were doing precisely what God commanded without any thought of love given to their neighbors and wondered where Christ had hidden Himself so that they couldn’t see Him and tend immediately to His needs. It’s a story of where the heart is – on God or on oneself.

  • GWB says:

    rather than allow us to hate in peace
    But you don’t want to hate it in peace, you want to insist we must all stop our happiness and joy. Witness this article….

    Gundle is a Jewish woman doing her best to co-parent a child with a man who isn’t.
    IOW, she wants to be Jewish (culturally) while not really caring enough about it to marry a fellow Jew. She wants to hold onto special traditions that make her feel warm and fuzzy and connected to her childhood, but doesn’t want to hold fast to them if they mean she should limit her fleshly desires. It’s a common failing of Jews since before they were Jews (back when there other Israelites). (Note, it’s also a common failing of Christians. That’s not Jew-bashing.)

    those decorated homes. It makes December special.
    And here is where I will drop my stink bomb. Maybe not those folks, but so very many people decorating for “Christmas” are NOT actually decorating for Christmas. The move of a religious holiday to a cultural holiday hurts its value as a religious holiday. (There’s room for a dissertation on how the mingling of pagan rituals with “saints” to co-opt said pagans into Roman Catholicism lead inexorably to the prevalence of the pagan over the Christian.)

    they’ve embraced the specialness of the Christmas spirit to make merry the closing two months of the year
    IOW, they’re wearing the skin suit. But they’re NOT celebrating Christmas.

    Audra and the countless other radical-left secularists out to suck all the color and joy out of life don’t, or don’t want to, get it.
    And I would just as soon they suck the joy out of Progressive “Christmas”. And the Progressive “Christmas” is one all about peace and happiness and putting out bright lights. And NOTHING about why there is even a desire for peace or a reason for happiness in the midst of the misery of our world or why bright lights in the midst of nature’s darkness.

    Progressivism always throws out the Christian reason for why we have nice things in Western Civilization, yet wants to keep the nice things. But, without the reason, there’s nothing to under-gird the nice things. Christmas IS nothing more than commercialism and a bunch of unfounded feel good sentiments bundled up in a warm coat and mittens, smelling of cinnamon and nutmeg, once you take Jesus out of it. Audra is joyless because she has no reason for joy. And I will bet (though I don’t know, and don’t want this to be taken as rejection of any attempt to evangelize her) she has rejected the reason for joy because He would ask her to give up too many of her favorite things.

    Don’t let these folks suck your joy away if you are committed to the reason for the season: the incarnation of God in the person of Jesus the Christ. If you don’t know the reason for the season, then seek it out. If you reject it or don’t care about it, then let the season alone and go about your business – because you have no reason to celebrate, unfortunately.

    (BTW, A Christmas Carol is a fairly Progressive story about Christmas. It’s all about charity and feelings and giving the poor workers a day off. Nowhere in the story is the Christ-child given His due. And, yet, I still love the story because it does speak to redemption. And George C Scott is the best Scrooge. Fight me.)

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