Alyssa Milano Takes to Podcasting To Advocate For Abortion

Alyssa Milano Takes to Podcasting To Advocate For Abortion

Alyssa Milano Takes to Podcasting To Advocate For Abortion

Alyssa Milano is not going quietly into the sunset. Much to the chagrin of many, Milano is taking her career to the podcasting arena with a program entitled “Sorry Not Sorry”.

Milano’s first political discussion: abortion. And she wants stories from “inspirational women” on this topic:

And, Milano got what she deserved in the responses:

The podcast itself has been in the works for several months now. The weekly podcast will be available for free on Apple Podcasts and feature guest appearances by Joe Biden (maybe he’ll sniff her hair), Congresswoman Jayapal and Stacey Abrahams.

“I’m not sorry for using my voice. I’m not sorry for making people uncomfortable while being the voice for those who have been silenced.”-Alyssa Milano

Like babies who can’t defend themselves?

But, bodily autonomy. This from the woman who likens the red MAGA hat to the “new white hood”.

Milano, who is filming in Atlanta, urged Georgia governor, Brian Kemp, to veto the “heartbeat bill” over the past few weeks. Actually, it wasn’t urging or persuading. It was more like making the demands of an entitled Hollywood (has been) starlet. The “help” is outside, she says:

And yes, Alyssa, I called you a “has-been” starlet…

I guess she told us off. Follow the thread above for all of the projects Alyssa has been involved in as of late. She really wants her critics to know how busy she’s been. More irony for you? She’s also writing children’s books:

“Hope”, is the title of the series of children’s stories peddled by Milano and Scholastic. The series is designed to encourage children to “have a voice”. Seems as if Alyssa Milano cannot make up her mind or is just spreading herself around enough to capitalize in multiple ventures. Which is it going to be, Alyssa? Are you looking for “inspirational” stories from women about their abortions for your podcast or do you want to inspire future generations? Because, you cannot have it both ways when you look to stifle a heartbeat at 9 months. There is no Hope in an act so vile.

Alyssa Milano is either a shameless self-promoter looking for attention and publicity wherever she can grab it or dense beyond belief. Or perhaps she is a combination of both. Bodily autonomy. Shining a light on the darkness that is abortion. This is the work of a hateful shrew. Sorry, not sorry.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Milano Twitter Feed/cropped and modified.

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  • Mc says:

    I’ve watched Alyssa in “Project Runway Allstars,” and I’m always amazed that she dresses so frumpily. It’s a fashion show, for Pete’s sake, and yet she always looks fat and frumpy. She wears things that are so clearly wrong for her body type. Maybe they don’t pay her enough to have a stylist. Or maybe the folks she works with are afraid to tell her how horrible she looks. And it’s just about every episode.

  • Jim says:

    ”I’m writing a children’s book series …”

    An aspiring author needs living children for a series of books to be of use. Killing off part of the potential ”market” seems counterproductive.

    I cannot seem to find Feminazis who will explain why a foetus with a beating heart isn’t a living human and also what the rights of the Father are in all this or are [real] males just useful sperm-donors?

  • Scott says:

    I can’t understand how any “mother” can have an abortion, and look her kids in the eye, and lie about loving them.. what she really should be telling them is “be damn glad you came along at a time I felt was convenient for me, because if not, I’d have happily killed you to keep my life humming along..”

    BTW, she’s a skank!

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