Alfie Evans Dies, This Will Happen Again [VIDEO]

Alfie Evans Dies, This Will Happen Again [VIDEO]

Alfie Evans Dies, This Will Happen Again [VIDEO]

Alfie Evans has lost his fight for life, his parents have lost their son, and we have all lost a bit of our souls watching this horror unfold.

This little boy with a will to live survived for four days after being taken off life support, and his parents were condemned to watch their baby be starved to death – quite legally – by “Great” Britain’s National Health Service.
And don’t you dare question the wisdom of the almighty NHS – they know what is best.

Forcing 23 month-old Alfie Evans to die by starvation “is not killing,” Dr. Ranj Singh argued on U.K.’s “This Morning” ITV program Friday, Express reports.

Withdrawing life-support and refusing to allow Alfie’s parents to take him home, feed and care for him, is, instead merely “redirecting care,” Dr. Singh said:

“This is not the killing of a child – this is redirecting care to make them more comfortable.”

In Alfie’s case, redirecting care to make him “more comfortable” means denying him food, water and life support. Dr. Singh doubled down on his claim, framing the withdrawal of life support as a way to make patients more comfortable and give them “the most dignifying life”:

“Withdrawing life support is not killing someone. It is redirecting care to make them more comfortable and give them the most dignifying life that you can.”

That is a load of absolute bullshit.

And remember, every breath Alfie took on his own to live was a slap in the face of the “experts.”

But the human body cannot survive on air alone, and so Alfie died last night, broken by the will of the state who said his young parents were too “emotional” to make the “logical” choice to just let him wither away and die, and stop wasting the time and efforts of the hospital staff, the NHS, and the courts.

If you ever wondered how educated doctors and medical professionals were ever convinced to think of other human beings as “less than” or “untermenschen” that had no right to life because they were a burden on the state, look no further than Dr. Singh’s attempt to explain withholding food and water from Alfie to let him die as “redirecting care.”

To the subjects of “Great” Britain: your children belong to the state. If the NHS determines that your child is not worth their efforts to save, they will be ordered to die. And as we have seen in the cases of Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans, the wishes of the parents are meaningless when the state controls the healthcare.

To the American people: You think this can’t happen here? Yes, it can. The fact that the cases of Haleigh Poutre and Jahi McMath and even Justina Pelletier have not resulted in death or the stripping of parental custody is because the American court system still gives the parents the ultimate say in their child’s care, so long as the child is not being harmed. But that day is coming, if the drumbeat for single-payer socialized healthcare continues.

When the state is given the power of choosing who lives and who dies, we are all in danger of being seen as expendable to the state.

No king or queen should have that power.

No president or politician should have that power.

No government on earth should have that power.

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  • Kim Quade says:

    Most likely poor little Alfie would’ve passed away eventually, even if he had been able to travel to Italy for treatment. If his condition was as progressive as it appears to have been (even though he was never actually diagnosed), at some point his little system would’ve completely shut down. Brain cells just don’t regenerate.

    But so what? Why couldn’t his parents have had the chance to say goodbye to him in a more loving environment? The worst thing in the world is to lose a child, but in such a cruel, heartless manner.

    But I really believe that the upper crust Brits who declared his fate weren’t about to be swayed by a couple of young, working class kids, were they?

    • GWB says:

      Yes, he would have eventually died. In that, the doctors were correct.
      But you shouldn’t starve/dehydrate anyone to hasten that fate. That’s what has bugged me about this.
      Well, that and the absolute horror of telling this family they can’t take care of their own child.

      I also read this morning that the UK has taken away a 1yo from a couple, evidently just because the couple is at retirement age (the baby was conceive with IVF and carried to term by a surrogate). The state claims there were areas the couple was not handling properly as parents, but no one has said what those areas are.

      Quite simply, it’s the state in the place of God. Trust me, folks, when I say that’s not going to go well for you.

  • Yes, this was a class thing. Won’t *ever* happen to, say, any member of the Royals.

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