Alexandria’s Stupid Word Salad With Reagan Dressing

Alexandria’s Stupid Word Salad With Reagan Dressing

Alexandria’s Stupid Word Salad With Reagan Dressing

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave a rambling dissertation on stuff at Austin’s SXSW this afternoon. In just one hour she dumped multitudes of head scratchers on us all. There were several notable WTH did she just say??!! moments throughout, including calling Ronald Reagan a racist.

Here’s the relevant clip.

I probably should’ve warned y’all about the possible concussions from head meets desk moment. Sorry?

But yes, she went there. Because you know, calling out those who have, for generations, taken advantage of the welfare system is somehow bad. But I guess that’s the old supposedly racist style that Reagan had. Her historical ignorance regarding Reagan is stupendously dumbfounding.

Here’s just one of the many things that Reagan had to say about welfare.

“As Reagan himself later put it, “People were tired of wasteful government programs and welfare chisellers; and they were angry about the constant spiral of taxes and government regulations, arrogant bureaucrats, and public officials who thought all of mankind’s problems could be solved by throwing the taxpayers’ dollars at them.”
“We see today a second generation, and even a third generation of citizens, growing up, marrying, having children, accepting public welfare for three generations as a way of life. The 11th century Hebrew physician and philosopher, Maimonides, said there are eight steps in helping the needy. The lowest of these is the handout; the highest is to teach them to help themselves.””

You can teach people to find their own bootstraps and hoist themselves up without enabling them. Government has ALWAYS enabled when it comes to welfare and jobs.

Well, that’s not all that she said. Oh no. There’s more. LOTS more.

It seems that America is kind of a garbage pit and moderate is not a stance it’s an attitude towards life.

For those who want to run for Congress, you can fix everything by building new systems!

In regards to human dignity, she informs us that if we are alive then we have a right to human dignity. Planned Parenthood is cheering at this.

Can someone please tell me what the hell a golden gate of retreat is?

If you weren’t watching or listening closely, you’d also miss the part where she said that automation will save us all. In fact it will be much more dignified than actual labor is. This guy probably couldn’t change a tire, fix a stopped up toilet, or clean his own house.

While you are trying to process that, it wasn’t just Reagan that she slammed. Nope. She went after FDR as well!

“Ocasio-Cortez, 29, berated the New Deal, Franklin Roosevelt’s massive public works program worshiped by Democrats, as ‘an exercise in racism,’ arguing it made life and home loans easier for whites but left African Americans and Latinos behind.

She pivoted to her Green New Deal, which she claims would focused on those in need first.

‘We fix the pipes in Flint first. We fix the electrical grid in Puerto Rico first. And we fully fund the pensions of coal miners in West Virginia,’ she said to applause.”

First of all, just as Ilhan did with Obama, going after FDR is an incredibly risky move. Secondly, I’m sure the coal miners in West Virginia are thrilled to have her in their corner since her Green New Deal plans to dump coal mining altogether. Third, there isn’t a Democrat alive that doesn’t love him/her public works programs because that’s all the government is!

Secondly, she actually stated that it’s the private sector we should be afraid of!

Bill Nye the Science Idiot actually asked her a question. No, he didn’t ask about the Green New Deal. Instead he asked her about how to dismantle the fear everyone has about climate change.

Well, isn’t that cute? But what the hell was that in her answer?

Did you follow that word salad? I couldn’t without making my brain hurt more.

Finally, AOC slammed capitalism as unsustainable. Guess what? It was capitalism that brought SXSW into being and capitalism that keeps it going. You see, if the festival doesn’t make a profit, then festival goes away.

Sad thing is, too many in that audience and on social media bought her word salad hook, line, and sinker.

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  • Jim says:

    The main [western] capitalist countries are still operating while the list of failed socialist states continues to grow: including USSR and vassal states, DDR, Rumania, Italy and Germany under their dictators, North Korea and now Venezuela. So which type of government works best – not perfectly – but best for most citizens, especially those who see that work is part of life and seek to improve the society in which they are members?

  • CaptDMO says:

    How do I discriminate between “an interview”, and a pre-scripted dialogue?
    Where exactly ARE the automated factories to produce the water wheels , that will power those automated manufacturing plants, that will SAVE us ALL from working to secure shelter, food, heat, water?
    How WILL all that plastic in landfills, and garbage island, get to those plants for re-purposing into water wheels, windmill vanes, and solar panel enclosures?
    I’ve heard that human draft animals propelling Ho Chi Minh Trail bicycles, with a stick tied to the handlebars, makes for a PERFECT unskilled labor, ESL, “occupation” venture. Even suitable for all hat-no cattle, former economic rent-seekers! And make no mistake, tasseled loafers and scripted dialogue interb=views aside,
    FREE wellness, food, shelter, water,heat, transportation, entertainment, malingerers are economic rent-seekers in the magic dirt.
    Of course, I could be wrong.
    Gosh, I sure hope it isn’t deemed HATE(hyphen)SPEAK, that offends ALL of the strong, independent, educated, articulate , emancipated, finest designers,tailors, and weavers in the world, to shout- YOU IDIOT! THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES ON!

    • GWB says:

      FREE wellness, food, shelter, water,heat, transportation, entertainment
      Well, a lot of that is already free. Plenty of grass to eat in public parks. There are caves (and palm fronds if you live somewhere warm – which are more available with Global Warming!). Plenty of free water – just please remember to poop downstream of where you drink. For transportation you have 2 feet. For heat you’ll have to learn to run sticks together.

      Entertainment? Don’t know about you, but *I* will be plenty entertained……. 🙂

  • George V says:

    On Cortez’s comments on Ronald Reagan: I am sure a significant number of heads were nodding in agreement. Reagan was a Republican, all Republicans are racist, therefore Reagan was a racist. Their logic is impeccable. The left always rewrites history, and here you see it in action. Dems hate anything and anyone that produced successful outcomes from conservative policies.
    On her word salad: Many years ago there was a computer program floating about called “Foggy”. It produced meaningless gobbledy-gook that actually sounded like the typical boilerplate paragraphs found in proposals, gov’t documents, and other writings produced by large organizations who wanted to sound important. Sadly, you could show the output to some people who would actually make comments indicating they understood it, or liked it, or whatever, when it didn’t actually say anything of substance – it was just buzzwords strung together randomly in sentences. So, Cortez can spout utter nonsense – buzzwords strung together randomly – and be perceived as wise by a large percentage of the voting population.

    America as kind of a garbage pit? Well, actually I think parts of it are getting there. And it’s becoming more that way due to progressive Democrat policies. Sadly, due to demographics in this country, I do not see it changing.

    • GWB says:

      Well, actually I think parts of it are getting there.
      This would be a good place to insert that graphic Instapundit likes to use showing the crappy cities and the last time they had a Republican mayor or council.

  • Scott says:

    “America as kind of a garbage pit? Well, actually I think parts of it are getting there. And it’s becoming more that way due to progressive Democrat policies. Sadly, due to demographics in this country, I do not see it changing.”

    I agree, she’s sadly not completely wrong on this comment, though she fails to recognize that the parts of America that fit her description are those that have been lorded over by D-Rats for decades, and have been havens for untold levels of immigration from third world shitholes…and these immigrants bring that shit with them, and try their best to recreate the shitholes they came from.. and then they vote for the same kind of “leaders” they had in those shitholes.. (Yes Ilhan I’m looking at you)

  • GWB says:

    golden gate of retreat
    I’m going to guess someone derived it from Sun Tzu’s maxim of never backing your enemy into a situation from which they can’t retreat, because they’ll fight to their last breath if the only option is annihilation.
    But, that could be wrong.

    automation will save us all
    This is a trope from way back. We will all finally have the leisure to evolve into fully enlightened beings, of whatever form you believe. Star Trek, Asimov, Bradbury, all the greats touched on it at some point.
    It’s a belief (once again) in the perfectability of man.

    We fix the pipes in Flint first. We fix the electrical grid in Puerto Rico first.
    I don’t think she knows what ‘first’ means.

    Fear is not a plan
    Well, neither is courage, actually. Nor is hope.r
    Of course, neither is her Green New Deal.

    capitalism as unsustainable
    I wonder if she ever heard of ‘entropy’ in that storied school from which she got her economics degree? Socialism defeats the dynamism necessary to keep adding energy to the system. A free market that encourages innovation and adventure is the only way to do so.

    (Ya know…. I wonder if she confused John Wayne with Reagan? Since The Duke was in social media recently for ‘racism’?)

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