Anonymous Warns of ISIS Attacks; Brussels Goes into Lockdown (video)

Anonymous Warns of ISIS Attacks; Brussels Goes into Lockdown (video)

Anonymous Warns of ISIS Attacks; Brussels Goes into Lockdown (video)

Yesterday the hacktivist group Anonymous released this ominous message on Twitter, warning of impending ISIS attacks to occur on Sunday.

The group claimed that it had uncovered information about ISIS planning further attacks in Paris on the 22nd, as well as in Indonesia, Italy, Lebanon, and the United States. Anonymous also reported that an assault on the WWE Survivor Series wrestling event in Atlanta would occur Sunday night as well.

According to the International Business Times, which claimed to have spoken to Anonymous, the group had also passed information to M15 in Britain, the FBI and CIA in the US, and the Australian government.

Then, as abruptly as they released the original stunning information, Anonymous disavowed its earlier announcement of pending attacks.

Meanwhile, Brussels, Belgium, remains in lockdown after the city’s terror threat was raised to its maximum level. The remainder of that nation is at level three threat level, one step below that of Brussels. The city was put on alert after fears emerged that one of the ringleaders of the Paris bloodbath, Salah Abdeslam, was hiding in Brussels.

Concerts and sports events were cancelled. Shopping malls, museums, and the city metro system were shut down. The US State Department urged Americans in Brussels to shelter in place. Soldiers and armed vehicles patrolled the streets.

In Paris, the security surrounding the city’s water system was beefed up after France’s prime minister Manuel Valls expressed fear that terror groups could attack through chemical or biological means.

And here in the United States, President Obama has seen the American public turn against his handling of terrorism. According to a ABC News/Washington Post poll released Friday, 54% of adults disapprove of the way he has handled the attacks, with 43% saying they “strongly” disapprove. Perhaps that’s because on the day prior to the Paris attacks, Obama boasted that the US had “contained” ISIS, and then characterized the attacks after they happened as a “setback.”

A BBC television presenter, Andrew Neil, gloriously expressed what Obama should have said, but failed to do:

Today free people in the United States and Europe will be anxiously watching to see if carnage erupts once again at the hands of ISIS. We’ll see if Anonymous had been prescient in its warnings. In church we’ll pray for the people of Europe. And I’m sure Obama will be monitoring the situation as well. After all, it’s now too cold to hit the links.

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