Michael Moore Offers Up His “Home” to Syrian Refugees

Michael Moore Offers Up His “Home” to Syrian Refugees

Michael Moore Offers Up His “Home” to Syrian Refugees

Just when we thought Michael Moore went into hibernation for the winter, he has resurfaced, writing an open letter to Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder to express his disappointment with Snyder’s recent ban on allowing Syrian refugees to enter the state.

Dear Gov. Snyder:

I just wanted to let you know that, contrary to your declaration of denying Syrian refugees a home in our state of Michigan, I myself am going to defy your ban and will offer MY home in Traverse City, Michigan, to those very Syrian refugees you’ve decided to keep out. I will contact the State Department to let them know I am happy to provide a safe haven to any Syrian refugee couple approved by the Obama administration’s vetting procedures in which I have full faith and trust.

Your action is not only disgraceful, it is, as you know, unconstitutional (only the President has the legal right to decide things like this).

What you’ve done is anti-American. This is not who we are supposed to be. We are, for better and for worse, a nation of descendants of three groups: slaves from Africa who were brought here in chains and then forced to provide trillions of dollars of free labor to build this country; native peoples who were mostly exterminated by white Christians through acts of mass genocide; and immigrants from EVERYWHERE around the globe. In Michigan we are fortunate to count amongst us tens of thousands of Arab and Muslim Americans.

I’m disappointed in you, Governor Snyder, for your heartless and un-Christian actions, and for joining in with at least 25 other governors (all but one a Republican) who’ve decided to block legal Syrian refugees from coming into their states. Fortunately I’m an American and not a Republican.

Governor, count me out of whatever you think it means to be a Michigander. I look forward to welcoming Syrians to my home and I wholeheartedly encourage other Americans to do the same.

Michael Moore

P.S. By the way, my 700-sq. ft. apartment in northern Michigan is a

little small, but it’s got cable, wi-fi and a new dishwasher! Also, no haters live on my floor! Stop by any time for a hot chocolate this winter.

Moore is offering up his 700-square foot apartment in Traverse City. Interestingly enough, he’s not offering up the Torch Lake mansion:

I mean, seriously…how many Syrian refugees does he think will fit into a 700-square foot apartment, anyway? Oh, right. He wants to take in a couple. Not a few single young men in their 20s who (of course) don’t have ties to ISIS, a couple. (Discriminate much, Mr. Moore?) Some of the responses on his Facebook page were no less than epic:

Well, Mr. Michael Moore, it’s final. Now I have lost all the respect I had for you. Offer that apartment to an American homeless family or an American homeless veteran. What is wrong with taking care of and housing our own people who have a stake here in America and believe in American Laws and American Justice and American Freedoms? What kind of “American” would feed and house, mostly young men, refugees who are running from their own country, rather than fighting for it’s Freedom, and coming to our country to take advantage of programs set up by Americans for Americans, but the AMERICANS WHO FOUGHT FOR IT’S FREEDOM aren’t taken care of at all. You people should be ashamed, and you all, especially you, Mr. Moore, since you can afford it, go out and buy a tropical island for the refugees and start taking care of OUR COUNTRY MEN by exiting the US so we can provide your homes and jobs to the HOMELESS AMERICAN VETERANS and STRUGGLING AMERICAN FAMILIES, and you can spend your time and energies with the Syrian people you prefer. I believe in America and Americans, and you folks ain’t it!

I hate to say it but I’m sure all you nice loving people will have different thoughts when you wake up to being held hostage or worse yet, not even waking up….. I have more love and safety concern for my own family NOT to allow anyone from a country we are now at war with into my home…. I’m not a hater I’m a mother… For 2 teenage girls… I would NEVER put them in any forms of coincidental harm if I can avoid it…. Ironically has anyone watched the news lately? Hmmmm is NY letting refugees in? I WILL NOT apologize for loving MY OWN FAMILY more…. Here’s an idea…. Why don’t all you humane loving people take a Vet in??? They needs homes as well… What about the homeless in your own community that you on a DAILY basis turn your nose up at?? Are they not a refugee seeking shelter and safety??? I myself would take an American Veteran in any day of the week before someone who has the potential to harm my family in ways I never want to imagine…. You all need to look at the bigger picture…. God bless you all!

So remind me to not watch any of your movies again.. I refuse to support you in any way. If your so damn easy going about opening up your house to people there are plenty of homeless right in Traverse City start there. You my sir are a joke.. And with this post your becoming a person Traverse City residents are no longer wanting here. I’m not afraid nor hate the refugees however I do love this country and our vets should always be taken care of first off and especially before we take on another countries problem here on our own soil. Please let me share your dumbass post so plenty of others can join the band wagon and comment as to how ridiculous it is you will help people from another country before our homeless and vets. Your a real piece of work.

Governor Snyder’s office responded to Moore’s open letter, according to Breitbart:

It’s unfortunate that Governor’s position is being misrepresented. Gov. Snyder has been a vocal advocate for continuing to make Michigan a home and welcoming state for immigrants, including refugees escaping violence and oppression from all corners of the world. He is just asking for a thorough review of security clearances and procedures to ensure that he can also fulfill a primary responsibility of keeping Michiganders safe.

It seems as if Moore’s blood pressure escalated last night:

So now, the six states that are offering sanctuary, according to the liblogic of Michael Moore, are the states that are giving ISIS the proverbial bird? The universal sign? And since when is he (and all of the individuals who actually still listen to him run his mouth) a “proud American” and concerned with anti-American behavior and sentiment? I mean, he’s been talking for years about how socioeconomic ideas of Europe are sooo much better than any policies you’ll find in our country. The very country made him millions of dollars. Yet, all he has to show for it, in his pious, bellowing claim to “be American” (for once) is a 700-square foot apartment.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    “What you’ve done is anti-American”.

    Font size 1000 is needed for an LOL to this line from fatso! This guy whines about Michigan’s governor being anti-American for being sensible while overlooking an entire lifetime of anti-American behavior from his god, one Hussein Obama. Besides, how can the the guv be anti-American as that would imply there is still an America.
    That is no longer the case since his god destroyed the USA and replaced it with his Obaman People’s Republic as the ultimate act of anti-Americanism.
    Once again Fatso Moore speaks and displays the insane half of the half insane, half evil nature of Progressive thought.

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