Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two Crashes into Mojave Desert, One Pilot Dead

Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two Crashes into Mojave Desert, One Pilot Dead

Virgin Galactic has been working hard on promoting and perfecting future space tourism. Today, their partner, Scaled Composites, did a rocket-powered test flight of Space Ship Two.

Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two
Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two

This flight did not go as planned.

The experimental plane, which Virgin Galactic says was on its 35th free-flying flight, has crashed into the Mojave Desert in California.

There were two pilots aboard. According to California Highway Patrol, one pilot is dead, and one is seriously injured.

The injured pilot has been medevaced to a hospital. Be praying for that pilot.

Updates as we learn more news.

Joel Glenn Brenner, a former reporter for the Washington Post and friend to the pilot who died (who is still not identified), is furious with Virgin Galactic.

And she told CNN why.

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