Feminist Columnist Jessica Valenti Sez: “Women Should Organize A F*ck-In At Every Hobby Lobby Across The Country”

I think this is why I have so few women friends.

This is from her Twitter Feed.  ICYMI, or you think that I am being vulgar or lying for the sake of eyeballs looking at us on the Interwebs (I edited it in only one place–you guess):

“Maybe women should organize a safe sex f*ck-in at every Hobby Lobby across the country.  In the glitter aisle.  JUST A THOUGHT.”

So your answer to the apparent injustice of having to come with the equivalent of the money for exactly 3 Venti sized, 2 pump, no whip mochas at the local Starbucks in order to fund your own birth control is to encourage every woman to act like a sexually abused 14 year old girl on drugs and bring some of her abusing partners to the glitter aisle, but to do it safely.

Thanks for that.  The respect you have for your own gender is overwhelming me.  Please. Stop.

No, really. Knock it off….

Additionally, let me get your argument straight in my head; the same bunch of incoherent shrews such as yourself that demand that Old White Men in Congress keep their hands, minds, and laws off of your vaginas and uteri are now demanding that other Old White Men who own businesses and employ these same incoherent shrews be intimately involved in the kinds and types of birth control available to them through the benefit plan the Old White Men provide as part of their offer of employment through the force of law.

This is why no one listens to you Jessica.  Your Daddy complex has overwhelmed you to the point that you expect taxpayers (some of them with religious convictions) to just ante up and kick in for birth control so that your repeated trips to ‘gina-town with whomever you please and whenever you please get to remain consequence free.

Oh, and the taxpayers and employers and insurance companies should just STFU about the specifics and hand it over right?

No woman I know will DIE from not having birth control.  Women have gotten along for thousands of years without it.  You might as well insert the word “CHEESEBURGER” in place of “Birth Control.”  I do that every time I read one of these articles.  I encourage everyone to try it.  People will look at you funny though when you start laughing.  Makes the reading go faster though.

I have no idea why anyone listens to anything a “feminist” would say when your argument is “Pay for my birth control, but stay out of my business.”  Jessica and women like her are the reason that those of us with brains attached to our vaginas have to fight just that much harder to be taken seriously in a world full of some of the most spoiled and vapid examples of femininity ever brought forth by God.

Why does he vex me so?

If you are in the mood to punish yourself with some more juvenile reasoning; head on over here.

Please Jessica, go take your medication and go back to rocking back and forth in your room.  The grownups have work to do.

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