WATCH: Megyn Kelly’s Fierce Interview With Obama Rep

WATCH: Megyn Kelly’s Fierce Interview With Obama Rep


I’ve said it forever: I want to be Megyn Kelly when I grow up.  The woman is fierce, sharp and unapologetic. She knows how to tiptoe the line without crossing it and bring it all together with an eyebrow arch of confidence. She used her skill yesterday in an interview with State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf, who had a rough time representing President Obama’s ever-changing positions on what’s happened in Iraq.

Harf was personally under fire as well for recently saying she didn’t think Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon were reliable sources for what happened the night he disappeared. She was able to hedge her way through a response on that one, but barely. Additionally, she was criticized on Twitter yesterday for tweeting a sarcastic update to reporter Richard Grenell.

I’ve seen this kind of sarcastic behavior before from Obama’s folks on Twitter and it’s totally unprofessional. Megyn Kelly wasn’t going to let Harf get away with spinning her answers for Obama. Kelly doles out multiple points of double speak on the President’s part in this video, and Harf can do nothing but refuse to answer and stick to her robotic talking points.

Spokesmen representing corruption are nothing more than paid liars.

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