#LisaBloom Investigated Rose McGowan and Other Weinstein Accusers [VIDEO]

#LisaBloom Investigated Rose McGowan and Other Weinstein Accusers [VIDEO]

Ah hypocrisy, thy name is apparently Lisa Bloom. Just who is Lisa Bloom? So glad you asked! She is the, now former, attorney of embattled studio executive Harvey Weinstein. Well, now it has come to the surface thanks to, of all outlets, TMZ, that she was deeply involved in investigating Rose McGowan, Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, and other Weinstein accusers prior to the sh*t hitting the fan earlier this month when Rowan Farrow’s New Yorker  article broke. The audio of New York City Police’s sting operation in which Battilana cooperated can be heard here (clear children from the room and brace yourselves it is hard to listen to):

It is clear that Ms. Bloom’s MO was to discredit the women accusing her client of sexual assault, as explained in an article in the Daily Mail:

“The report claims that McGowan was ‘actively investigated’ by Bloom beginning in July while documents from Italy were gathered in hopes of discrediting Battilana from speaking to the media.

Those two women ended up being front and center in both exposes, despite neither breaking their NDA to speak to the outlets.”

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