Rape Culture and Feminism: Women’s Biggest Enemy

Rape Culture and Feminism: Women’s Biggest Enemy

Rape Culture and Feminism: Women’s Biggest Enemy
Amanda Marcotte
Amanda Marcotte
The Green Bay Packers. Brussel sprouts. Feminism. Very few words or phrases evoke such gut wrenching dread inside me as these first three. As much as I hate the Packers, though, feminism is probably the progressive ideology that I hate the most. Modern feminism doesn’t advance the plight of women in the world because they are just a group of man hating hags that find something to complain about with every single thing in life. They are the stereotypical nagging woman, but because they are, they find no humor in the irony of their role.

This week Amanda Marcotte is screaming her praise of some other feminazi’s new book, Asking for it: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture—and What We Can Do About It. Because, you know, Rape Culture is what feminists care about… unless it is done by radical Muslims in which case it is perfectly fine and they don’t say a thing.

According to Marcotte, Kate Harding’s approach and presentation of rape culture is a “no-nonsense examination of sexual violence in modern America and the widespread cultural complicity that exists around it, whether we want to admit it or not.”

Once again, funny that she mentions the refusal to acknowledge rape, because she and her Leftist buddies DO refuse to report or acknowledge that ISIS is holding sex slaves, but those women must not matter, and the rape and brutal treatment of thousands of women in Syria and Iraq must be invalid and unimportant to these feminist hags.

Harding doesn’t just have a book full of depressing rape stories, no those books are too brutal to read, Marcotte points out. She also discusses consent, false reporting, due process, and what “causes women to file false rape reports and what they look like.”

I rolled my eyes at that, too, so don’t worry. Harding says that the typical false reporter is not “an evil minx who wraps the entire justice system around her little finger, just to hurt some poor, innocent man.”

Well, no, I suppose not, because to feminazis there are no innocent men, are there? I really shudder to think what the world will be like for my two young sons with rabid feminists indoctrinating young girls with the thought process that all men are out to rape or underpay them. Or both.

No, instead Harding says that most false reporters claim a “stranger rape” story than the typical rapes involving alcohol or a victim who knows her attacker, and because of that, they get more attention and more sympathy.

I fail to see how that doesn’t make them any less of a liar… or how that isn’t completely screwed up. Once again, it is probably because all feminists hate men either secretly or openly.

Of course, the chapter that Marcotte is raving about brings up the story printed in Rolling Stone about the University of Virginia’s alleged gang rape of a young woman named “Jackie”. You remember – the one that the girl completely made up, but Marcotte, in her commentary, refuses to admit that it was a lie. She said it was “likely fabricated,” and that the author and editors at Rolling Stone would have known the difference had they bothered to read Harding’s book.

Amanda, Amanda, Amanda, but they probably wouldn’t have known the different between a lie and the truth because progressives in this country hate white men so much that they were too busy rejoicing at a way to destroy the lives and reputations of a whole fraternity of young men. Let’s not forget, too, that progressives truly don’t care about the truth in their pursuit of destruction of anything they despise.

Throughout the book, Harding claims over and over that rape culture will be the death of us all, and that victims are just running around crying, being blamed for the woes of the world. Okay, I exaggerated a little, but not much. The synopsis of this book was nauseating. I read a lot of things I don’t agree with, but I honestly do not think I could make it through this book without throwing it into either my fire pit or my fireplace – obviously that would depend on the season I found myself stuck reading this massive pile of feminist dung.

Need I remind everyone that I am a survivor of domestic abuse which very often involves rape? Not the type of rape culture that feminists often complain about. No. Actual rape – where one partner forces another partner to have sex or perform sexual acts against their will. Yet, the only person who ever blamed me for my abuse was my ex-husband and his mother.

I am sick of hearing about all of these victims being victimized constantly because no one ever believes them. The false reporters that these progressive feminists fight so hard to “have their voices heard” are the ones that make it so much harder for a woman to report a rape and be believed. That is how you know that feminists don’t give a damn about victims or advancing the “rights of women.” They just hate men.

dealing with rape culture

If feminists truly cared about women, they wouldn’t attack each other. They wouldn’t ignore the brutality that women around the world face at the hands of monsters – who we don’t allow our troops to obliterate. Feminists like Amanda Marcotte wouldn’t be opposed to women carrying guns to protect themselves, instead of the ludicrous rape-protective underwear I continually see advertised, if they cared about women. If feminists cared about women they wouldn’t protect the abortion mill, Planned Parenthood, that butchers thousands of females a year.

Feminists don’t care about women, and I am sick of feminists. I am sick of their faux moral outrage over everything. I am sick of their whiny tones when they write about rape culture. I am tired of them telling me I should “teach my sons not to rape.” I believe in freedom of speech, but I truly wish feminists would just shut up.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    If Marcotte were a black man she’d be called Al Sharpton. Both seem to have the same mentality.

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