Hillary’s Homes are a Shocker for Young Adults

Hillary Clinton is for the “little guy,” right? The middle class schlub? The vast numbers of the 99%? After all, in the speech she gave for her Campaign Rollout 1.0 in April, she declared, “Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times. But the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top.” She repeated much of that theme at Campaign Rollout 1.1 on June 13.

Hillary’s little people

So this little video recently presented to young adults in Washington DC was quite the eye-opener. They were asked to match the pictured mansion with the presidential candidate. It will surprise you. I know I was left speechless.

In case you’re curious about the homes of two other candidates mentioned multiple times in the video, here is Marco Rubio‘s home in West Miami. He purchased it in 2005 for $550,000.

Marco-Rubio-West-MiamiThis is the home of Dr. Ben Carson in West Palm Beach, Florida, which he purchased for $775,000 in 2013.

Ben-Carson-IbisYes, those are high dollar homes. But they are, respectively, the homes of a successful attorney and a neurosurgeon. Both Rubio and Carson came from humble beginnings, and worked rigorously to get to their current stations in life. They didn’t achieve their status by riding the coattails of a political powerhouse like Hillary Clinton did.

And they certainly have never appeared on national television to complain about being “dead broke,” and “in debt” in years gone by after having recently reaped $5 million dollars in speaking fees.

Seeing Hillary’s multiple multi-million dollar mansions puts that kerfuffle over Marco Rubio’s fishing boat into real perspective, doesn’t it?

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