Somewhere Over The Rainbow: The Real Threat Looming Over The White House Colors

Somewhere Over The Rainbow: The Real Threat Looming Over The White House Colors

Somewhere Over The Rainbow:  The Real Threat Looming Over The White House Colors

We saw our social media networks light up in all colors of the rainbow yesterday. We have heard and read #SCOTUS ruling on same sex marriage. We saw joy, tears, opposition and read all of the arguments for and against the ruling.

I may start going down the slippery slope here but I ask for your patience. I will start by saying that I, for one, do not understand the LGBT lifestyle because I’m a heterosexual woman and I have not lived it. I also believe that the sacred union of marriage (in the context of Christianity) should be, as it’s defined, between a man and a woman. On the opposite end of the spectrum, from a perspective of being a free country, leaving religion completely out of the equation, that rights, based solely on the premise of our freedoms as American citizens, should be extended to all.

Men have been shacking up with men and women with women since the beginning of time. I have friends who are gay and my own cousin was gay before he passed away from AIDS in the 90s. I have friends who are already married, have adopted children and are raising families. From the looks of it, their kiddos look happy and they seem to be doing a great job as parents and pulling their weight. I would even venture to say, actually, a better job than the heterosexual couple down the street on government assistance with the unruly kids who have no discipline or boundaries and a general feeling that they are entitled to anything and everything without working for it. I enjoy reading my friend from high school’s Facebook statuses about what his son had said to him that day. The kid is a riot and I suggested that he write a book of quotes, conversations and musings. It would be a bestseller hands-down. Again, I only see things as far as the lens of Facebook because they are in Connecticut and I am here in Washington. It’s their lifestyle right? It’s not right for me. But for them it is. And from a Christian perspective, their choices and lifestyle are not for me to judge. I’m called to love them and I do.

So when I saw the White House lit up like a Fruit Loop, I wasn’t offended by #SCOTUS ruling. I was alarmed. Not so much about the moral decay of our country (shoot, look at Kim Kardashian and she likes boys) but from a security perspective. Aside from Barack Obama’s general disrespect, gloating and of course, taking all of the credit and glory for decisions passed to push the Democratic agenda and the fact that I am completely convinced that the only person in this equation he cares about is himself (sorry, LGBT community but let’s call ’em as we see ’em), we just gave our biggest enemies yet ANOTHER reason to try and take us down.

In “celebration” of #LOVEWINS, let’s look at Islam, our religion of “peace”. A mere “pussycat” compared to Christianity. According to The Gateway Pundit, ISIS tossed four gay men off the top of a highrise building yesterday tweeting out #LOVEWINS. This was not the first time it’s happened, either.

Gay men or men perceived to be gay run a particular risk in Islamic State-controlled territories. According to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, Islamic State executed at least 17 men in Syria and Iraq accused of indecent behavior, sodomy and adultery between June 2014 and March 2015.-LA Times

A crowd gathers to watch the execution; if man is still alive, he is stoned to death.

And, if you thought these photos were not sickening enough, to lure gay men into false security, ISIS has been known to use “flirting squads” according to the U.K. Daily Star:

Undercover male-only squads formed by Islamic State flagged up blokes who reacted favorably to their come-ons.

The “honey trap” tactic was used by special brigades of young fighters in the Hisbah religious police.

Sodomy is considered a crime under Isis’ Sharia law and is punishable by death – usually barbaric summary execution.

The terror network set up the ploy in a bid to eradicate all gay men from their lands in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Pre-ISIS Iraqi militias reportedly forced family members to participate in sealing shut the anuses of their gay sons, brothers, and uncles, and killing them by force-feeding them liquids until their insides literally exploded. Government officials reportedly have done nothing to stop this barbaric act and locals were even encouraged (forced) to partake in these actions.

But it isn’t just ISIS, it is worldwide:

The United Nations has documented more than 1,600 cases of hate-motivated murders of LGBT people around the world during a six-year period from 2006 to 2014.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights documented 594 hate-related killings of LGBT people in the 25 countries of the Organization of American States. That report covered the period from January 2013 through March 2014 — accounting for nearly 600 murders in just 14 months.-ABC News

So, light the White House up, President Obama and in the process take credit and all of the praise and say “in your face” to those Americans opposed, but let’s keep this in mind:

So you see Mr. President, some of us are not on our high horses about our Christianity calling LGBT equality wrong. Remember, we’ve taken it out of the equation for the sake of this argument. We are not homophobic, gun-toting, racist bigots. Some of us are just concerned citizens about what statement your “taste of the rainbow” makes to the very people who want to destroy our liberty and way of life as we know it in this great country. What part of “Worldwide Caliphate” do you not understand? Nope, you just push that little notion aside and light it up and parade it around for all to see. Sure, let’s give them (ISIS) another reason to knock us off, shall we?

What you fail to realize–or simply do not care to realize–is that in the case of lighting up OUR White House (we know, you think it’s YOURS), LOVE does not WIN. Somewhere over the rainbow, vigilance, reverence and BEARING can–all of which you lack.

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  • John OB says:

    Oh please…… as if those animals NEEDED another reason to hate us…. the fact that we are not Sharia followin Koran totin goat fuckin murde4ous child molesters is all the reason they need…..

    And if we censor ourselves in a bid to appease them, they win…..

    Fuck them.

  • Lisa Carr says:

    I agree, John. They don’t. They hate us all around. But as POTUS, I believe he and his decision-makers should have thought it out more clearly before plastering the rainbow flag all over the White House. IMO, the ONLY colors that should be shining on OUR White House are Red, White and Blue. All of our liberties are because of these colors. It’s not a matter us censoring ourselves for THEM–you’re right–who cares–it’s a matter of respect for US as a country and keeping innocent souls SAFE.

  • Piroko says:

    “Worldwide Caliphate”

    Mutually assured destruction.

    Look, sooner or later that entire region is going to be glassed into trinitite, over the thunderous cry of “god wills it”.

  • Jennifer says:

    Promise? #GlassParkingLot

    • Piroko says:

      Bet on it, yeah.

      We gave Israel the bomb. Sooner or later we, and Russia, will look the other way while they use it.

  • I think it was Mark Steyn who pointed out that a country can have homosexual marriage or massive Muslim immigration, but not both. The Dutch are already starting to find this out.

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