Zero Situational Awareness: Chelsea Clinton Attacks Trump for Being Anti-American

Zero Situational Awareness: Chelsea Clinton Attacks Trump for Being Anti-American

Zero Situational Awareness: Chelsea Clinton Attacks Trump for Being Anti-American

As a pilot’s wife, I hear a lot of talk about SA (Situational Awareness). Situational Awareness is a great tool to have when flying in the dark with no Visual Flight Rules (VFR). It’s also, as I am learning as a parent, a good thing to teach your kiddos. Hillary Clinton could have practiced a little bit of educating (amidst indoctrinating) her daughter Chelsea with a little SA. The woman is 38 years-old and still appears to have none.

In an interview published yesterday in The Guardian, when asked about how the people of Britain should receive President Trump’s visit in July, the woman who has “heard all the vitriol” before quipped back:

“Well, I’ve been to multiple protests since the election. Charlotte’s been to at least three, maybe four. Aidan’s been to one. If I lived in Britain I would show up to protest, because I don’t agree with what he’s doing to degrade what it means to be an American.”

Cue in situational awareness, Chelsea:

Zero SA. Zero. Chelsea, you’re flying upside-down in the dark now, dear. The American way in Chelsealand? I suppose it’s living the “tough” (boo-hoo) life as a daughter of a philandering president who enjoys womanizing and cigars in the Oval Office, a mother who is a former First Lady and Secretary of State who allowed the philandering for her own personal gain (but is a “champion of women”) and let Americans perish on foreign soil when action could have been taken! All of that vitriol deserves an Ivy-League education and a starting salary at Mom and Dad’s racket of a half a million per annum. Sure. Let’s not forget some of your mother’s greatest hits from 2016:

What else is “American” according to the Clintons? Whining about the results of an election, apparently. Pointing fingers at everyone else but yourself and your actions, past and present. Zero accountability. Zero SA. Keep flying without instruments in the clouds, Chels. Resist and persist away!

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  • parker says:

    What a sad, terrible fate it is to be the spawn of those two liars and grifters.

    • captain says:

      indeed and what a choice the electorate had in 2016, between an egomaniaical asshole and a criminal and fortunately the asshole won and we,re stuck with him… what a set of presidential choices we have in the worlds greatest democracy

  • moron says:

    Hey Chelsea, UK already used their spies paid for by Mum and their “intelligence” to elect Mommy, that’s not enough? Now they’re busy arresting their own citizens for protesting giving the country to Muslims.

    • champ says:

      If you’re referring to Tommy Robinson, he wasn’t arrested for protesting. All he did was sit silently outside the courtroom where Muslim rapists were being tried, and took film of the rapists entering and leaving the court. And for that, he was arrested…

  • Pam says:

    How about a President who stands for 90 minutes in the sun shaking the hands of 1,042 graduates of the Navel Academy? Is that pro-American enough for you, because it is for me?

    • captain says:

      me too but hes still an egomaniac and absolutely cannot let even the slightest insult stand unavenged with massive force, kinda like the Israelis

  • Oldhawker says:

    Chelsea says she’s been training her kids since birth to oppose any election that doesn’t result in a victory for the person they wanted in office.
    I, for one, applaud such honesty, especially when it’s honesty coming from the most dishonest political family to ever enter US politics. Should she ever run for office, her opponent already has some of his oppo research done, and a great oppo quote to run over and over. I sure hope there’s audio and video of her saying that. It’s her mom’s “Deplorable” moment, stated outside our borders, insulting half of American voters, for the enjoyment of foreigners.

  • Dagwood says:

    Not to mention her Ponzi-scheming husband.

  • BillR says:

    If she were covertly working for Trump 2020, how would she be behaving differently?

  • Jim says:

    Is there any “woman” named Chelsea who isn’t an idiot. We’ve got Clinton, Handler, and Manning (hence the quotation marks around the word woman) for starters.

  • Skillyboo says:

    Was she ashamed of the actions of her father abusing Monica Lewinsky? His actions in the Oval Office has a direct correlation to the MeToo movement since he made it known that getting a BJ really isn’t sex.

  • Randall Bell says:

    Zero self-awareness. She inherited this gene from her mother.

  • Steve Gregg says:

    Is this the same Chelsea Clinton whose father took payment from the Saudis to stop pressing them to investigate the terror attack on the Khobar Towers which killed 20 US Air Force members and wounded 498? How much of that blood money financed your good life, Chelsea? Please lecture us some more on patriotism.

  • Steve S says:

    Her lack of S.A. is long-standing. Remember, this is the gal with a net worth measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars who just couldn’t find it in herself to worry about money.

  • Neil Obstat says:

    Of course, she’s right. That should count for something.

  • captain says:

    just another snowflake lefty bimbo, oh did I forget to capitalize that word with a capital B? and the way was paved for her all along..Im hoping she runs for office and gets trashed repeatedly, in public

  • Joseph says:

    Chelsea is a great example why SOBs like the Clintons should have had an abortion!

  • Linda says:

    Very sad,, Chelsea,honey you need to keep your mouth shut, Look at what your parents did to America with their lies and scandals, poor little rich girl just doesn’t
    Get it,,,

  • Luisa says:

    Chelsea Clinton, needs to shut the hell up, and go help her mother to pay back all illegals money that they spent for her wedding. Grandma Hillary, is going to read the Drag Queen story to her grandkids, and to Chelsea, and her husband. Grandma Hillary is going to teach lies, frauds, and how to be a criminal syndicate to her grandkids. Chelsea just FOAD, because you take after your mother, and Bill is not your father on Father’s day. You have no shame for what your parents did to our Country. You are going to inherit all illegals donations from your parents. Properly your mother deposit all illegals money in you bank account as a free scandal. May be your bank deposit box is full of classified documents from your mother. Just don’t come out, and talk trash, crazy. Don’t you feel embarrass for what your unknown father did in the Oval Office in the people’s government?. If I were you I will go hide somewhere, and don’t even like to hear my parents criminals, and lies, and they think they are better, than anybody else. Don’t waste your time protecting your mothers lies. Your mouth is bigger than Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waterloo scandal. I have no respect for you, because you knew all your parents scandals. Like Mother, like Daughter. Just shut up, and go away, because your father is so disgusting. Chelsea Clinton, living high on a hog, because your mother is the most greedy BITCH, who is a crime Lord.

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