YouTube Kids Is Not Your Momma’s Kids Channel

YouTube Kids Is Not Your Momma’s Kids Channel

YouTube Kids Is Not Your Momma’s Kids Channel

STOP! Whatever you are doing right now, stop. Read this post. If you have a child, for goodness sake, please don’t hand them a tablet to let them watch YouTube Kids. Nothing is safe today. Nothing is trustworthy. In order to keep your children safe, you have to keep your head on swivel and vet everyone and everything that comes in contact with your offspring. Grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles all can help, but you are the Chief Operating Officer and you have the final word.

Victory Girls has been warning about TikTok for a while. Read our posts here, here, and here. YouTube Kids was not on our radar. Until today.

Today, is when we saw this headline “Check out all the grooming this guy came across when he logged into YouTube Kids as a 10-year-old”. Now, if you just enter YouTube Kids into your search engine, you come up with benign, banal even insulting videos for children like this. I call them banal and insulting because if you look back at cartoons of the 60’s and 90’s like Looney Tunes and Animaniacs they can be enjoyed on many levels. Even traditional children’s songs, while repetitive, are not insulting like the ones on YouTube Kids.

“Not the Bee” wrote up what they man found on YouTube Kids and sent out through a number of Tweets. Not the Bee started out with this warning:

People, the corporations are not your friend. And they’re no friend of your children either. In fact, here in the Clown World of 2023, we now have YouTube Kids — a site that provides videos for children — trying to show your kids all the ins and outs of the LGBTQIA2+ community.

Here are a few of the tweets from Aldo:

Nine to twelve year olds don’t need this. Gah! I am so grateful that Pinky and the Brain weren’t trying to teach us anything. All of these videos have an indoctrination, desensitization, grooming vibe to them.

Here is a video that I found on the channel. This was produced by Twinkl Kids’ TV and is titled: “LGBTQ+ History For Kids – You and Your Identity | Happy Pride Month 2022”. This is probably not safe for work:

Make sure that your children do not have access to these videos at day care, preschool or elementary school.

I have always been a live and let live, but hyper-vigilant in my own life kind of girl. We can afford that no more. This is flat evil and must be screened out of our kids’ lives. TikTok and YouTube Kids are probably just the tip of the iceberg. We cannot afford to let our guards down.

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  • GWB says:

    That days of the week song isn’t really that insulting, since it appears to be for toddlers. Though my mama would have kicked my heinie for playing soccer in the kitchen.

    wrote up what they man found
    Huh? (Did you “research” for too long and lose some brain cells?)

    Twinkl Kids’ TV
    There’s your first clue. “Twink” is a gay man, specifically (I think) a … subordinate one.

    We cannot afford to let our guards down.
    Absolutely. We live in a world filled with a religion hostile to children and morality. And YOU are the one responsible for your kids, regardless of what tampon-earring-wearing MSNBC mouthpieces or Mao-suit wearing “abuelas” say.

  • Citizen Tom says:

    Thanks for posting this.

    It was probably a mistake for our society to call gender dysphoria a disease. We should have understood it all along as a moral problem. Is confusion part of it? Yes. When children are abused and lied to, they can be confused. That is especially true if the lies come from people they ought to be able to trust.

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