From The VG Bookshelf: In Defense Of the Second Amendment

From The VG Bookshelf: In Defense Of the Second Amendment

From The VG Bookshelf: In Defense Of the Second Amendment

Our Second Amendment is more important now than even when our Founders wrote it down in the Bill of Rights. Larry Correia has written a lively, entertaining, and incredibly informative read as to why our Second Amendment must be safeguarded.

The genius of his book is that Larry writes as if we are just having a conversation over coffee or drinks. Honestly, that is the best way to discuss any issue, let alone one of the most contentious and misunderstood Constitutional Amendments we have. 

In this book, Correia calmly eviscerates all the liberal talking points. While he does use facts, he also uses a combination of real-time and game-plan scenarios to show the fallacies of their arguments. Furthermore, he slays wide open how ludicrous it is for a politician (Hello Eric Swalwell!) to claim that if we don’t comply, our government will use nukes. That takedown is a fun read! 

Chapter Six is an excellent primer on the differences between concealed, Constitutional, shall issue, may issue, and open carry. “May Issue” is found in several blue states, New York for one. 

“May Issue” means that those in state government will provide a permit to carry a concealed firearm, if they feel like it. (page 444 Chapter 6 via Apple books).

In other words, no matter the reason someone wants a permit, especially if it’s for protection, it’s up to the feelings of said government official as to if he or she will grant it. Lovely. 

Chapter Seven is a must read. Larry gives us a primer as to much of the ins/outs/reasoning regarding law enforcement response or lack thereof in high profile or even ordinary situations that don’t end up with crazed media attention. 

One thing he mentions early in that chapter is SPOT ON. Permit holders NEED to understand that a permit just means they are licensed to carry. It absolutely DOESN’T mean they’ve pinned on an imaginary badge. The permit is only for defense if necessary, it doesn’t make any permit holder a cop in any way shape or form. 

Cops are to be trained and are EXPECTED to respond to danger and shut down dangerous situations, even if that means (which is rarer than we all thing) using lethal force ie; firing their weapon. To be sure, critics of Larry’s book are going to point at Uvalde and now Memphis as to the misuse or even NON use of lethal force to resolve a situation. Memphis happened after Larry’s book published. As for Uvalde, Larry points out that the liberal/Democrat response was to work on disarming citizens instead of trying to hold Ulvade police accountable. 

Larry also discusses the gun laws, Supreme Court rulings, and the newly proposed gun laws as Democrat liberals want to make sure we DO SOMETHNG to stop American citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights. You see, it’s the citizens, not the criminals who are the danger according to the left. So much so that they, in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Bruen proposed new legislation that would require a person applying for a permit to provide three years of social media history so they can check for good character (pg. 550). Uh huh… given just my blog posts here, I’d probably be refused. 

I will say his section regarding how Democrat and Republican politicians are on gun rights is on target. Democrat politicians don’t want guns, unless it benefits THEM. They don’t want US to have guns. They’ll give a pass to criminals, see progressive DA’s in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco for examples. As for Republicans, he’s right. Republican politicians are anemic when it comes to standing all the hell up for our Second Amendment rights. 

Finally, one last point. We are in a culture war. A war that wants to do away with one of the most integral Constitutional rights and freedom we have. Those of us who want to keep and bear arms are now extremists. 

There is so much detail in this book that I could write at least four separate blog posts on this. But I won’t because YOU need to read it all for yourselves. 

Ultimately Larry concludes with this. Self Defense is a human right. And it is. HOW we chose to defend ourselves is up to us. And if we chose to use a gun? That is well within our Second Amendment rights. So read, chose, and TRAIN accordingly.

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  • GWB says:

    I finished the book last night. It was certainly not a dry recitation of facts. Do understand, though, that sitting down with Larry to talk about something is also not tea and crumpets conversation – ‘stupid’ occurs 31 times in the book (including variations like ‘stupider’). And that’s one of the mild terms. There was a phrase that caught my attention, but I can’t find it now. It’s a good book, but not for the faint of heart or the advocates of disarmament.

    it doesn’t make any permit holder a cop in any way shape or form.
    This was one of the only things with which I found fault. While it’s true, Larry (and Nina, here) writes in language that accepts the idea that cops are somehow special people. We really need to reclaim the concept in America that it is the people who are in charge and have the authority, PERIOD. If cops have the authority to arrest people, why is that? Only because we’ve delegated that authority to them, as the people – which means that we, the people, have also not given up that right. One of the most problematic issues in America today is that the people have abdicated their authority to the gov’t. One of the areas where we can push back on that is in clear language. We should not allow rule-by-experts to muddy the understanding or exercise of our rights and responsibilities.

    Nina, you forgot, it’s “dumb Do-Something”. 😉

    You also forgot to mention, Nina, that Larry Corriea is an author of a lot of science fiction and fantasy novels, curator of several more, and was a gun store owner and firearms instructor for a crapload of years. He has been involved with it for a very long time and knows his way around the subject, from a bunch of angles.

    Two items about the book:
    It is literally 25% footnotes and index. I was reading, wondering what more he was possibly going to say (since the chapter was titled “Conclusion”) but my Kindle said I was approaching 75% read. (Mind you, Kindle now says the text ending is about 85%, but reading through it, it stayed below 80% before getting to the author’s page and the notes and index.) Larry documents everything he says, except anything that is personal experience.

    It was also originally written almost 2 years ago, I think, and only now published, so there’s actually a few recent events missing. He added some (like the Uvalde incident) before publication, but even more recent ones aren’t included.

    But, yes, Larry Correia has written a pretty good book for those either marshaling their arguments against the controllers or for some fence-sitters who might see the light. I commend it to all.

  • Scott says:

    “require a person applying for a permit to provide three years of social media history so they can check for good character”.. Somehow I have a feeling that posts in support of terrorist groups lie BLM, Antifa, or the religion of pieces would NOT be a problem under this system…

  • Scott says:

    If the Dems in our state get there way with this bill, they’ll succeed in outlawing a majority of firearms. .Luckily, the majority of county Sheriffs will likely refuse to enforce such unconstitutional BS.. I weep for the once great state of Colorado

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