Hunter The Pig Paid An Employee For Sex

Hunter The Pig Paid An Employee For Sex

Hunter The Pig Paid An Employee For Sex

At this point, is anyone surprised at what “the smartest guy” Joe Biden knows wouldn’t do to get laid? This, however, is a new low for Hunter Biden.

The laptop is truly the gift that keeps on giving us new and sordid details of Hunter Biden’s sex life. Not love life, there was no love involved here. This was all purely about Hunter abusing his power, position, name, and money to use women however and whenever he wanted. We already knew that he paid women that he was having sex with money off his payroll. These women included his sister-in-law/girlfriend Hallie, Hallie’s sister Liz Secundy (oh yes, he was having sex with both sisters – what a true gem he is), his baby mama Lunden Roberts (who is currently in a legal battle with Hunter over giving their daughter the Biden surname, which Hunter does not want). Well, now we can add an unnamed legal assistant to the list of women Hunter Biden was paying off under the table for sex.

This seems like a textbook case of sexual harrassment. The boss is literally demanding sexual favors as part of the job – and TAKING PICTURES OF IT. I don’t know why Hunter is trying to be a painter – his preferred artistic medium is clearly home video porn.

The first son kept images of him having sex with the assistant in or around June 2018 on his notorious “laptop from hell,” which was first brought to light by The Post in an explosive 2020 report.”

The Marco Polo report states that the assistant received a regular salary from the Owasco firm between mid-June and early October 2018. However, during the same period, the assistant also received wires from the firm totaling almost $45,000 with mysterious explanations — including “new hire,” “8k wage,” “10k golf member,” and “Pay.”

The transactions found their way into a so-called “Suspicious Activity Report” (SAR) filed with the Treasury Department by JP Morgan Chase and currently being sought by House Republicans. That same SAR also highlighted payments made by Hunter to people with ties to human trafficking or the adult entertainment industry.”

And when the assistant didn’t get paid, she contacted Hunter’s secretary to say that her paycheck hadn’t come, and wondered if she was out of a job.

However, the assistant’s money appeared to have run out by early 2019, when reported she emailed Hunter’s secretary Katie Dodge to complain that she had not received her most recent paycheck and her dentist hadn’t accepted her Owasco insurance.”

“Because of these two incidents, I’m curious to know if I have been terminated from this position,” the woman told Dodge. “… I haven’t been able to get any contact with Hunter so I am completely in the dark.”

On March 7, more than two months later, Hunter sent the woman $1,000 via Apple Pay, asking “Does this work” and adding that the money was “Just for small stuff.”

“Appreciate it. Anything helps,” the woman replied. “I’ve really been scraping by the last month or so. I haven’t even paid my rent yet.”

After sending her another $1,500, Hunter offered her an arrangement: “I will bake [sic] up for back pay. You have to make up for back work.”

“By [FaceTime]ing me and/or going to our next-club party,” he added.”

Two days later, on the morning of March 9, Hunter sent his assistant $500 and told her: “If we [FaceTime] the rule has to be no talk of anything but sex and we must be naked and we have to do whatever the other person asks within reason.”

The above conversations were all taking place in early 2019. During that time, he was already arguing that he was not the father of his own love child (even though he had paid Lunden Roberts and the baby was born in August 2018), he was probably in the process of breaking up with his brother’s widow Hallie, and then he married his current wife, Melissa Cohen, less than a week after meeting her in May 2019. No wonder Hunter couldn’t remember to pay his employee for sexual favors in a timely fashion – he couldn’t even keep track of who he was sleeping with!

Now, the Democrats obviously don’t care about the explicit sexual harrassment and power dynamic that was happening here. What they care about is keeping Joe far, far away from Hunter’s sexcapades, which is absolutely intertwined with the money that Hunter was collecting and handling. Add to that the news from just this morning that the FBI finally decided to search Joe Biden’s vacation house in Rehoboth Beach.

And special counsel Robert Hur just started work on the Biden classified documents case today. Think that had anything to do with this “surprise” search in Rehoboth Beach?

Regardless, Hunter’s paying off women he was using sexually should be a large part of his possible tax crimes charges. Did he or the employee ever pay taxes on the funds sent via Apple Pay? I know this feels like getting Al Capone on tax charges, but at this point, “MeToo” is dead and being a pig isn’t a prosecutable offense. But this latest evidence of paying an employee to FaceTime him while naked is just another disgusting example of how Hunter treats women. Who taught him that, Joe?

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  • Lloyd says:

    Please do not call Hunter a pig….Pigs, plain old “rooting hogs”, are way better than the Biden baby!

    • Eaton Moregina says:

      Every attorney bar association in which he is/was a member would ordinarily start an investigation.

      Members of those bars should file disciplinary complaints. Clinton lost his licenses and so did Guliani. Why not Hunter?

  • Kevin says:

    I’m sure you said the exact same thing about TFG (the F*&king Genius)? Here’s the fun thing … we’ll all get to see what TFG did by paying Stormy Daniels off, while Melanoma was pregnant, no less. Now that’s class. And to think, you voted for him which tells me a lot about you. Hypocrite.

  • Hate_me says:

    There is a very distinct and broad line between workplace sexual harassment and prostitution.

    Yes, by definition, prostitution between employer and employee is the epitome of quid-pro-quo… it’s also the entire nature of prostitution – an employer employs an employee to render sexual favors.

    No one is coerced into prostitution when they actively reach out to the employer for remuneration. Hunter is a shitbird, and possibly the worst human being to ever be in the public spotlight, but this woman seems every bit as culpable as him in this particular case. It appears that her job was not contingent on m sleeping with him, her job WAS sleeping with him. Prosecute him, absolutely, but don’t paint her as a victim. They both committed the crime.

    And tax evasion is only what got Al Capone arrested. Syphilis is what got him.

  • SkySky says:

    This, however, is a new low for Hunter Biden.

    So far

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