ABA, Yale Law School Dean Call for FBI Investigation, Complicit in Destruction of US Justice System

ABA, Yale Law School Dean Call for FBI Investigation, Complicit in Destruction of US Justice System

ABA, Yale Law School Dean Call for FBI Investigation, Complicit in Destruction of US Justice System

The American Bar Association and the Dean of Yale Law School are calling for a delay to Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court as an FBI investigation is conducted.

Robert Carlson, president of the ABA, sent a letter signed by him alone to the Senate Judiciary Committee stating:

We make this request because of the ABA’s respect for the rule of law and due process under the law. The basic principles that underscore the Senate’s constitutional duty of advice and consent on federal judicial nominees require nothing less than a careful examination of the accusations and facts by the FBI.

If Mr. Carlson really felt protective of the rule of law he would say something about the horrendous public spectacle we were all subjected to earlier this week. And it seems like Mr. Carlson doesn’t know a thing about what the FBI investigation actually entails. Let’s let Uncle Joe school him:

The contempt oozing from Joe Biden directed at the black nominee for Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, is disgusting. That’s right, I am going to play their little racist game. Their rules, they need to feel them. It’s contemptible to speak to anyone that way, but if we are going by Democrat standards that a brutal display of white privilege.

Mr. Carlson, also didn’t seem to see the need to discuss or inform his right hand about what his left hand was doing. The ABA committee that actually makes the recommendation to the Senate on the confirmation of judges, the Standing Committee on the Judiciary, responded to Carlson’s letter that purports to speak fro the 400,000 members of the ABA.

Twits took to Twitter to condemn the Standing Committee for supporting a person with “3 sexual assault” claims against him. The Standing Committee is right to stand by its decision, because the evaluation under its purview – judicial temperament and capability – remain unchanged by unsupported allegations.

The Dean of Yale Law School, Heather Gerken, joined Mr. Carlson in calling for more investigation. Some professors even cancelled class in order to allow students time to protest. But this was Yale Law School blowing in the wind. Earlier this summer, they supported their well-known alumni:

The law school had issued a press release about Kavanaugh’s nomination in July, with Gerken and other faculty members praising his work. But Yale Law School spokeswoman Janet Conroy told the Yale Daily News the press release was not an endorsement of the nomination.

Let me explain to these prominent lawyers what is in the best interest of the Court and our profession. A strong stance supporting the rights of ALL parties and not just the ones they like would do wonders to show that our justice system is fair. One strong stance would be to loudly condemn Christine Ford’s own attorneys for the ridiculous and frivolous “conditions” they tried to negotiate for her appearance. It is anti-American to even suggest that an accuser wouldn’t have to come forward with her accusation before requiring an accused to present his defense.

Ford’s other unserious conditions were equally as offensive to the rule of law, and her attorneys ought to be sanctioned or reprimanded for putting for such idiotic items for discussion. They have done more damage to the public’s view of the justice system in a short few days than Judge Kavanaugh could do in a lifetime on the bench. They have made a mockery out of the system and have gang raped Lady Justice. So who has been violated? #MeToo.

It is also worth noting that the straw man liberals like to throw out as justification for their bad behavior was the block to Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland. That’s another ruse designed to make the public think there is any equivalency to in action preventing a hearing, to one perverting a hearing. There’s not. One is a strategy played within the confines of the rules, and the other isn’t even played within the spirit of the rules. The Democrats own the perversion, fitting.

Another further note of interest is that the judicial records of Garland and Kavanaugh are not that far apart. They sit on the DC Circuit together and have been on the same side of the opinion 93% of the time.

Judge Garland joined 27 out of 28 opinions written by Judge Kavanaugh, while Judge Kavanaugh joined 28 out of 30 of Judge Garland’s rulings.

Judge Kavanaugh said their decisions aligned because both of them approach the law as written without interjecting personal preferences.
“I think we are trying hard to find common ground and as I’ve said before, he is a great judge,” Judge Kavanaugh said. “Those statistics reflect the reality of how judges go about their business.”
So if anyone tries to tell you how dangerous Kavanaugh is, just ask whether Garland was just as dangerous.
Anyone claiming to care about the integrity of the justice system, but who remains silent on this travesty of process cannot hide their bias. They are standing with the team interested in political gain, and when principles of justice are truly at stake, that is the wrong game to play. Without a fair process our justice system fails. It is sad to believe that lawyers themselves are those most responsible for destruction of the American justice system.

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  • GWB says:

    We make this request
    Ummm,. well, no, unless you have a mouse in your pocket.

    loudly condemn Christine Ford’s own attorneys for the ridiculous and frivolous “conditions” they tried to negotiate for her appearance
    And the apparent LIES they told. Isn’t dishonesty a reason for disbarment?

    They have done more damage to the public’s view of the justice system
    95% of lawyers give the rest a bad name………………………
    These folks are exactly why that joke exists.

    the team interested in political gain
    Yep. Admittedly, the SCOTUS has always been tainted by politics, even before FDR. But, the progs have been using it for decades now to achieve changes in America that they couldn’t through the proper political avenues. And that requires winning the Long March through the institutions – particularly the Supreme Court.

  • Scott Smith says:

    The ONLY positive thing to come out of these hearings so far is that the Dims have finally dropped all pretense about wanting bi-partisan action or fairness, or even the rule of law in anything. To anyone with half a brain, they have made it clear that all they care about is power, the rules don’t apply to them, and they will do absolutely anything to get what they want.
    We all need to understand and prepare for the fact that they and their supporters most definitely include violence in that list of things they will do, as has been previously been evidenced by antifa, blm, etc. PLEASE make sure that you and all your conservative friends / family get out and vote in November! And pray that any reasonable folks on the left will see and understand the evil that has taken over their party, and jump ship before they get drawn down into the muck themselves!

  • Robert Jacoby says:

    Thanks for the information on how Judges Garland and Kavanaugh rule. I’d bet that if a President Jeb! nominated Kavanaugh, this spectacle would not have happened. It’s only happening because he was nominated by Trump.

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