Katz, Attorney for Kavanaugh Accuser, Is The Resistance

Katz, Attorney for Kavanaugh Accuser, Is The Resistance

Katz, Attorney for Kavanaugh Accuser, Is The Resistance

Debra Katz, the attorney for Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, is not just a partisan Democrat, she is The Resistance.

Katz has built her legal career on agitation of sexual harassment claims through very high profile cases. She is a committed activist on issues of discrimination. She is as likely to show up holding a sign of protest as she is wearing courtroom attire.

Katz protested the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General (we are on the same page with that!), and she regularly protests in favor of DACA and equates immigration orders to Islamophobia. Her protest of Sessions was caught on camera where she stated:

“We are going to fight back,” she told a reporter. “We are going to resist. We will not be silenced.”

What people on the Right need to understand is that these people have been at this for decades. They are light years ahead of any conservatively-minded constituents. Katz is a classic example of one steeped in social activism since at least law school. Who wouldn’t expect to have honed her skills to such a sharp point by this time?

But it takes a special kind of devious mind to think up the demands set forth for Ford’s Senate Judiciary Committee testimony. What American in their right mind would’ve ever thought to suggest that Brett Kavanaugh go first? It is simply masterful and Saul Alinsky would be so proud. Give them a demand that is impossible to honor but can be seamlessly twisted into a denial of justice when they disagree. Brilliant.

Of course, these “demands” are completely ridiculous, and as Alan Dershowitz says, “Anti-American.” If one has any semblance of understanding, or God forbid, reverence for the United States Constitution, it would be impossible to think up such an absurd limitation.

There are lots of things to be outraged about with regard to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. Here are the two things that I think rise above all others in importance:

  1. Demands that are untethered from the concept of due process do serious damage to our justice system.
  2. Mere allegations of sexual assault that are elevated to, and interfere with, the national discourse do serious damage to the place of women in our society.

As to the damage to the justice system: we have an adversarial system of justice wherein parties with grievances operate under standard rules to sort out their claims. Unless the procedural rules are followed in the same way for every case, we cannot maintain respect for the system. To even suggest that long-standing neutral rules of procedure be turned on their head is to resemble something a tyrant would do. Once the system is perceived as arbitrary and capricious there is little reason to adhere to the law. Without a reliable and trustworthy system, American society will fracture. What a sad day that will be, when Americans no longer believe in America.

As to the damage this is doing to women: The #MeToo movement long ago stepped over the line and made a mess of what can be perceived as inappropriate behavior. Nobody knows anymore where the lines are. The predictable backlash on this is a separation of society, not a unity. Men and women who disagree have generally been cowed into silence, because they will be immediately shamed if they defend themselves. This is especially troubling for moms of sons. Some liberal moms miss the point when they think their own son would never be victim of this because, “My son will always treat women respectfully.” They fail to see that it is the prevalence of the false allegation that puts their son in danger, and how they have been party to strengthening this tactic.

Further, this does nothing to generate respectful relationships between men and women. Why invite a women into the group when at any moment a mere allegation could ruin someone’s life? This keeps men and women from achieving parity in the workplace and in social relationships. Feminists may think they are empowering women, but they are boxing them in. Men will, out of self-preservation, distance themselves from women. If women are willing to brand all men as rapists, then how can women not think that men will brand all women as opportunists, willing to wield the rape card anytime they don’t get their way.

Finally, in contrast to giving women power, this makes women look like immature children who need protection. Ford’s demand that Kavanaugh not be in the room when she gives her testimony? What is she, five? A grown woman with a PhD can’t get herself together enough to air her grievance? Thanks for continuing to feed into the narrative that women are weak. Set back another 20 years. It’s almost enough to think that maybe women are too fragile for the real world. These feminists are doing far more harm than good.

And a final note on Katz. What an unhappy person one must be to make grievance mongering your life’s work. Give her a cause and she’s on the front line, on camera of course. She struck a very big one with Ford, and despite being an officer of the court she had no compunction about bringing forth a claim so frivolous it’s doubtful a law enforcement agency would ever entertain opening an investigation. But when you see her philosophy for how she operates, it’s not a surprise at all:

Her firm, Katz, Marshall & Banks, focuses on discrimination and whistleblower law. With a reputation for securing wins for clients, the firm is in high demand, which unfortunately means they have to turn down many meritorious cases. On the other hand, the firm will also take on clients even if there isn’t a legal claim, if they believe their cause can have significant impact.

“Sometimes people come to us and because of the time that has passed, there isn’t a legal claim, but they have an important story to share,” says Katz. “In those cases, we may help them to be empowered to share their story. When a story like this becomes public, it in turn empowers other people to come forward and shatters the type of silence that has allowed workers to be harassed and abused with impunity.” [emphasis added]


I’m off to mend the justice system that has been so unfairly disregarded, and try to be an example of a woman who doesn’t need to tear down men in order to feel good about herself.

Featured photo credit: screen grab of Debra Katz from Katz, Marshall, and Banks, LLP

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  • Kathy says:

    You are one of many women that don’t need to tear men down. Most are hard working, busy people that don’t have time to get in front of cameras. Thank you for writing and stating what many of us think.

    I believe the men on the committee are bending over backwards because they don’t want to be seen as picking on the poor, pitiful (stupid) woman. They are so blinded by that picture that keeps being thrown at them that they don’t see the larger harm being done. Insulting situation for most other women, but there it is.

    At the same time, my respect for Mr Kavanaugh continues to grow. He was a smart, rational, nice guy at the start. Since then, he has shown hidden strengths through incredible insane challenges.

  • GWB says:

    Demands that are untethered from the concept of due process do serious damage to our justice system.
    But there you’re missing a major point – this isn’t the justice system.

    long-standing neutral rules of procedure
    Again, this isn’t a courtroom.

    adhere to the law
    What law?

    I point out those things to make the point: the reason this is unfair is because it’s being given the level of seriousness of a crime, yet it’s not being tried in a court of law.
    Everyone is demanding FBI investigations and lawyers and “guilt” and such. Yet, this has NEVER been reported as a crime – not once. Aside from the jurisdictional issues and any applicable statute of limitations, the FBI can’t investigate because no criminal complaint has been filed – in any jurisdiction, anywhere.

    If she really believes she was sexually assaulted – in a manner that appears to be attempted rape – then at SOME POINT she should have filed a criminal complaint.

    Yes, I know, there’s the whole “put it behind me, until I let it out in therapy to heal my soul, but I just can’t let this evil man become a SCOTUS justice” bit. But you have to expect that you will be treated, then, as just another political partisan and your words will not carry very much weight at all, as over against LOTS of people who claim otherwise about his character.

    This is not a trial, it’s a besmirching of a man’s character in the public arena. We used to call that slander.

    The predictable backlash on this is a separation of society, not a unity.
    To the progs, that’s a feature, not a bug.

    They fail to see that it is the prevalence of the false allegation that puts their son in danger
    Oh, but so many of them are firm believers in the “women never lie about rape” religion. So, their boy could never be accused because no one would lie about him.
    Yes, it’s stupid. But religions often seem stupid to unbelievers.

    This keeps men and women from achieving parity in the workplace
    Again, they’re not after equality, they’re after POWER. And if all the men try to keep them out, then they just scream discrimination and use the court system (why do you think a SCOTUS nomination is so important to them?) to eliminate all the men from the system. They will then have all the power, and think they will get payback for all those centuries of patriarchy and stuff.

    this makes women look like immature children who need protection
    Yep, the biggest argument in favor of a patriarchy is… the feminist movement. And Hillary Clinton. And Alyssa Milano. But mostly the movement, in a larger sense.

    What an unhappy person one must be to make grievance mongering your life’s work.
    She’s a poster child for the “99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name” meme.

    if they believe their cause can have significant impact.
    IOW, they’re not a law firm, but a special interest lobbying firm, using the courts for their lobbying arena instead of the legislature.

  • Jim says:

    Obviously Madame Katz’s respect for fair and due process is such that she would, in centuries past, have supported that wonderful test for witchcraft: the accused’s hands and feet being tied before the person was thrown into deep water, such as a stream. It was believed that if the accused was innocent, he or she would drown. If the accused was guilty it was believed that the pure element of water would reject the person, allowing that person to float to the top. In most cases, those found to be guilty were later executed. In other words Ms Katz’s interest and intent seems to be about denying Mr Kavanaugh due process in order to be able to twist facts that may or may not be established or even known as true and thus make them fit her story-line.

  • John Ballinger says:

    God forbid that the accused be forced to give testimony against themselves of the guilt they are charged with. Guilty or not. Or this katz creature would have them taken out back of the court and horse beat until they do incriminate themselves. She gives lawyers a very bad name they don’t need. How is it possible for her to be able to keep her license to practice her kind of law? Maybe she might just see the light if her kind of law was used against her. We have God to thank that we have laws to protect us from shysters like her John

  • John Ballinger says:

    Hey, if you would like to read my reply to this article email me ladonna55@comcast.net .They refused to publish it. They evidently think they can hide the truth not knowing the truth will stand when the world is on fire. John

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