White House Says Obama Visit To Roseburg “Not Political”

White House Says Obama Visit To Roseburg “Not Political”

Yesterday afternoon, the media was notified that President Obama will be stopping in Roseburg, Oregon, as the beginning of a 4 day West Coast trip. This is despite the local backlash against the president making a visit to the town after the shooting at Umpqua Community College that killed nine people.
Today, Josh Earnest tried to spin Obama’s visit to Roseburg as “not political.”

So, visiting Roseburg is not meant to be political after Obama DEMANDED that mass shootings be “politicized.”

So, tell me, Mr. President, was Roseburg originally on your list of places to visit during this West Coast trip? Or was this trip invented to give you more cover to go to Roseburg? Well?

There’s already a Facebook event that plans on protesting Obama’s visit to the town.

If Obama has any decency, he’ll arrive, have his private meeting, and then leave. Perhaps knowing that no warm welcome awaits him will make that happen. But I won’t hold my breath.

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