Obama’s Trip to Roseburg Followed By Fundraising and Golf

The president will be arriving in Roseburg today to meet privately with the families of those who were killed or injured in the shooting at Umpqua Community College that happened a little over a week ago. After a vocal outcry by the Roseburg community at large, the White House has been forced to backtrack on Obama’s initial “politicizing” of the shooting and made to make the visit a “private” one.

The people of Roseburg are waiting – and not with open arms.

But as soon as Obama is finished in Roseburg, he is headed north to Seattle to start a weekend trip.

"All that private consoling and fundraising is sure exhausting... nice to have some "me" time."
“All that private consoling and fundraising is sure exhausting… nice to have some “me” time.”
His afternoon in Seattle will involve a fundraiser for Senator Patty Murray and one for the Democratic National Committee. How amazing that after such an emotional morning, consoling people who lost loved ones, the president will be able to “shake it off” and move on to raising money.

This trip west had been on the books as a fundraising one since mid-September, so Roseburg was just an add-on to Obama’s usual treatment of trips west, especially to Washington state, as a chance to hit up the Democrat ATM machine. It also explains why Obama is going to Roseburg, despite the local sentiment and planned protest against his visit. It would have looked incredibly bad to bypass Roseburg while he was already scheduled to be on the West Coast – and he HAD to make those fundraisers. After Seattle, the president is scheduled to fly to San Francisco, and then Los Angeles and San Diego for more DNC fundraisers. The golf is just his usual weekend activity, and he’ll get to use the California courses.

So, he will visit Roseburg, because he has to, and then head off to do his real work this weekend – golf. And he’ll raise money in between playing holes.

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