West Point Cadets Face Pressure If Unvaccinated

West Point Cadets Face Pressure If Unvaccinated

West Point Cadets Face Pressure If Unvaccinated

Cadets at West Point from plebes to firsties are being pressured to get vaccinated for the Covid-19 virus, even if they have had the virus. The Administration is pressuring these young men and women despite the fact that the military has no vaccine mandate and that the Food and Drug Administration prohibits mandates for drugs on Emergency Use Authorization.

According to Fox News and Sean Hannity, out of the approximately 4500 cadets only about three dozen remain unvaccinated:

The unvaccinated few, many of whom say they have gained natural immunity from catching the virus earlier, face stricter quarantines and other restrictions now than at the height of the pandemic, according to multiple sources. The new limits include a seven-day quarantine for unvaccinated cadets in the break before summer training. That requirement took a full week away from their time off.

Those who are required to do the Cadet Summner Training, face harsh regulations. While Hannity broke the story last night, The Defender of the Children’s Health Defense actually had many details several days ago:

Parents of Army cadets at the U.S. Military Academy (USMA) report the academy’s leadership is forcing 37 unvaccinated cadets to live in a tent designed for 20 people during the academy’s June and July Cadet Field Training program.

Cadet Field Training is a summer training requirement in which selected Firsties (seniors) and Cows (juniors) lead Yearlings (sophomores) in small-unit tactical operations.

Vaccinated cadets will live in open-bay barracks by platoons, with a small separate section for female cadets. The barracks have electricity for fans during the hot summer months in New York, and separate male and female latrines and showers.

Unvaccinated cadets now live in a mixed-rank coed tent.

And violating every military code of the civilized world, they are harassed. Again, from The Defender:

Despite this official guidance, a cadet who did not want to be named told us Col. Laura Dawson, a West Point medical officer, has scolded unvaccinated cadets and referred to them as “grandma killers” and “science deniers” — instead of providing them with informed consent and accepting their right to refuse an experimental drug.

Another officer at West Point, who also did not want to be named, provided two reports accusing Dawson of conduct unbecoming an officer, both involving Class of 2021 cadets who waited until after May graduation to initiate Inspector General (IG) complaints.

In one pending complaint against Dawson, a male cadet with a painful hernia alleged Dawson refused him medical treatment because he was unvaccinated, leading him to comply and receive the vaccine. The alleged threat to withhold medical treatment occurred despite the fact that other cadets who tested positive for COVID received surgeries.

An unvaccinated female cadet, who had a severe case of COVID resulting in her personal long-term physician recommending against the vaccine due to a possible heart contraindication, alleged Dawson threatened to recommend she not be allowed to graduate because she was “medically weak.” The cadet, who was three days from graduation, refused the vaccine after seeking additional counsel on her rights.

They teach the Geneva Convention at West Point. I found the link here. The Administration at West Point is filled with people who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the military. These people would probably put Senator Rand Paul up against the wall. He is refusing the vaccine, because he has natural immunity.

On Hannity, the parents he interviewed had real concerns:

Mathias Sampson, a 20-year Army veteran, is the father of one of those cadets.

“My daughter has valid concerns about this vaccination – concerns pertaining to fertility, long-term effects,” he told “Hannity” Thursday night. “[Neither] the CDC nor West Point have answers to these concerns.”

Brian MacDonald is the father of another young woman with natural immunity attending West Point.

“I don’t understand what the leadership at West Point is doing right now,” he said. “Quick thing on my daughter: She loves the Lord; she loves her country. And all she wants to do, her dream, is just to serve both at West Point right now,” he said.

“She’s in a position where she’s had COVID, she recovered from COVID, she has the antibodies for COVID, and West Point is putting a ridiculous amount of pressure on her to take the vaccine,” he added.

There are valid concerns about the effects of the vaccines on young people. Like Myocarditis:

There is a tactic that the Left pulls out a lot and that is exhaustion:

If this is the U.S. military, good luck with recruiting. You can’t make woke enough commercials to get the right young people to sign up for this excrement.

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  • ROP says:

    People who love freedom, Choices, believe in the American dream, and GOD
    They DONT want you in the military !

  • GWB says:

    The Administration at West Point is filled with people who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the military.
    Remember they allowed the communist cadet to graduate, too. This is a natural position from there.

    As to experimental vaccines, sorry, but that bus left the station 30 years ago, with the anthrax vaccine. The military eventually backed down, but they held their ground on that for quite a while, and put some good people out of the military before they could be stopped.

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