West Palm VA Hospital STILL Refuses To Put President Trump Portrait On Wall [VIDEO]

West Palm VA Hospital STILL Refuses To Put President Trump Portrait On Wall [VIDEO]

West Palm VA Hospital STILL Refuses To Put President Trump Portrait On Wall [VIDEO]

The refusal to accept reality and the willingness to continue the Trumpertantrums continues. It seems the administrators of the West Palm Beach VA Hospital just can’t handle the truth! So much so that they absolutely refuse to hang a portrait of President Donald Trump or the new VA Secretary David Shulkin in the foyer of the hospital. Instead the space where Obama’s portrait hung was kept blank. On purpose.

The fracas over the photos came to a head after several veteran patrons of the medical center complained to Republican Congressman Brian Mast that the portraits of their Commander in Chief and new Secretary of Veterans Affairs were curiously absent- even though the previous administration’s portraits had been there prior.

Congressman Brian Mast (R-FL), who actually GETS treatment at that facility, responded beautifully.

Well, let me tell you, the West Palm VA was having NONE of that.

They issued a stompy foot retort and took the portraits down because they supposedly couldn’t be authenticated. I. Kid. You. Not.

Memo to the administrators at the West Palm VA Hospital:

Donald Trump is President. Period. Full Stop. It is time, well past time, to quit your whining, pull up your big boy and girl pants, and accept reality.

It is standard operating procedure to switch out the portraits once the administration changes hands. That DOESN’T mean you leave the wall blank because of personal “feelings.” You don’t get to do that when working for the federal government.

I can name numerous soldiers who served under Clinton and Obama. They Did. Not. Like. Them. Nor were they fans of seeing their portraits on the walls of the federal facilities they worked at. But guess what? They all handled themselves professionally and just dealt with it. Those at the West Palm VA evidently can’t.

The administrators and staff at the West Palm VA created this problem and are exacerbating it with their namby pamby excuses. This administration has been in place for 60 days now. The VA hospitals are there to serve veterans, not the VA employees. Don’t tell me it takes months to receive an ‘authenticated’ portrait of the President from the VA in DC. It doesn’t, and they darn well know it.

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  • GWB says:

    Honestly, it does take months (well, in the past, it did) to get the official portraits out. And some places are truly anal about only putting up the approved portrait. (It’s similar to the zero tolerance policies, a policy designed to prevent anyone having to think.) But anyplace with competent leadership (especially in this digital age) worked around that lag time pretty easily.

    • Chris in N.Va says:

      Ahh….you seem to have identified the critical lynchpin in the whole equation:

      “Competent Leadership”

      Yet another example in microcosm of the larger, off-the-rails, Terrible Twos Tantrum cadre inhabiting Liberaltown, USA.

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