Wasserman-Schultz Kids on Trump Bashing Clinton’s Sex Abuse: “Mom, Why Is He So Rude?”

Wasserman-Schultz Kids on Trump Bashing Clinton’s Sex Abuse: “Mom, Why Is He So Rude?”

Wasserman-Schultz Kids on Trump Bashing Clinton’s Sex Abuse: “Mom, Why Is He So Rude?”

DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, that bastion of ethics and respectful dialogue, is citing her own kids to go after one “rude” Donald Trump. On Sunday, while appearing on Meet the Press, she had this to say about The Donald’s criticism of Hillary Clinton employing Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend in her campaign for the presidency:


In case you can’t stomach her voice, here’s what she added to the interview:

Speaking above the laughable graphic which read “sexism in politics,” Wasserman Schultz called Trump “an equal opportunity insulter,” and accused him of using “vulgar invective and rhetoric.”

“So much so that my own daughters, when seeing his commentary on TV, ask me, ‘Mom, why is he so rude?’” she added. “That’s not what we should strive for in holding up presidential candidates on either side of the aisle.”

“We’re supposed to want our children to emulate at least the leadership and values, even if you don’t agree with them, of our presidential candidates,” she said.

Oh, really? Interesting commentary from a woman who last year traveled around the nation slanderously inferring that former presidential candidate, Governor Scott Walker, abuses women, and that the entirety of the GOP is one giant misogynist collective:

Do you know what I find rude, Debbie? You know, aside from your defamatory rhetoric, and your less-than-ethical treatment of your own party’s co-chair (who just so happens to be female, Your Hypocrisy) just for starters? Here’s the Short List:

Clinton Lewinsky
Monica Lewinsky, White House Intern, with then-POTUS, Bill Clinton. (Credit: Zimbio)
  • Cheating on your wife, in the Oval Office, with a twenty-two-year-old intern, while you’re the sitting President of the United States.
  • Hanging out with a convicted pedophile and under-aged girls on a private island retreat.
  • Playing unwelcome grabby hands with countless women over, and over, and over…
  • Then bullying the women your husband cheated with or made unwelcome advances toward, and worse, and then claiming to be a “champion” of women.
  • Defending the brutal rapist of a twelve-year-old girl, and then laughing about it on audio tape after the fact.

Check out this podcast from Aaron Klein Investigative Radio. It’s a bit long, but well worth a listen. You can listen to Part Two of the recording here.

And my personal favorite:

  • After ignoring numerous requests for help, leaving dozens of American citizens to die in Benghazi while you made up stories about an internet video to cover your own inept behind.

Is Donald Trump rude? Yes. Occasionally. And he’s an equal opportunity offender. But isn’t your newest Chosen One demanding of equal treatment, DWS? Or is she a sniveling, helpless victim in need of a savior? You see, Little Debbie, the truth is your candidate is wed to a walking STD-slash-sexual predator whom she routinely defends for her own self advancement. She’s an habitual liar who accepts donations to her own personal slush fund from nations who systematically abuse and oppress women. And she’s under investigation by the FBI for placing the national security of every American citizen at risk to hide from prying eyes whatever it was she was doing in her Chappaqua home while she was Secretary of State. I’d say that’s about as rude, and disqualifying, as it gets. Perhaps you should explain to your daughters why you continue to cover for the Clintons, two of the most corrupt, abusive politicians in this nation. But then again, that would require honesty and integrity, two characteristics that are strangers in that vast, dark void you call your head. So give it up, Debbie, because you have precisely zero moral high ground upon which to stand where sexism and incivility is concerned.

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  • Wfjag says:

    Debbie W-S brings her kids into the campaign debate?
    Wait! Call the WaPo. I have a killer idea for an editorial cartoon: Debbie as an Organ Grinder with her kids as Monkeys on leashes.
    Think that the WaPo would ever publish a cartoon like that?

  • jac says:

    you speak the truth Jodi! thank you for the article!! all three of them make me sick to my stomach….and that the America people are blind to all is even more disgusting – if that is even possible.

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