WA State HB 1588

WA State HB 1588

If you think that a state you don’t live in doesn’t affect you with its laws, think again.  To that end, please share and email around this letter to Rep. Mike Hope, a Marine veteran and current Seattle police officer, who is co-sponsoring a bill to force universal background checks, effectively ending the ability of one law abiding citizen to sell a firearm to another law abiding citizen without the government getting involved.  Several states are doing this, and it is incredibly important that we all get off our butts and stop this madness.

Regarding the bill HB 1588 in the WA State Legislature, sent to Rep. Mike Hope at mike.hope@leg.wa.gov:

Rep. Mike Hope,

As my representative, it is your job to speak for me. Your website says you understand this concept, and as a member of the state legislature, one would hope you’re well-versed enough in the Constitution to grasp the purpose of your elected position. As someone who has worn the uniform of a United States Marine, one would hope you can wrap your head around the basic values that you once defended. Your current support of HB 1588–and your disrespectful, rude, arrogant and even childish comments to your constituents, however, prove otherwise.

Whether you understand it or not, you serve the people. It is not your job to enforce your agenda, and as a police officer you of all people should understand the necessity of the people’s right to self-defense. Your endorsement of universal background checks introduces several more legal problems you haven’t even fathomed yet–and you haven’t even addressed the most basic of questions: If you know criminals so well, as you claim, then tell me…what’s to stop them from going to Idaho, Oregon, or Canada for their weapons? Do you really think that a background check will stop a felon? Are you that bereft of anything resembling logical function? This law will not matter one iota to a felon. It will affect people like those in your district and all across the state: lawful, legal gun owners and patriots.

You are one of the first people who should understand what the Second Amendment is for. The Marine Corps that you were once a part of was created to stand against tyranny. It is because of their sacrifice and that of so many others that you are even able to serve in an elected office instead of being a serf or a slave. I find it beyond reprehensible that you would not only forget the heritage and the legacy you belong to, but even use it as a way to slam your opponents. Please note this quote, written by you, on your own Facebook page:

“I not only served in the marines (sic) but also as a cop so you guys can spit out completely inaccurate information. Oh yes I said it!! Fear on.”

I’ll set aside the fact that apparently you’re not aware that the word marine, when used to refer to the United States Marine Corps, should always, ALWAYS be capitalized. Instead, I’ll move on to the part where you find it somehow acceptable and appropriate to speak this way to the people you claim to serve.

In addition, since I know as a Marine you were trained in this nation’s history and the purpose of the Bill of Rights, I must then assume that it is not ignorance that causes you to support bills such as these. Instead, it can be logically assumed that you support the disarmament of the American people–which is the antithesis of everything the Marines have bled and died for since 1775. There is no other conclusion; history and logic both show us over and over that universal databases and “registrations” are the first step to disarming the citizenry. You’re not even original–you’re using the same tired rationale of “safety” that tyrants have used all throughout the world. Again, I am aware of your education as a Marine, and therefore you are making a willful choice to support something that goes against the absolute core of this nation’s founding principles.

I’ll do you the courtesy of being blunt: You, sir, are one of the people the Second Amendment protects us from.

If you do not withdraw support for this bill, you will not only find that your time in Olympia will not include a re-election, but you will also find that the large majority of people in this state–especially in your own district–will not obey your law. Lastly, while I understand that you will most certainly ignore this letter, rest assured that it, along with your name and position on this bill, is currently making its way across the state and the nation. It has been emailed to several hundred, who I’m certain will also send it on, and it is already making the rounds on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

We will not disarm.

We will not comply.

Fear on.

Kit Lange


Note: Please share and email! This bill CANNOT pass, and Rep. Hope’s absolute disregard for the Constitution and our Creator-endowed rights cannot be allowed to go unanswered. Contact him and let him know your thoughts at mike.hope@leg.wa.gov.

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  • “I shall not comply.” I can’t speak for others, so this is my word on the subject.

    “I shall not comply.” Regardless of the laws that are passed under false pretenses (regulating insterstate commerce?), they are invalid under Amendment II, Constitution of the United States.

    “I shall not comply.” Don’t send the local police for my guns, because they will not do it. Don’t send the state police for my guns, for they will not do it. Don’t send the military for my guns, for they will not do it. If you send federal law enforcement for my guns, well,….let’s just say it’s not a good idea.

    “I shall not comply.” I’ve already told my US Senators and Congressman where I stand using those words. It’s time we all did.

    “I shall not comply.”


  • Frank says:

    Criminal minds rule when their enemies are defenseless.
    Democrats are determined to disarm law abiding citizens!

  • american2american says:

    If the following link is not active, please copy/paste and see: “Gun Control’s” Nazi Connection.
    http://jpfo.org / filegen-a-m / GCA_68.htm

    This is a chart of just a few of the genocides which have taken place as a result of a calculated disarming of the citizens:
    note: check on the right side of the chart to find the gun control laws that were implemented prior to these genocides.
    Proud to be an American-American

    RESPONSE: Ms. Smith has requested a response to this message.

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