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You’re the Reason We’re Here

You’re the Reason We’re Here

I’ve been a military and political blogger since 2004.  In that time, I’ve met a lot of great people who stand up for what’s right; sometimes they stand on street corners with signs showing support for the troops.  Sometimes they go to rallies, or they talk to their friends and families about current events and the necessity of being involved.  They call their senators and representatives and they might even blog themselves.  They’re the people who Dem representatives–and Repubs too–know and love to hate because they’re at the Capitol holding people accountable.  They seek to educate, to inform, to Get Out There and Do What’s Necessary.  The point is, they’re doing something.

This article isn’t for them.  It’s for the rest of you, and I’ve met far more of you than them.

You know who you are.  Your Facebook is filled with stupid “inspirational” quotes on stupider pictures, photos of your latest trip, your latest culinary frontier.  It’s all about the fantastic stuff you’re getting to do and Your Life Is Awesome and Who Wouldn’t Want to Be You?  You’re a conservative, but you’re still using words like “diversity” and “tolerance” because the Left trained you to tiptoe around so you don’t offend anyone.  You’ll talk politics, sure–but only with people who you already know would agree with you.  You might be pro-2nd Amendment, but you agree with Dems that background checks are good things and Who Needs an ASSAULT RIFLE, and you’ve been bought out by the idea that less guns means a safer society–completely ignoring the fact that it isn’t the gun, it’s whose hand is holding that gun.

You’re in some group with Republican in the name, like Republican Ladies’ Lunch Group.  You know, something sociable and fun where you all get together and complain about the status quo while sipping coffee and clucking your tongues.  Politics isn’t about the direction of the nation, it’s a status.  Who are you having over for coffee?  Oh, and are you going to the [Insert Charity Name] Benefit? In the midst of all this, what are you DOING?

I live in the Communist Republic of Washington, a red state that votes blue because it’s run by three metro areas chock full of the most idiotic, brain-dead, Obama-loving hippies you ever saw.  They’re actively trying to take our guns here, as you may have heard.  Sad thing is, the Republicans here are RINOs, too stupid and/or in bed with the Democrats to really get anything done.  I’m in a few political groups, and they’re all yapping away about how bad this is, and how Someone Should Do Something.  I said, “ok, well, let’s start a recall.”


A few people said, “Hey great idea…I’d love to help but I’m not in your district.”  Most people either read and ignored, or clicked Like, because clicking Like is all the involved they want to get.

Because, see, y’all don’t actually want to do something. You want to talk about doing something.  You want Someone to do something, but guess what?  Someone is No One, because it’s not YOU.  So, now we come to the point of my title: People like you are the reason we’re here.  You are why so many victories are etched on the belt of the Left.  Over and over, our rights have been assaulted, have been infringed, and you said nothing.  Now, here we are.

It may already be too late, but that’s no reason to stop, to throw our hands up and say, “Wow, this sucks but what can we do?”  You can get up.  You can stand with me, and with others who are trying to do everything in our power to stop this.

Get. Off. Your. Rear. End.  There is too much work to do, and precious little time to do it.  Will you get yelled at, ridiculed, thought a fool?  Yup.  Is it worth it?  Patrick Henry thought so.



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  • I just talked with our local city council administrator about actively recruiting gun manufacturers and gun accessories manufacturers to move to Tulsa, OK, where we have plenty of unused factory space that’s move-in ready. We have a highly technically trained workforce available what with an American Airlines maintenance base and the associated spare parts manufacturers in the area.

    Oh, yeah. Oklahoma likes guns.


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