VG Person Of The Year 2018: First Lady Melania Trump

VG Person Of The Year 2018: First Lady Melania Trump

VG Person Of The Year 2018: First Lady Melania Trump

It is the season to look back and reflect at the past year. 2018 was full of rising and shining stars, but we here at Victory Girls decided to honor someone who actually strives to be more apolitical than not. Our Person of the Year for 2018 is the First Lady, Melania Trump.

Mrs. Trump has been an oasis of calm within the Trump administration – as we all know, the president is not afraid of a verbal or a Twitter spat. Melania, on the other hand, has kept her cool under pressure over this past year. She has been a refreshing return to a more traditional First Lady role, and she is clearly growing more comfortable in her position. Here are some areas where the First Lady deserves enormous credit for over this last year.

The Media Fashion Frenzy

There is zero doubt that the Trump Administration lives rent-free in the heads of the media, and Melania Trump is no exception. The proof is in the jacket.

Want more proof that even the smallest choices Melania makes about her clothes are endlessly criticized? Well, there was the hat.

And now we can add the pants. Apparently, people freaked out over Melania’s tan leather leggings because they thought she wasn’t wearing any pants.

And yet Michelle Obama’s boot choices are lauded by mainstream media while people flip out that Melania wore a nude shade of leather legging. Does one really wonder why Melania Trump decided to let her jacket do the talking for her, just once?

The Media Bullying Frenzy

Melania Trump gave one in-depth interview this year to ABC, and she made the point that even though she is a public figure, she is routinely mocked and bullied.

Even saying this opened the floodgates that proved the First Lady’s point.

Apparently Melania Trump is fair game for bullying because she is married to Donald Trump, in the eyes of those who loathe the president. News outlets routinely speculate on how Mrs. Trump should leave her husband. The press never did this to Hillary Clinton, and her husband was having an affair within the White House while he was president!

Nevertheless, She Persisted

The First Lady, however, has shrugged off the Media Mean Girls and continued on. She has continued on with her “Be Best” campaign, in the face of relentless mockery.

But remember, if we follow the Clinton example, wives are not responsible for the actions of their husbands. *cough*

The “Be Best” campaign is more than just combating bullying. It also addresses opioid abuse and safe social media usage.

And yet, you rarely hear about these events in the mainstream media. You only hear about how people can’t see tan leather pants.

Melania Trump Supports the Military and Their Families

One of the most gracious and lovely actions of Melania Trump is her strong commitment to the military and their families.

She participated in several events this Christmas season, including a Toys For Tots event

… and accompanying President Trump on his Christmas visit to the troops.
The First Lady clearly enjoys this part of her role, and she’s obviously very good at it.

A Protective Mom

You know who doesn’t get dragged along to these public events? Barron Trump. The First Lady has carefully guarded her son from the spotlight (we rarely see him in public), and even though Barron is invoked by haters on Twitter (where they often run into Chelsea Clinton, who must be given a standing ovation for her consistent defense of Barron Trump’s privacy), Melania is determined to give him as normal and unencumbered a childhood as possible. Her first priority has always been Barron, and we all saw that from the very first days of the administration.

While Melania Trump definitely has less of a political bent than former First Ladies, her embrace of a more conventional role, rather than being a mold-breaker, has proved to be popular with the public and has driven the media bananas. The First Lady is able to shake off the haters and continue on her way, determined to do her bit of good with her position while she can. And for her efforts, we name her the VG Person of the Year for 2018.

Featured image: First Lady Melania Trump at the White House (photo taken November 25, 2018, Official White House photo by Andrea Hanks, public domain)

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  • Kevin says:

    “I really don’t care. Do you?”

  • GWB says:

    My favorite sartorial freak-out has been the shoes.
    When she went to visit TX after the hurricane, it was “OMG! What sort of idiot wears stilettos to a hurricane ravaged disaster zone?!”
    Then, when she snuck off with The Donald to visit the troops, it was “OMG! You can’t wear a boot designed for exactly that environment (Timberland*) to that environment! What a moron!”

    (* BTW, Timberlands have been worn by our military at times. The various branches have gone back and forth over whether non-issue boots can be worn with various uniforms.)

    I happen to think Melania is a classy lady, and a pleasure to have as First Lady.

    One note on FLOTUS derangement, though – a lot of people on the right grotesquely disparaged Michelle 0bama’s looks whenever they could. That was wrong. Hit at her over the stupidity of her ideas, yes, but don’t go after looks. (Though I will also say to all those worshiping her, dear God in Heaven above, what were you people thinking with those boots?!? And that yellow dress? It made her look like a drag queen with less taste. Ugh. But you praised her a sartorial queen. *smfh* )

    • Robin H says:

      I think there would have been less criticism of Michelle’s looks if the media hadn’t fawned so much about her. They were the ones that called her a fashion icon so we answered back to that.

      • Kevin says:

        Your “answer back” was to make it the number one selling book and to have her voted the most respected woman in the U.S.? I applaud your efforts. Keep up the good job.

  • Russ Wood says:

    For Mrs Trump, all I can say, as a male, is that she makes The Donald a man to be envied! Gorgeous! And Mrs Obama unfortunately tried to get schools to serve the kids uneatable (as opposed to inedible) food. Shows a lack of understanding of children and their attitudes to food. I quote a character from Terry Pratchett’s “Good Omens”, who reckoned that they could live very well on healthy food, as long as they started the day with a good cooked breakfast.

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