Melania Trump Spreads Christmas Cheer With Military Families

Melania Trump Spreads Christmas Cheer With Military Families

Melania Trump Spreads Christmas Cheer With Military Families

Despite the many attempts by the media to mock and smear her, First Lady Melania Trump continually stays above the fray. She’s made it obvious that she does not care what is said about her, because her attentions lie elsewhere.

During this Christmas season, the First Lady has been fully embracing the opportunity to spread love and Christmas cheer to many military families. Benny Johnson, writer at the Daily Caller, has become Melania Trump’s self-appointed media publicist, often finding fun stories about the First Lady’s interactions.

But this particular story from the Toys For Tots event is a truly lovely moment, and showcases just how much class Melania Trump has.

The first lady delivered brief remarks to a hangar full of children and their enlisted parents on the military base Tuesday afternoon and then led the children to giant tables full of toys for sorting. These are the toys that will be delivered to the needy children. The sorting process involved the first lady and approximately 100 little children putting the toys in boxes.

The scene was chaotic, with little children grabbing the toys and running to the other side of the hangar to put them in boxes. The children were yelling and running around in wild excitement. In the midst of the chaos, Melania could be seen regularly stopping and kneeling down to help a confused child — or to answer any question they had.

During one such exchange, Melania stopped to speak with a young boy in a wheelchair. The First Lady spoke with the young boy for some time and it became clear that he was non-verbal. The boy was signing to the First Lady emphatically. Melania speaks five languages but sign language is not one of them. In spite of this, Melania listened and interacted with the boy lovingly. She spent over a minute kneeling down to his level and “listening” to him — often reaching out to touch his hand and arm to let him know she was “hearing” him.

Melania eventually left the boy’s side to go and write Christmas cards with the other children.

After the event, the boy’s parents told the Daily Caller that the young man’s name is Braydon and that he was 12 years old. Braydon began to sign again and his mother translated, “He is so happy to meet Melania and how he says he is hungry from the excitement.”

The White House released official video from the event, which shows a couple of shots of the First Lady talking with Braydon at about 8 seconds in.

Like Michelle Obama and Laura Bush both did (and continue to do), Melania Trump really looks like she loves this part of her job – interacting with children and families – the best.

The Trumps have continually shown that they are capable of great kindnesses on a individual scale.

While it doesn’t always receive the media attention that other First Ladies might have gotten, Melania Trump has proved that she really cares about making an impact and a connection when these beautiful little tableaus pop up during her official events. It’s exactly the kind of humanity and class that we should all respect about the First Lady.

Featured image: First Lady Melania Trump at Toys For Tots event, December 11, 2018 (official White House photo by Andrea Hanks via Flickr, public domain)

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