United Airlines Goes Wheels-Up Woke

United Airlines Goes Wheels-Up Woke

United Airlines Goes Wheels-Up Woke

United Airlines has suffered a string of bad publicity blows over the past few years. From passengers being forcibly deplaned to animals dying to breaking guitars, the airline HAD to do SOMETHING.

In a press release yesterday, United Airlines has decided to be more inclusive in their guest booking procedures. After all, they are the friendly skies. Now, the airline has included a non-binary booking option for passengers:

Surely, they are serious. But don’t call me Shirley. Steven may want to be called Shirley and now, thanks to United, he can be. Those nuts you get in economy class are nothing compared to the level of nuts this is. Brace for impact, ladies and gentlemen…and…and…Mx-es.

United Airlines today announced it has become the first U.S. airline to offer non-binary gender options throughout all booking channels in addition to providing the option to select the title “Mx.” during booking and in a MileagePlus customer profile. Customers now have the ability to identify themselves as M(male), F(female), U(undisclosed) or X(unspecified), corresponding with what is indicated on their passports or identification.”-United Airlines

More from the press release:

United is determined to lead the industry in LGBT inclusivity, and we are so proud to be the first U.S. airline to offer these inclusive booking options for our customers”-United’s Chief Customer Officer, Toby Enqvist.

United has teamed up with the Human Rights Campaign and The Trevor Project to become more aware with regard to “preferred pronouns and the persistence of gender norms, LGBT competency in the workplace and other steps to make United an inclusive space for both customers and employees.”

For those who are curious, there is an “Mx” gender identity as defined:

The first change to officially recognised titles took place in 2015, when the gender non-specific option ‘Mx’ (pronounced “mix” or “mux”) was added to driving licenses and other official documents.”

Thanks for that, British Vogue. Though it seems even some advocates of the LGBTQIA community are not buying it.

Fly how you identify, United says. So, I guess you can identify as a first-class passenger. You can also identify as someone’s lap infant who flies for free. Perhaps you could identify as overhead luggage and toss yourself up in the bin. Who needs that over-priced seat in the cabin, anyway? You could identify as an emotional support goat and make loud, obnoxious noises next to said self-identified “Mx”. You could even identify as the flight attendant if you wanted to and start passing out mini-bottles of booze to your friends. I mean, why stop at just “Mx”? United can add other categories, too. Aren’t there something like 37 different gender identities? You, too, could be on United’s next flight to one of their ultra-woke destinations and be sandwiched between a feminine-of-center or a demiromantic or a skoliosexual at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet.

United Airlines wants their passengers to feel welcome. Isn’t that cute? They want you to participate on their delusional flight to nowhere. Let’s see how “friendly” those skies are when “Mx” who is identified as a “male” on a passport or driver’s license holds up a TSA line because the boarding pass states something different. Or when “Mx” gets mistakenly called the wrong pronoun by a flight attendant or a passenger. Can we say lawsuit? We guess United has to lead the charge in the airline industry for something. That is, before AOC’s bullet train to Oahu puts them straight out of business!

I do feel for the pilots and the flight attendants who ultimately suffer the repercussions of dim-witted public relations executives who do not live the lifestyle and do not understand the profession. I would think in the commercial aviation industry, an airline’s firm would be more interested in looking for opportunities to promote safety, on-time arrivals and departures and outstanding customer service but it appears the airline is more interested in political agenda. Cutting ties with the NRA and gender identity are more pressing issues for the airline, apparently.

In the meantime, fly how you identify on the United skies of woke. Make sure your seat belts are securely fastened and tray tables stowed. Ladies, gentlemen, two-spirits, fluids, non-conforming, questionings, FTMs and MTFs, welcome aboard. Keep in mind, your seat cushion identifies as a flying unicorn in the event of an in-flight emergency. Now sit back, relax and enjoy your flight. V1. Rotate.

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  • GWB says:

    FYI, in Air Force parlance, “MX” = “maintenance”.
    Which somehow seems perfect for United.

    This is just another example of “their appeal becoming more selective“.

  • Lisa Carr says:

    GWB- Hubs informed me of that this AM. MX also stands for a type of missile. Curious, I’d say. 🙂

  • cthulhu says:

    I like “The first change to officially recognised titles took place in 2015, when the gender non-specific option ‘Mx’ (pronounced “mix” or “mux”) was added to driving licenses and other official documents.” It actually makes things easier: “Hey, mixed-up, your boarding pass doesn’t match your ID.”

  • JS says:

    But the beast is never sated.

    Someone will be complaining that United is evil because neither Mr, Ms, or Mx covers their unique specialness in 5, 4, 3, …

  • Mrs says:

    What happened to Miss and Mrs. Are we excluded from “identifying”? Am I deadnaming?

  • Skip says:

    MX = mixed up

  • Capt. Craig says:

    Lisa, there are no nuts anymore and haven’t been for some time, allergies you know.

  • Cargosquid says:

    So, when a plane crashes, and they try to ID the bodies from the manifest….. having the bearded hunk identify as Ms, Snowflake is going to make things SO much better….

  • Steve S says:

    Pilots will apparently by barred from saying “Ladies & Gentlemen, we are approaching….” I wonder what new phrasing they’ll come up with?

    If they try “Folks” let’s all complain that they are assuming our species. Isn’t that how this game works?

  • Gyn says:

    What an ignorant article and an even more ignorant t set of comments.

    YES, United is generally terrible with their timelines, communication and deserves all the criticism they get. But NO, this isn’t one of those things that need to be criticized

    • GWB says:

      It’s stupid posturing to increase their moral value as seen by the idiots in the identity movement. While they’re having all their other problems, they’re “fixing” this.

      So, yes, it needs to be criticized, as it demonstrates a lack of a grasp of their real issues.

  • Fergus says:

    I self identify as a gerbil. How do they book me?

  • A. C. says:

    After everyone is thoroughly confused and tired of trying to which of the many gender pronouns and prefixes to use the elite will kindly suggest we all use “comrade” for everything. Not sure if that will be before or after the national anthem is changed to the Internationale.

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