“Undocumented” Immigrant Brags About Status

“Undocumented” Immigrant Brags About Status

“Undocumented” Immigrant Brags About Status

One does not have to be a fan of Donald Trump’s Presidential run to understand his rise in popularity. Average Americans are told daily that they are Islamophobic, homophobic, xenophobic racists, while they watch their lifestyle get sucked down the drain and their children are burdened with student loans and National debt.

One does not have to be a fan of Bernie Sanders’ septuagenarian Presidential tilt to understand the desire for free stuff. Everywhere one looks people are bragging about getting over on the system and getting free stuff.

A Texas teenager has gone viral with her (now deleted) tweet about her scholarship to the University of Texas and her status as an undocumented immigrant. Take a gander at this:

Mayte Lara Ibarra tweeted her status (now deleted)
Mayte Lara Ibarra tweeted her status (now deleted)

Mayte Lara Ibarra tweeted about her accomplishments, her scholarship, her “undocumented” status and her “nice” legs after her June 3, 2016 graduation from Davy Crockett High School. Well, Miss Ibarra doesn’t need a scholarship to Trump University, she already has bragging down pat.

According to NBC News, Miss Ibarra deactivated her Twitter account after negative reactions and threats. This was after 9,400 retweets and 20,000 likes. How could anyone be negative or threatening? We should celebrate Miss Ibarra. NOT!

First of all, Mayte Lara Ibarra is not an “undocumented” immigrant. Mayte Lara Ibarra is not an “illegal” immigrant. There is no such thing. Miss Mayte Lara Ibarra is an invader. Miss Ibarra has invaded this country along with everyone else who came here without the proper paperwork. And, everyone who stayed after their time was up.

I realize this is not a popular opinion is the salons of privilege on either United States coast. It is not xenophobic or racist to believe that borders matter. It is not ignorant to believe that immigration is necessary and wonderful, but must be controlled. Immigration must be controlled to prevent disease outbreaks and to exclude criminal elements from entering.

I applaud Miss Ibarra for her scholastic accomplishments in high school, but what about the people who work hard to entering our wonderful country legally?

Second, I am happy that Miss Ibarra has received a full scholarship to the University of Texas. Texas is one of thirteen states that allow invaders to receive in-state tuition and financial aid. According to Educators for Fair Consideration (?????), the states are:

In-State Tuition & Financial Aid
Only thirteen states have passed laws that allow undocumented students to qualify for in-state
tuition at the public colleges and universities in their state of residence: California, Connecticut,
Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah,
and Washington, and Wisconsin. To receive the in-state tuition discount, undocumented students
must reside in state, attend high school for a specified period (1-4 years) in state, and graduate or
receive their GED in state. In addition to allowing students to qualify for in-state tuition, California,
Illinois, New Mexico, and Texas provide undocumented students access to financial aid.
Arizona, Colorado, Georgia and Indiana have banned undocumented students from receiving instate
tuition. South Carolina was the first state to ban undocumented students outright from
attending public colleges and universities, followed by Alabama and Georgia.

What about under-educated United States born children? What about adults who have lost their lively hood, say in the coal industry, and need to learn a new trade?

Americans are generous and giving people, but we have been pushed to the edges of good manners by those in leadership positions. Those in leadership positions who tell us that “that’s not who we are”-

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, along with all of the other career politicians, have given rise to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Americans are tired of being invaded. Americans are tired of being sneered at by those like Miss Mayte Lara Ibarra who brag about their accomplishments and about having invaded us and gamed the system. We knew she was trouble when she walked in –

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  • Violet McKay says:

    People are so afraid to speak their mind for fear of retaliation. I applaud you!

    My husband passed away very young. I was left with 3 children to raise on my own. I tried to receive assistance and I noticed something interesting when I was applying. Many people receiving assistance (food stamps, medical, a monthly stipend) had no social security number. Hope is this even possible? People are encouraged and rewarded for being “undocumented”, for having more and more children so they can receive more and more benefits. Which in my option should be reduced if you receive benefits and continue to have children you clearly cannot afford. Meanwhile, I was denied any assistance of any kind because I made $35,000/year, which according to the state of Illinois was “too much”.

    Tolerance shouldn’t mean you have to eat shit.

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