U.S. Women’s Soccer Loses in Court; Reacts Badly

U.S. Women’s Soccer Loses in Court; Reacts Badly

U.S. Women’s Soccer Loses in Court; Reacts Badly

On Friday, May 1st, the US District Court in California (Central Division) found for the United States Soccer Federation and that, contrary to its claims, the U.S. Women’s National Team was not being paid less than the men’s team. Indeed, the women were earning more. The girls, though, are having none of that.

The judge, R. Gary Klausner of United States District Court for the Central District of California, accepted the federation’s argument in what is called a motion for summary judgment. In his ruling, he dismissed the players’ arguments that they were systematically underpaid by U.S. Soccer in comparison with the men’s national team. In fact, Klausner wrote, U.S. Soccer had substantiated its argument that the women’s team had actually earned more “on both a cumulative and an average per-game basis” than the men’s team during the years at issue in the lawsuit. […]

U.S. Soccer long argued that the claims of discrimination were unfair. It said, accurately, that the players had negotiated their own pay and working conditions in a series of collective bargaining agreements, and it even produced fact sheets arguing that the female players had actually earned more than the men in recent years.

I realize that soccer is still the red-headed stepchild of American professional sports and your finger is poised to move on from this article, but my focus is less on the sport itself than on the behavior of females involved. Ostensible women who, while very talented and successful in their field, found it acceptable to pursue a lawsuit to obtain a change to their collective bargaining agreement. An agreement negotiated in good faith and that they agreed to.

Not cool, girls.

Granted, it’s not like the Women’s team has been a paragon of good behavior as lead by the foul and foul-mouthed Megan Rapinoe. Somewhere along the way they forgot that being highly talented in kicking a ball around a field does not make one a demi-god with privileges not granted to us mere mortals.

And that includes actually presenting evidence in a court that substantiates one’s claims. But, nooooo …

Well, that’s a convincing argument, don’t you think? The judge finds that they were paid more in actuality but Megan’s schtick is predicated on the belief they would have earned even more money if they only had the same collective bargaining agreement as the men’s team. (per legal decision, link at end of article)

In sum, Defendant has offered evidence in support of its Motion for Summary Judgment that the WNT has been paid more on both a cumulative and an average per-game basis than the MNT over the class period. In response, Plaintiffs have offered evidence that (1) WNT players are paid lower bonuses for friendlies, World Cup-related games, and other tournaments; (2) WNT players would have made more under the MNT CBA than they did under their own CBA, and; (3) USSF agents made statements to the effect that WNT players are paid less than MNT players. As set forth above, this evidence is insufficient to create a genuine issue of material fact for trial. Accordingly, the Court grants summary judgment to Defendant on Plaintiffs’ EPA claim.

What the women agreed to was to exchange some of their performance-based bonuses for the security of guaranteed pay. Then, like the child who looks at the dessert she has freely chosen, she looks at her neighbor’s plate and cries “I really want that one!”

Did their association force them to take the CBA they finally agreed to? Or were they actually acting like women who are, generally, more risk averse than men? And while my statement would be considered controversial, in this instance of guaranteed income v perform-to-get-paid, the risk is clear. Maybe Rapinoe and the girls figured they might not win as much as they have and would have made less. We are now to use the courts to try and pad their incomes because they no longer like the deal they signed up for?

And then we get Handsy Joe weighing in on how to help teh girls

Isn’t that sweet? He’s threatens to treat U.S. Soccer like he boasted about his treatment of the Ukraine.

Here’s a thought. Megan and gals are screaming for equality. So let’s get rid of women’s and men’s teams – have everyone try out for one team based on merit alone and all under one contract.

Wouldn’t that be the social justice they demand? Heh.


If you wish to read the judge’s decision, courtesy Legal Insurrection, you can view it here.

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  • Jim says:

    “Here’s a thought. Megan and gals are screaming for equality. So let’s get rid of women’s and men’s teams – have everyone try out for one team based on merit alone and all under one contract.”

    The ‘Ladies’ wouldn’t like that given that both the US and Australian national women’s soccer teams have both been beaten – soundly – by under-age teams of boys in recent years. None of these whining and greedy fools would get a playing role, though they might be allowed to manage the drinks cart or training equipment.

  • Lloyd says:

    Poor, poor little girls; They cannot play with the big boys, but they want to be paid as if they can. Maybe they should rethink sending a purple-haired lesbian to promote their cause.

  • When they demand to be included in the selective service registration I’ll believe that they want “equality.”

    Better yet, let’s just have one team and the women can try out for that.

    And as Jim alluded to, how about paying them as much as the underage boys teams that beat them got paid?

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Question- where’s the transwomen on the team? Rapone doesn’t want to be one of those naaasssty TERF’s, now does she?

  • SFC D says:

    Ladies, you got exactly what you asked for, nothing more, nothing less. My advice? Make a different deal next time. I wish you all the best with the remainder of your lawsuit, looks like you have a valid complaint there.

  • Jim says:

    I wonder if AOC can play soccer? Maybe the good sisters of the round ball should enlist her to play? She should be able to run around a bit given all the hot air she emits.

  • Chancellor says:

    Darlene – first, love the lead picture. I mean….perfect!

    I’m pretty much with SFC D here, though with a minor difference. I’m hoping only the lawyers win. This is the rare case where I detest both the plaintiffs more than the lawyers. And that’s sayin’ something!

  • talgus says:

    next time, opt for the “risky” contract that pays more when you win, but pays little when you do not. Nope, you want both. no risk, high pay. Not happenin

  • John M Casteel says:

    The women’s team was regularly beaten by Allstar teams of 15-year-old boys. I’m with the comment above: eliminate all gender in sports and let the chips fall where they may.

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